How to Create Facebook Timeline Cover Photo in Picasa

I recently created a video tutorial on how to create a facebook Timeline cover photo using Unfortunately, many of you do not own the Premium version of Picnik and were not able to create your cover photo. No cover photo creators shall be discriminated against! Go ahead and download Picasa and then watch the video to see how you can create your own photo collage.

Please click here if the video is not showing for you below. For easier viewing, click on the button on the bottom right hand corner that says “full screen”.

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  1. says

    THANK YOOOOOU!!!! I have used Picasa for years now, but have never ventured out to see what all it could do! Wow! I gotta get “outta the box” more! 😉 Great tutorial!!!

  2. Kat says

    Beth, I think I sent you a message earlier, but I wanted to send one again…. Thank YOU for posting these instructions, I have had so much fun playing with Picnik and the new FB profile timelime, you opened up a whole new world for me =))….friends are even asking me to show them and I instead have referred them to your blog because your instructions were that easy!

    I am saddened Picnik is shutting down, I am going to try playing around with Picasa but if you find a comparable website, please share. Thanks again, kathy

  3. says

    Thanks. I was able to follow this tutorial!! Unfortunatley I couldn’t use the collage I made because my profile picture covered up the bottom left of my banner. I will re-arrange the photos tomorrow and then put my customized banner up.

    Thanks again, youa re awesome.

  4. says

    Found this on Pinterest! Just downloaded Picasa tonight and created my Facebook Timeline Cover Photo. Thank you for sharing your tutorial and video!

  5. Julie says

    Did it… love it! Who’da thunk this techno-un-savy person could make something so cute?!
    Thanks so much. You were really easy for me to understand ..and believe me — that’s almost a miracle in itself, right there!
    Keep up the great help!!

  6. Linda says

    This is great, I agree however, that it turns out a bit blurry… wish it was more crisp since my photos are sharp. Do you suppose FB would have an answer to that?

  7. Linda says

    After checking out some other timeline templates, I noticed they are
    851 X 315, I tried this and found the result to be more sharp.

  8. Sarah says

    I really love your whole site! It is so creative and you have such cute ideas! I’m going to try to make one of these today! Thank you!

  9. says

    You are AWESOME.
    I found a link to this on Pinterest and decided to give it a view since I HATE trying to make cover photos, as they never seem to look right, but this helped out SO much!
    I now have an awesome coverphoto for my business and I’m ready to create a personal one now!
    Thank you again!

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