Mary Kay Product Review and Giveaway

I love trying out new makeup, so when Mary Kay asked if I’d like to review some of their products, it was an easy decision! My makeup arrived in this pretty black box with a beautiful pink ribbon. Let’s open it up and start reviewing the products!

I received a combination of Mary Kay bestsellers and some of their newest products. I am a HUGE fan of lip gloss, so I was very excited to try out the different shades.

The first product I used was the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set. This is a two-step skincare regimen that “fights fine lines, refine pores and achieve beautifully smooth skin.” I’ll take it!

I also tried the new Mary Kay® TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Eye Renewal Cream. It was very pampering. It has a cool metal applicator that feels great during application. My skin feels soft. I’m not sure my fine lines have gone away, but I like the glow that the product gives to my skin.

Here are the four lash products I received. I’ve never used a lash primer before, and I have to say that I am sold. The primer conditions and lengthens the look of your lashes and helps your mascara have a foundation to build upon.

Below you can see what my eye looks like before and after using Mary Kay® Lash Primer and Ultimate Mascara™ in Black. What a difference!

mary kay

And yay for the Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss in Café Au Lait, Rock ’n’ Red and Mango Tango. I was uber-impressed with how much color I received from the gloss. Typically glosses are much sheerer in color and it can be difficult to find one that is vibrant.

mary kay

In these pictures, I am only wearing the lip gloss, with no other product on my face. You can see how much color the gloss adds!

And I have saved the best for last for you. The mineral makeup! I don’t typically wear a lot of eyeshadow, and I was honestly nervous about trying any eye shadow color other than brown. However, I really loved the Mineral Eye Colors in Golden Vanilla, Truffle, and Lavender Fog. You can see some of the colors in the cute Mary Kay Compact Mini pictured below. This is an ingenious refillable magnetic compact that allows you to easily customize your look by filling the compact with three mineral eye colors and a Mary Kay Cheek Color. There is even a hidden tray underneath the magnetic well to store your applicators!

mary kay

And here is my complete Mary Kay face. :)

mary kay

Would you like to try out some Mary Kay products? Tell me your greatest beauty tip in the comments below for an opportunity to win a fabulous Mary Kay gift basket, courtesy of BlogHer


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I was provided with Mary Kay products to use and review, and was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.


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  1. says

    I love Mary Kay makeup! That’s what I used for my wedding.

    My favorite makeup tip recently has been BB cream – I finally tried it and don’t want to ever go without it again!

  2. Suzi Moore says

    This looks great! I used to wear MK, but stopped when I started staying home with the kids. I loved it then, and I’m sure it’s even better now!

  3. LB says

    When I was very young (10? 12?) I heard some supermodel say that if you spend more than 5 minutes putting makeup on in the morning, you’re doing more harm than good. It may seem silly, but I’ve abided by that my whole life (exceptions made for fancy nights out, of course) and I really think it’s worked for me in terms of making me look decent while keeping the vanity in check.

  4. says

    Looks beautiful, Beth!! I’ve been a MK consultant for a few months now, and I seriously looooove their products. The microdermabrasion and the eye cream are some of my favorites for skin care!! But I seriously love the lip glosses too – the Cafe Au Lait is one of my favorite “everyday” colors :)

  5. says

    I would love to try any of these products. I’ve always heard good things about Mary Kay. My best tip – an eyelash curler. It makes a huge difference!

  6. says

    Your makeup looks beautiful…I love the color of the lip gloss! My beauty tip is to wash your face every night before you go to bed & MOISTURIZE!!

  7. Suzi says

    My best tip is “just Do It!” Put some make up on, even a little helps a lot. I feel better & do not procrastinate about running errands or getting embarrassed when people come to my door!

  8. Angie Nichols says

    I love Mary Kay products and I have to agree to use a Moisturizer daily! Love the Time Wise products as well from Mary Kay!

  9. Tracey says

    Great review! It’s been years since I’ve considered Mary Kay but now I may need to check it out again…love the Café Au Lait lip gloss!

  10. Melissa Foust says

    I love Mary Kay. I use to sell it a long time ago. My favorite beauty trick is using a shimmery light color right in the corner of your eyes. Makes you look more awake!

  11. Katherine S. says

    I used to love Mary Kay’s night cream but they stopped making it! I would love to try the products again and am thankful for the opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  12. Nettie says

    Would love to win Mary Kay products, as I used to use them & currently do not. Best beauty tip: get dressed to the shoes every day, right after making your bed 1st thing! Making ur bed & being dressed is an attitude tool which minimizes age & enhances self value. :-)

  13. Chris N says

    My beauty tip: Drink lots of water, get enough sleep (haha), and if you can’t do anything else just curl your eyelashes, throw on some mascara and put on a little lip gloss.

  14. Rebecca Feucht says

    Probably my best tip is holding the mascara wand vertically when applying to lower lashes. Also, choose to focus on your eyes, or your mouth but not both together. Simple is best! Thanks for the contest

  15. Cindy says

    Very Nice! Love that mascara and Cafe Au Lait lipstick! Best tip keep your Cafe Au Lait on while eating…never let your lips drag across the eating utensil!

  16. says

    My BEST beauty advice is to use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. Foundation is heavy and settles in all the fine lines while tinted moisturizer just lightly camoflauges the “bad” stuff.

  17. Debra Jenkins says

    I haven’t used MK in a while but still have some of the pallets for eyeshadow . My favorite beauty tip eye and face primer, the difference is like night and day it should be a staple in everyone’s bag.

  18. Kristina Sloan says

    I never used to be a fan of mascara because it just seemed to be too much trouble and make no difference. When a friend of mine suggested I add mascara to my daily makeup routine, I decided to try it out. Now, even if I don’t wear eye shadow or blush, I always put on my mascara.

  19. Amy says

    I have very oily skin so my beauty tip is to use an oil blotting sheet mid-afternoon to keep my face looking fresh and not shiny.

  20. marlo boyce says

    I have sold AVON for years and was just introduced to some Mary Kay mascara and LOVED it. I would love nothing more than to try out more of these products. I see a switch happening ;O)

  21. says

    I used to use Mary Kay but haven’t in a while. Looks like they have totally updated their products and I would love to try them. Thanks for the chance.

  22. Jennifer says

    If you don’t have time to put on a full face of make-up, at least apply lip gloss and mascara. It definitely makes me feel more confident in public. Also it’s so important to find a moisturizer appropriate for your age/skin type. And drink more water! Healthy moisturized skin is the best foundation!

  23. Julie M. says

    Mary Kay makes a product called ‘Satin Lips’ that I absolutely can’t live without. Once you use this, your lips are left incredibly soft and smooth which in turn creates a flawless pallette for your lipstick or gloss. My tip would be to use ‘Satin Lips’ throughout the winter to help combat dry lips :)

  24. says

    Greatest beauty tip? BLUSH! I never used to wear it, but it wakes up my face so much and just makes everything look so fresh. Even if I’m going out without makeup on, I usually will have some blush swept over my cheekbones!

  25. Stephanie Scott says

    I love Mary Kay but never seem to remember to buy it! My favorite tip is to use an eye shadow primer it makes a huge difference. I’ll have to look into the lash primer next. Thanks for the chance to win:)

  26. Charla says

    Since the age of 15, I have used an eyelash curler prior to mascara. I have also found that if I heat it for about 20 seconds with a blow dryer it works even better. Great giveway!

  27. Joyce Ostermiller says

    I have used Mary Kay for years. It would be great to review some of the newer products that I haven’t tried yet.

  28. says

    I’ve only used marykay makeup once a long time ago,but i would love to give it another try.My makeup tip is always use waterproof mascara,eyeliner and eyeshadow that way if my eyes water i still look pulled together..

  29. Stacey M says

    The Cafe Au Lait is so pretty! I’ve never tried eyelash primer, but if you say you’re sold, I’d give it a try. Thank you for the opportunity to win products! :)

  30. Jen M says

    I don’t know much at all about makeup but I’ve been looking for a good mascara that stays on my eyes and doesn’t rub off under them, but still doesn’t irritate my eyes. My most used makeup tip is: less is more.

  31. Susan says

    Thanks for a chance to win… I Love Mary Kay and just found a rep where I work :)
    A great beauty tip: Get rid of old make up and clean your brushes.

  32. Victoria says

    I love MK makeup. I have very sensitive skin and this is the only product I can use that won’t give my face a rash. I hope I win these great products…I would use each and every one of them. My best tip is to use the Oil Free Makeup Remover every night to take off your makeup. You don’t have to rub your eyes hard to get the mascara off. Just put some of the remover on a cotton ball, hold to your eye for a few seconds and wipe away gently. It takes everything off. AMAZING!!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  33. Annette says

    I like Mary Kay , I have wasted more money trying to match my skin tone. They will let you try it on and help guide you in the right direction. It lasts along time, a little goes along way. It’s good stuff!

  34. Olga says

    I used to know a Mary Kay gal, and she would sell me cool lipstick and foundation, which matched my skin perfectly. Wpould be great to return to Mary Kay:)

  35. Karen Medlin says

    I use a moisturizer under my makeup and switch out in summer months to wear a sunscreen under my makeup instead. It does the same trick and doesn’t dry my skin

  36. says

    What a great chance to try product company I have only heard of. Love the dea of the mascara and lip gloss the most. Thanks, Beth and Happy Thanksgiving.

  37. Lisa Brown says

    Greatest beauty tip: don’t stress. Stress is so hard on skin and can prematurely age you.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  38. says

    I have never tried Mary Kay but have been wanting to. I’m Peri-menopausal and my skin is changing and I need to find a line of make-up that will work with my skin instead of just covering up.

  39. Melody says

    It’s not always about your face. I love Mary Kaye
    Satin Hands ,vanilla sugar, it’s a hand scrub that makes your hands soo smooth.

  40. Tracy Clements says

    My best beauty advice is to moisterize w/SPF and remove makeup every night…And and additional tip is to just smile, it increases you “face value”.

  41. Jill D. says

    I’ve been using MK products for about a year now and am hooked. They are great. I love the microdermabrasion, their timewise moisturizer, and foundation primer. I’m finding that the best things for my skin are pleny of rest, washing twice a day (especially a night), drinking plenty of water, and making sure to wash all my brushes! Thanks for hosting this!

  42. Jen G says

    I love the Mary Kay TimeWise products!! My beauty tip is this: even if you have oily skin (like me!), you should still use moisturizer every day, even in the summer. If you deprive your skin of moisturizer, your skin will produce MORE oil to compensate. That is the opposite of what I want!!!

    Thanks for the great give-a-way!

  43. Amy Swanson says

    I love their skin care. The oil free hydrating gel is most favorite product ever :) I also love lip gloss and would love win more! Thanks

  44. Mary M. says

  45. Sara McManaway says

    December 3, 2012 at 12:25 am My greatest beauty tip is….. if nothing else is possible, running late to work, school, not time for primping….Always keep a multi-use product (bb cream or powder/foundation combo compact) , a good tube of Masacra and a eyebrow/eyeliner 2in1 pencil handy as well as a neutral tinted gloss…. 4 products make you look alive anytime anyplace on the go

  46. Wild Orchid says

    My favorite beauty tip is to put a little white eyeliner along the inner corner of the eyes to make them appear bigger.
    Thanks for the cool giveaway!

  47. says

    The greatest beauty top I’ve learned is put on a moisturizing mask before putter on makeup. The foundation will absorb much better.

    Amy [at] utry [dot] it

  48. Debra Ford says

    Over the years, the best advice that has helped me long term to to use the best moisturizer you can possibly afford – now that I’m older, I go for the best serum I can afford!

  49. Lisa Garner says

    My best beauty tip is to use an under eye concealer because it really helps make your face look younger.

    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  50. Betty C says

    I always do a patch test before trying a new product. I’m allergic to most products and this has saved me several times.

  51. anash says

    a beauty tip that i received was to put vaseline on your hands and cover with cotton socks overnight forsoft hands! Thanks for a super giveaway!

  52. Rosemary ford says

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