Fashion Tip Friday: Wear Makeup!

(Reposted from January 11, 2010)

I am 35 years old.  All photos are unretouched.  And as you will see, I am not a natural beauty.  By natural beauty, I mean someone who doesn’t need any enhancement to look good, someone who wakes up in the morning and looks just as fabulous with unkempt hair and grungy sweats.  I know plenty of these women, and I admire their naturally dark eyelashes, their peaches and cream complexions, and their perfectly rosy lips.  If I am describing you, congratulations…millions of women hate you :).  For the rest of us, fortunately, there is makeup.
When I walk into a room that could be enhanced, I start decorating it in my mind.  Similarly, when I see a woman who could be enhanced, I start decorating her in my mind.  I know so many women who have no idea how much more beautiful they could be with just a little eye makeup, blush, and lipgloss.  To prove my point, I’m going to show you what makeup does for me.  I am no makeup expert and my technique is probably all wrong.  But I do know this much to be true:  My after looks a heck of a lot better than my before, so I am guessing that yours can too!
To dispel some other myths off the bat, you don’t need to buy your make-up from a department store and you don’t need to spend a lot of time on your face.  All of my beauty products come from Target and I average about 10-15 minutes total on my face.
1.  Cleanse and Moisturize  I wash my face with Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser followed by Olay Regenerist moisturizer every morning and every night.  I swear by my Regenerist.  I’ve tried Olay Definity, Total Effects, and the pricier Pro-Rx, and I still like Regenerist the best. One week I ran out of the stuff so just used some Almay face lotion I had on hand.  At the end of the week, I couldn’t figure out why I was looking so haggardly and tired! Regenerist really works to mask some of those fine lines.
*At the risk of offending millions (when has that ever stopped me before), I’m going to say it.  I think glasses should only be worn in the early morning and in the form of sunglasses.  Even if you’re an avid “no makeup-er”, I say stop hiding behind your windows and get contacts.  I recognize that this is not an option for some, but if it is an option for you, do it.
2.  Liquid foundation  I still get zits, have craters for pores, have age spots/freckles, and a weird purply vein thing under my left eye; therefore, foundation is a necessity for me.  Foundation does WONDERS in making your skin tone look even and healthy.  I have tried those mineral powder makeups and just end up looking leathery and creased with them, so liquid foundation is how I roll.  I am always on a quest for a good foundation.  My skin changes with the weather, so I usually have several on hand.  Right now I’m using Rimmel Lasting Finish.  Finding a shade that matches your skin tone and blending it all in is key.  I just use my fingers to smooth it on and take a tissue to wipe off any excess on my eyebrows or in my hairline.  You shouldn’t even be able to see it at all once you’re done.  You’ll look like you, just with better skin.
3.  Blush  I’ll admit it, sometimes I overdo it.  I get so pale and turn the color of death in the winter that I sometimes go overboard on the blush just to try and revive some life into my face.  Going overboard, however, is just as bad as looking like a walking zombie.  To prevent the temptation to keep brushing it on, I have started using cheek tint by Sonia Kashuk (found at Target).  It’s a liquid blush and just the smallest drop will blend in and give you a nice natural glow.
I dab a bit on the apple of my cheek and blend it upwards on my cheekbone.  Blend, blend, blend with your fingertips until you see no lines.
4.  Lips My lips blend right into my face and barely have any natural color.  On most days I want my lips to look natural and glossy.  I use a fat lip crayon by Sonia Kashuk followed by a cheapo lip gloss. I just follow the outline of my lips (no going outside the lines for me) and then just fill in the center.  I go over my lips with the gloss to finish.

5.  Eyes  In the picture below, if you look closely at the eye to the left of your screen, you will see that I actually have fairly long eyelashes. You would never know this by looking at me without makeup.  In fact, you might not be sure I had eyelashes at all!  This is one of the many reasons I think all women should give eye makeup a try.  Your eyes define your face in so many ways.  They are what we lock onto during a conversation.  They are what we read to interpret your mood.  They are the windows to your soul…and I dare say dress those windows girlfriends!

Eyeshadow  I have read all sorts of tips on how to put on eyeshadow, and I have tried them all.  None of the tips have done anything magical for my eyes.  I also haven’t found any advantage to using multiple shades of shadow on my lids, so I just stick to one.  Right now, I just use a little makeup brush with some Sonia Kashuk (are you sensing a theme here) brown eyeshadow.  I paint it on with the brush…

…and then just blend it all in with my fingertips.  Just keep blending until it looks natural.

Eyeliner  I prefer liquid liner to crayon pencils.  I have used both over the years and just like the look the liquid liner gives my eyes.  It also goes on easier and doesn’t pull at my eyelids or smudge all over the place.  I simply draw a line with the liner across the top of my lash line, keeping the tip as close to my lashes as possible.
Mascara  My all-time favorite mascara since the seventh grade has been Max Factor’s 2000 calorie mascara in brownish black.  It’s not at Target though which really throws me off.  Right now I’m using something by Loreal.  It works fine, but I miss my fav.  To put on mascara, I just sort of blink into the brush and comb it upwards.  I gently brush the mascara on my bottom lashes too.  I don’t turn the wand vertical, or wipe the wand off and let it dry out, or any of those other weird tips you may have heard in the past.  I just pretend I am painting on my lashes by starting at the base and working towards the tips.
Okay, just to demonstrate for you what a difference eye makeup makes to your eyes, check this out…
Is it just me, or does my madeup eye look ginormously bigger?  It’s not just me.  Makeup helps your eyes look larger, brighter, and deeper in color.  Try it.  You might just like it.
Okay ladies, let’s revisit this one more time….
And yes, running a brush though your hair helps too!
So, how about you?  Any great make-up tips to share?  Anything you’re now willing to try?  Talk to me.

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  1. Erin @ In Between Laundry says

    You have the LONGEST eyelashes (I think millions of women are jealous that, too!). :)

  2. Tammy@InStitches says

    You are so funny & pretty ! Come over and enter my dress giveaway, I think you'll love it !

  3. Krafty Kat says

    You are a brave, brave woman to share this! You look great and it is amazing how much bigger your eye looks with makeup! I should go put some on now before my sweetie comes home! 😉

  4. Sarah @ Stella&Gray says

    I wish it only took me 5-10 mins to look that great!

    {btw while watching the vid my 15 month old sprinted to the computer and babbled at the screen, I think she thought I was skyping with my sister who has equally pretty blonde locks!} :)

  5. claudia b says

    Word! If I leave the house as is I'll scare children, starting with my own!

    My makeup BFFs right now (heat wave in California) are eyebrow powder – mine are barely there – and face powder and lip color. If those are present I feel like I can leave the house. If I have more time then I do eyeliner, mascara, blush, but those there are my Must Haves.

    Thanks for the post!!!

  6. Vivienne @ the V Spot says

    Very fun, very BRAVE post. You are so right about eye make-up, and I am a big fan of the Neutragena Pore Minimizer wash and the Regenerist family of moisturizers too.
    I "blink" on my mascara as well, but I like the L'oreal voluminous.
    Have you tried the Almay Wake-up make-up powder yet? That stuff is great!

  7. Kathy :) says

    I adore you girlfriend, you crack me up….great pointers..

    I don't go to the mailbox without makeup LOL I so agree with you. But around the house I don't wear it….just scary ole me….

    I am a blonde too, so I feel your Winter Casper the Ghost blues….

    I love Paula Dorf liquid makeup…I can't wear the mineral stuff, it breaks me out. I wear all oil free products….I am in the market for a new blush, I also do an under eye concealer, again Paula Dorf. I get my lipstick at CVS anywhere it's the one with the three numbers on it I forget the brand…beige tube.

    Rhoda did a post like this awhile ago, it was a HUGE hit….we girlies love to get tips huh ??..

    Thanks Beth for all you do, you're a doll..

    Happy Week=end to you..

    xo Kathy :)
    [email protected]

  8. [email protected] says

    I also only spend 10 minutes or so on my makeup routine. I like it to look natural. One of my favorite foundations is "Almost makeup" by Clinique. I have very sensitive skin, and Clinique works well for me. I also have their Perfectly Real foundation. The almost makeup is perfect for summer and those days that you want just a little touch. It's so natural looking and light. When I want more coverage I go with the Perfectly Real. I LOVE my eye shadows, liners, and mascara from Merle Normal. LOVE them. I also love their lipliners/color pencils. I have them in several colors. Bare it Claret is my fave and was discontinued. I bought the last 6! I don't know what I'll do when I run out…

    I've also tried that sheer mineral business and HATED it. I got a deal the whole kit for $9.95. I do love their concealer that I'm still using until it runs out.

    I LOVE my meaningful beauty cleaning lotions and moisturizers. Their eye cream is the bomb. I only get 3 items delivered per time,so it's no too expensive. I've seen a huge change in my skin since I started using them a couple of years ago. I have NO new wrinkes, and the ones I had have gotten tons better….

    Well, that's all I got! I love to talk makeup and clothes!

  9. Anna @ Take the Side Street says

    Gorgeous long eyelashes, missy!! I'm barely concealing my jealousy. Also, you don't have to convince ME about the attributes of makeup… I'm afraid to leave the house without it! Wrinkles and acne should never have to be dealt with simultaneously and I consider it to be cosmically unfair that I do! 😉

    Great post!

  10. My Cottage Charm says

    Hey sweet girl! :) I've missed talking to you on twitter…mine's been down, but it's up again now! :) Yay!
    Love this post, I've had my face on my blog without make-up too, gotta keep it real! :) You have the best eyelashes…mine are so short. (kinda like me! lol I'm only 5'3")
    Love ya girl!

  11. Phil and Darby Hawley says

    You are so cute & pretty! I'm not a natural beauty either, so I'm a firm believer in makeup. I think it does mroe for my confidence and self-esteem than anything else. Thanks for the tips Beth!

  12. Mrs.B says

    Brave girl! :) & you are tellin' the TRUTH about the eye makeup. I LOVE mascara. I feel naked without MASCARA! My favorite used to be Cover Girl, but the past couple of years I've used Fabulash- it's AWESOME!

  13. BeingBrook says

    Great tip! I love that you have normal, reasonably priced makeup. So many makeup tips tell you to buy $300 worth of stuff!

    I don't leave my house without makeup, it's such an easy way to spruce yourself up. In fact when I don't feel well or am a little depressed I wear even more makeup and have fancier hair because I think it will help me feel better (my Mom always said that!)

    I am writing this comment with a little braid in my hair and my scarf tied fancy from last weeks post! Love the scarf tip!! I live in Seattle and wear a scarf everyday and it's nice to have a new, fancier way to tie it!

  14. mindy@31 says

    Totally agree! Without makeup- scarey and ugggglly!! Way better with a few minutes of simple makeup.

    You are so fun to watch cos you talk about the things that we all think and do, and it makes it so normal….like a conversation with the girlies! Well done :)

  15. Kelley @ Why Leave Well Enough Alone says

    Gorgeous! Your eyes are amazing.

    My favorite tip-du-jour is to line your lower lashes, but with a lighter color. I use Clinique black/brown on top (I'm one of those people who have NO. BUSINESS. wearing black!) and Clinique smokey brown on bottom. PERFECT!

  16. Jen @ says

    Great tips Beth! You are so pretty!!

    I am always looking for a good foundation. Still haven't found one I love. I will try yours! I love Philosophy's clear makeup and wear that every day. I love the way it primes my face :)


  17. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says

    I think I will try some of that cheek tint. I have such a hard time finding blush that isn't all sparkly. Thanks!

  18. Holly @ Roller Coaster Life says

    You look beautiful in the before!! I don't wear make up… maybe mascara sometimes if I think about it!

  19. R says

    You have amazing eyelashes. With mascara. LOL
    My favorite mascara is also Max Factor 2000 BUT SOOOOO SAD: the company was bought by cover girl and this mascara is NO LONGER SOLD IN THE US! I even blogged about it. I looked into buying it online from Europe but with the exchange rate and shipping, I am just too cheap. So- if you find another that you love just as much, please let me know :( I am also using a L'oreal Collagen mascara right now- it's ok.

  20. Susan says

    You rock Beth!! I'm onboard w/ makeup but I'm older. For aging skin I need a good foundation. Mostly I use Bobbi Brown. She makes me look good, at least my husband says so——>

  21. Sarah says

    I think natural beauty is the best. The only makeup that I will wear is mascara to make my eyes pop. I guess I would be one of those girls that you would make over in your mind if you seen me. I am just different than most women. I don't like putting any kind of chemicals on my face. My mother and grandmother have aged beautifully as have some other women that I know who have never worn any type of makeup. I wonder if it helps to not wear it? Your gorgeous. I know I am one in a very few who owns nothing more than mascara and I am happy that way.

  22. ellie g says

    So, Max Factor 2000 Calorie was my bestest friend in all the land. And I have done hours of trying to track it down. Apparently we're out of luck, and you can't get it any more.

    From my research (not kidding, this mascara situation has made me crazy!) Apparently Cover Girl has the same formulation in their Lash Blast in the orange tube. I've been using it. I gotta say, I'm not 100% sold that it's the 2000 Calorie EXACTLY but it's definitely the closest I've found.

    And I'm all over that blush at the store tomorrow. I've looked at it a couple times, and haven't bought it. If you like it, I'll totally try it.

    Thanks Beth!

  23. Melanie {The Tiny Tudor} says

    I love the tips and products you shared. You look great (both after AND before). I wish I shared your big blue eyes, but I have to admit our only similarity may be that I have a "weird purply vein thing under my left eye" too! (and to cover it I use Rimmel concealer that comes in a lipstick like tube, but I'm still searching for the perfect concealer!)

  24. Lisa says

    Uh HI, I'm just going to get this on record that you are, in fact, a natural beauty girl! Lovely eyes, skin and shape of face! The makeup brings out all this about your face – mascara accentuates that your eyes are such a pretty color, etc. This is a great tutorial……and love to read about products that other people enjoy so I'll definitely have to see out the ones you mentioned!

  25. Jemsmom says

    Ok. I have to tell you this story. It is so funny that you posted this today. Last Friday I was rushing to get to Costco to pick up cakes for a party before they closed. I ran out after my shower with my hair dried straight and no makeup. I picked up a cute little dress for Jemma and asked at check out if I could return it if my daughter didn't like it. I told the cashier that she was pretty persnickety. She looks at me and says, "Oh, she won't let her wear what you buy?" As in, my daughter won't let me GRANDDAUGHTER wear stuff I buy. What the hooeyha?!? I looked at her and said, "What? What?" How old do you think I am?!? I have a 5 year old daughter!!!!" Of course she stumbled all over herself. I got home and vowed to Tom that I would never leave the house without makeup again!

  26. Erin S. says

    I love make-up, too. I had fun seeing how you do yours–occasionally I check out make-up books from the library and I always learn something new. And I also love 2000 calorie mascara. Max Factor has gone in and out of circulation for the last five years or so. I don't know why–they had several products that I really liked. For a while, the only place I could get 2000 calorie was K-Mart. I found some on just now, though–but not the curvy applicator, which I prefer. But maybe that will give some of you other fans some hope! Thanks for this post, Beth!

  27. Pink Princess says

    Looking good girl ! I am/was a glasses wearer for 53 years!! Just last year I bought a lens (only need one, blind in other eye) I don't always wear it because for my job I need reading glasses but when I have my days off…I try to wear my lens. Love it, but don't like the "glasses-face" I still have duh

    Hugs from Marian

  28. The Beach Lady says

    You are one beautiful lady with or without the makeup especially with those out of this world eyelashes! Thank you for encouraging women to wear make-up. It makes all the difference in the world and I agree that you don't have to spend a lot of money on cosmetics. It's the application; not the price. Very cute post!

  29. Sarah @ The Bird's Papaya says

    wow! GORGEOUS!! I agree on the liquid liner too! I made the switch about 7 years ago and I've never looked back. What a blessing. HA!

  30. Barbara says

    thanks for the fyi. I love Sonia's eyeshadow and have put off replacing, but I am heading to target right now. Also I"ve put off spending the bucks on Regenerist, but that is on the list too. I have found some of Rimmels products to be wonderful. SOOOO, I am going to take your advice and see how it goes. I am ready for a CHANGE!!!! thanks

  31. Barbara says

    I would like to know if everyone has a hard time with eye shadow staying in place. After awhile, you cannot tell I even put any shadow on. Now, I wet the shadow a little, which helps it last longer. ANY IDEAS???

  32. Finding Home says


    Great post, thanks for sharing so much info. So funny, just two days ago I was wearing a new eyeshadow and loving it, until about 6:00 when I felt my eyes begin to burn! My daughter asked, Mommy why is your eye so red? I always have that reaction to eyeliner that you turn the tube as opposed to sharpen it, something in that type, regardless of brand causes my eyes to freak out. This shadow is mineral and it comes out on the stick, maybe it is a similiar type of ingredient.

    As far as glasses, I am blind as a bat. Over the last few years I have reached a point where they have been unable to fully adjust my vision for distance or close so I actually will be having Lasik later this year if I don't chicken out!

    Hope you are well,
    Take care,

  33. Cindy says

    Beth, you are awesome! I really enjoyed your video post and how generous you are with your readers in "keeping it real". I am inspired to put on some makeup this morning. :)

  34. Grace says

    I loved this post when it first "aired" and I love it now too! It is a good reminder for me to take a little extra time to try to look nice…can you believe the other day I ran out of the house and after I was finished running my errands super quick during naptime while the hubby was home with the kids I realized I hadn't even taken a look in the mirror before I headed out…I took a quick peak in my rearview mirror in the car and AAAAACK…I was one big mess! 😉 I really do need to take more time for me!

  35. Janell @ Isabella and Max says

    Okay, this is a post I would have never thought to write, this is both funny, endearing and helpful!! You are beautiful! Janell

  36. says

    Thank you posting this. It was so fun! I've never tried liquid eyeliner. Is 48 too old for that (gasp! Am I really that age?) and which brand do you like?

  37. laxsupermom says

    You're so brave! I don't know that makeup-less closeups of me would ever be allowed to hit the internet.

    I have a friend who's one of those women who just wakes up beautiful. She was at my house for a party laaaate one night when whe drank entirely too much. I showed up at her house the next morning to grab her for our yoga class. She was still in bed. I had to shake her awake, and when she rolled out of bed and stood up, I swear the angels sang. I love her, but I hate her a teensy bit, too.

    The rest of us(even those of us who modeled) need makeup. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Beth@The Stories of A2Z says

    @Avintagemom I don't think you're ever too old to wear makeup and look your best! The liquid liner I'm currently using is Mabelline's Line Stiletto in Brown or Umber or whatever trendy brown name they've come up with :).

  39. Misty says

    Look great before and after. I need to wake up earlier and wear it more frequently. When I do wear it, my students always say something positive. But I cherish every extra sleep minute that I can get.

  40. lera says

    I, too, will commiserate that my favorite mascara is/was 2000 calorie. From what I read, Max Factor wasn't profitable in the US and they are no longer selling their products here. I blogged about my sadness when I went to buy a new bottle a year or so ago. (I had some European readers offer to send me some, but I figured I needed to wean myself some day.)

    I now use Maybelline "the Cossal Volume Express." I picked it only because I found a coupon in the Sunday paper and it HAD to be better than the one I bought prior to it. I think I like it. (I now see coupons regularly in the paper and have bought a few spare tubes.)

  41. lera says

    I totally misspelled that mascara. It is "the Colossal Volume Express." It's in a yellow tube with purple writing.

  42. The Girl Creative says

    I totally remember when you posted this last year. I even took my own pictures but chickened out about posting them. LOL

    I used to sell Mary Kay but unfortunately I don't have any good make up tips. :(

  43. Tys says


    Thanks so much for sharing! Now can you come to my house and tell me what to do?? I do wear makeup, but I think I'm missing the mark!

    I gave the mineral foundation a whirl too, but after months, I finally bought something new! Hey, we tried, right? :)

  44. Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) says

    Thanks for sharing! I wear makeup daily and it really helps me feel better about my self. I struggle with my weight, but always having great hair and using makeup makes me feel better and younger too. I could get in a pretty good funk about my weight if I didn't feel 'put together'. I don't generally use blush 'cause I have quite a pink undertone (even wearing daily foundation). After reading this post I am definitely going to give the liquid eyeliner a try, I always use the crayon type. Thanks again for sharing.

  45. Kathleen Frances says

    Wow! That before and after is quite dramatic!

    My eyelashes are stumpy, pewny and go straight down into my eyes. There's no mascara in the world that can make them look good.

    But I just started using the generic version of 'Latisse' yesterday. We shall see….

    OH PS

    I don't think ANYONE looks good just after they wake up. But look beautiful before and after! Just sayin'.

  46. I Dream of Diapers says

    This is an awesome post! I admire your candor and also appreciate your tips! I think you're right – a few simple steps can really brighten a face, and surely improve an attitude or outlook, too! Thanks for the post.

  47. Laurie says

    Hi Beth,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Because of your post, I discovered I have been wearing eye liner all wrong for me. I have been wearing eyeliner on both lids, but darker on the bottom lid for years. Inspired by your post I tried an experiment this morning – I put liner on one eye, the way I normally wear it, and only on the top of the other (as in your demo). WOW! What a difference! My eye looks twice as big with liner on the top only! You have made my day! I am going forth to be cute today! lol

    So here is my product suggestion to share – I just started using Cover Girl Natureluxe make up and I love it! Very light coverage and lots of light colors to choose from. I also like their lip stain.

  48. ⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ says

    G O R G E O U S!~ I have the same problem with my eyes..they looked so naked without makeup and they are big too. I use that mascara too, and that is some good stuff!!~ Thanks for the tips, I love this girly stuff!

  49. Shelley Anne says

    as always, you are beautiful and brave. i have been using regenerist products since your original post- thanks! i love the foundation i have been using lately- maybelline dream matte mousse. try it!

    love, s.

  50. Morgana says

    I seriously wish make-up did it for me. lol! I always feel like I'm putting lip gloss on a pig when I wear anything besides moisturizer. You, on the other hand, look lovely. Perhaps it's time I try some makeup again.

  51. Selina says

    This was such a funny post (in a good way) I am just like you, blond hair, big blue eyes, no eyelashes and no eyebrows unless they are PUT ON by my own hand! Found you off TDC! You'll have to stop by and say "hi" when you have the time :-) You are very fun!

  52. Meghan Elaine says

    Is it annoying that I think you look so pretty in the before? I think you look like a beautiful beachy girl…but I love the after look with the eyes. Oh man, I need to do my eyes up too because your lashes look amazing :)

  53. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    Very cool post; I'm obsessed with make up so this was right up my ally.
    I would recommend sunscreen before, also a makeup primer (L'Oreal has an affordable one, but I love DHC's one) that will help even out the skin even if you don't want to wear a base.
    Finally, if using powder or mineral make up, spritzing some MAC Fix+ would do wonders so you don't look cakey :)
    GREAT, great post!

  54. Katy says

    I love this before and after, it's so true for me too!

    You might like the Rimmel kajal eye liner, it goes on soft and doesn't pull on the skin around your eyes but also it blends nicely with eyeshadow. They have it at target.

  55. Lori says

    You brave soul. I don't like the dog seeing me without makeup! And I can totally relate to decorating things and people in your mind! Oh…and I am quite jealous of your eyelashes!

  56. Kimberly says

  57. Sam says

    Awesome post!
    I know I should wear makeup more often – if only to look more "done" instead of undone as I usually am. I've never been able to find a foundation that doesn't look fake or isn't so sheer that it does nothing…Same with lipstick, when I was younger (10 years ago) I had a shade I loved (MAC "O") but for some reason it looks weird on me now and I've not been able to find one that looks good. Too bad you can't give personal pointers. :)

  58. Nicki says

    I agree that a little makeup goes a long way, and I'd like to say that a little hairstyling goes a long way, too. : ) I am apalled at the women I see at the grocery store EVERYIME I GO who wear an old sloppy t-shirt, greasy ponytail, and no makeup. In a matter of minutes, they could look so much neater. Just brush, change your top, and slather on some color people!
    My 4 cents . . .

  59. Sharon says

    Thanks for the fun post! I can't tell from your photos but it's nice to know someone else who has crater pores :). Our skin is very similar to each other except your lashes are more awesome then mine (bum). I use the same face wash. One thing I love to do is put self tanner on my face. It really evens out my freckles & I don't end up needing as much foundation either.

  60. Olivia says

    Aw, I'm a glasses-wearer. I love them! I think they look crisp and I've needed them forever, so when they're gone, I feel naked! I always wear makeup underneath, but I've had fun lately experimenting with different colored/sparkly glasses. :o)

  61. kathy says

    Some of us CAN’T wear eye makeup or cotntacts (allergies or dry eyes). After a lifetime of accenting my eyes, I found out I could not wear any eye makeup or have my eyelashes tinted or dyed. My opthamologist also frowns on Latisse. So I stopped wearing any makeup whatsoever. After about 10 years (and due to the ravages of age), I am cautiously venturing back into the world of makeup (still without eye makeup) under the philosophy of “blooming where you’re planted” or “making the best of what you have”.

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