Celebs Homes {$100 Target Gift Card Giveaway}

I admit it. I’m one of those people who love walking by homes at dusk so that I can peek into the windows and see the decor inside! I love walking through model homes so that I can glean decor ideas, and I especially love browsing luxury home listings for inspiration and entertainment. If you are anything like me, then this post is dedicated to you—fellow lookie loos unite! Today I’m going to give you a sneak peek into some fabulous celebrity homes courtesy of Homes.com. To make things a bit more fun, Homes.com has given me $100 Target gift card to give away to one of you. Woohoo! We get to be inspired by celebrity homes and then use that inspiration to spruce up our own spaces. Let’s get to it!

I adore this listing for Drew Barrymore’s California home. The kitchen’s yellow checkerboard floor, yellow bar, and blue fridge seem very Drew don’t they? And I smiled to see we share the same Anthropologie duvet in our bedrooms. Of course mine is currently in my master bedroom and hers is probably never used in one of her 5 guest rooms.

drew barrymore's home

 Listing pictures from Reese Witherspoon’s Ojai Ranch are impressive! I am in love with those rustic beams.reese witherspoon house

And just look at the views from Matt Damon’s lovely Miami Beach listing!

matt damon's house

In addition to the VIP Living category on the Homes.com blog, you can simply browse the listings of pricey geographic areas. I highly recommend perusing the 90210 zipcode for current listings. There are some great pinnable images to be found!

So know that we’re inspired, let’s get to the giveaway details! All you need to do to enter is follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below. (Give it a minute to appear if it’s not showing. It sometimes takes a minute to load.) Good luck and happy browsing and dreaming!
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  1. Sara D says

    I think Drew Barrymores home that she has listed is my favorite. It is beautiful.

  2. says

    Robin Williams’ home – omg! The view is stunning. Not to mention the rest of the house… But as one of my high school teachers always used to say, “It all comes down to ‘Location, Location, Location.'” Wow!

  3. Ashley C says

    I love Mark Wahlberg’s house! That pool is amazing :)


  4. Brooke says

    Celebrity homes for sale is one of my favorite articles in People. This is so much better!

  5. Adrienne N. says

    I would take any of these houses but I really love Matt Damon’s!!!
    thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. Stephanie C. says

    Oh, I’m loving that teal fridge! Hope I win, because, let’s face it, I’ll spend $100 at target whether I win or not. :)

  7. Lindsey Lankey says

    So many of them are gorgeous! I have to agree that drew barrymores house is very “drew”, and I love all the whimsy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Kira Saucedo says

    I too love to look at peoples homes and see how they are arranged and decorated.

  9. Sandy A says

    All of the homes are so gorgeous–but I like Reese Witherspoon’s home in Ojai and Drew Barrymore’s with that bright and lovely kitchen…

  10. Mary C says

    I absolutely ADORE the rustic beams in Reese Witherspoon’s home but the library/sitting room in Drew’s is pretty amazing as well!

  11. says

    Gosh, that was fun! Nice to peek in on how and where the celebs live. I have to say Drew’s is as cute and colorful as she is. Love that it really seems like a real reflection of her as a person – what home’s all about.

    Love the “Twin-ing Anthro duvets” btw. ;)

  12. says

    I love the views from Matt Damons but Drew Barrymores is my favorite. I love everything about it. I love her love of color!

  13. Jody says

    Wow! So that’s how the other half lives! I could so get used to that lifestyle. :) Guess my favorite was Drew’s home because although very lovely and impressive, it has the ‘warm’ feel of a real home. I love all the space, the library/den area, and most of all, I, too, love the yellow kitchen. :) The view and all that outdoor space is so wonderful, too. Add a pool, and it would be absolutely perfect…of course, in my dream world, it would come complete with a staff to help keep everything looking so beautiful. :)

    Thank you for letting us dream a bit AND for sponsoring this great giveaway opportunity! :)

  14. Amber E. says

    Robin Williams’ house is fantastic! I can totally see myself living there!

  15. Miki Baxter says

    I really like Jon Bon Jovi’s New York penthouse. The view and terrace are incredible! Miki

  16. Christy P. says

    I love jon bon jovi’s penthouse. the views are spectacular. I love the large terrace.

  17. Summer Jackman says

    I loved them all, but I think I like Robin Willams’ the best!!! Beautiful!

  18. Sharon Lynn says

    I like the refrigerators in Drew Barrymore’s kitchen and the wood beams, stairway and Juliet balcony in Reese Witherspoon’s home. :-)

  19. Sue says

    I loved the outdoor living space of the home in Los Angeles, California. The entire home is gorgeous, but I love the outdoor courtyard. The ivy or greenery covering the entire wall of the home is beautiful!

  20. Andrea says

    Robin Williams home…..and I am a bit shocked by that….I never would have expected that!

  21. sydney says

    I love those wildly patterned couches in Drew Barrymore’s house. They are great with the wall color in the dining room.

  22. Andrea D. says

    Thanks for giving us a sneak peak into those beautiful homes. They are all stunning, but I have to say Drew’s is my favorite. It has a real “homey” feel to it.

  23. Kristi Ripley says

    I am in love with Reese Witherspoons house! So relaxing and beautiful! Thanks for the opportunity! !

  24. Peggy says

    I am a night time window peeler too! Love Drew’s house thanks for sharing & for chance at gift card!!

  25. says

    I’m so relieved to know that I’m not the ONLY one who likes to drive through the more elite neighborhoods in town just to peek through the windows!! LOL! Thanks for such a GREAT giveaway!

  26. Paula Sulkin says

    I love looking at celebrity homes too! They have every little accessory in the right spot. I really enjoy your website. I have it bookmarked on my computer.

  27. Martha says

    Another vote for Drew’s house. Love the dark wood floors in the bedroom and the yellow in the kitchen.

  28. Roxanna says

    In this world of up’s and down, it is great to have something positive to look forward to and to hope for. Thank’s for the chance to win. :)

  29. says

    I could totally live in Drew Barrymore’s house! Very charming.
    I’m like you, I like to see how other people decorate. My husband laughs at me when I get mad because everyone has the curtains closed. :)

  30. Donna says

    Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher’s house is beautiful. It’s not overly big or flashy, and I love the subdued color palate.

  31. carol garcia says

    I love the rustic beams. Lounging by that pool at Matt damons house wouldn’t be bad either.

  32. Carolyn G. says

    I love Matt Damon’s listing. Soon I’ll be listing my home…too bad our pix won’t look as impressive.

  33. linda says

    I love them all makes me wonder how they can give them up. The yellow is Drew’s kitchen is so inviting

  34. Hannah M. says

    I LOVE Matt Damon’s Florida home! I love the home period, but knowing he’d lived there might just be the major icing on the cake ;)

  35. Jennifer Garner says

    browsing the pricey homes online is a favorite thing to do for sure. Fun to dream!

  36. Wild Orchid says

    I like Drew Barrymore’s listing!

    Entered the rafflecopter as “Wild orchid”

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  37. Theresa W says

    Well, I “guess” I could make do with Matt Damon’s house if I had to………….Simply gorgeous! Love all the water.

  38. Marisa D says

    Mark Wahlberg house with the movie theater and pool. It’s like a vacation in itself.

  39. Rosie says

    I like Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel home in Malibu. Relatively inexpensive $14.75 million, I love the oceanfront patio and the covered outdoor living room that has a fireplace. And a designer kitchen! What’s not to like!

  40. ProudParrotx says

    I love, love, love the massive fitness room in Mark Wahlberg’s home! I could work up a crazy sweat in there…man oh man I wish I could work out right now :)

  41. Mariam Togora says

    They are all so cute and luxurious but Witherspoon’s house takes it for me.

  42. Erin says

    Drew Barrymore’s home in Montecito, California — very classy but charming too

  43. Andrea Edwards says

    I LOVE pretty much everything about Drew’s house!! Beautiful and cozy!

  44. Sara C says

    Love Robin William’s home. Sold me immediately on the beautifully appointed library and a cellar for wine and ART! That’s just awesome! : o)

  45. Amber R says

    I agree, I love looking in people’s homes! And Drew Barrymore’s kitchen is so dreamy! Of course, yellow is my favorite color!

  46. JC Lopez says

    I’m a fellow lookie loo too! I love walking through model homes for inspiration and decor ideas :) thanks for the giveaway!

  47. Amy Frye says

    Of all the things I love, seeing how other people live and decorate their homes ranks up high for me. I love homes that are rustic and comfortable. Ones that stand out to me: LeAnn Rimes newly purchased home, Olivia Newton Johns home, Drew Barrymore’s home, Reese Witherspoon’s ranch, Sally Field’s homea, and Brad Garretts home he recently listed.

    • Karen L. says

      I have always enjoyed home tours…I especially like the ones in the historic homes in my area. And, I would truly love to tour inside these celeb homes…the photos are the next best thing. My favorites are Drew Barrymore’s (it invites you in to relax) and I also love Reese’s home. Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!!

  48. Adrienne says

    I adore Mark Wahlberg’s house. If I bought it, do you think he would come with it?

  49. the cape on the corner says

    the Beverly grove house in Beverly hills (under jimmy fallon’s move) is so airy and open!

  50. Sheila Moore says

    They are all amazing but I think I’d pick Drew Barrymore’s just for the kitchen!