Who the Heck is THAT: Guess the DIY Blogger $300 Lowes Give Away

**Update: Woohoo!!! We have a winner!!! Please feel free to keep trying to guess the DIY Bloggers but the $300 Lowes prize is claimed. We’ll reveal who won and all of the answers in an upcoming reveal post SOON!!**

Hee, hee, hee! This post is just for fun and brought to you by some (hopefully) familiar faces. A bunch of us thought it would be fun to share our most awkward childhood photos with all of you and see if you could match our “awkward selves” to our current profile pictures. I tried to guess all of them and although I have met most of these ladies in real life and know their faces well, I REALLY struggled to get them all correct! If you don’t know all of the bloggers involved, you will need to visit their blog to see their current profile picture.

Here is how it works (you must be 18 yrs or older to win):

  • Visit the link below where you will be able to enter your guess for each blogger pictured. (All information will be kept private.)
  • The first person to correctly match all the faces with the correct blogs will win a $300 Lowe’s gift card!
  • If you win, you will be emailed to collect your mailing address. (Then your prize will be mailed to you.)

Enter Your Answers

Enjoy the humiliation and good luck !

Here are the blogs to match (in random order):

*This post is NOT sponsored by Lowes. The bloggers involved pitched in some money to buy a gift certificate to make this post all the more fun for YOU! XOXO!!

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