Christmas Front Porch

Are you feeling Christmased out yet? Well I hope not because today I want to show you my Christmas front porch! Honestly, I wasn’t even going to show you my porch because it pales in comparison to previous years; however, low key and easy front porch decorating might be what some of you need! Let me show you how I decorated my front porch in less than 30 minutes.

I didn’t purchase a thing for the porch and instead used decorations that were hanging out in the basement. I did think about purchasing small trees for the urns, but in the end decided I was content with using my Christmas tree clippings. You can never beat free!

Last year, I had wired plastic ornaments onto a ton of garlands and left the ornaments on the garlands when I took them down. I wasn’t in the mood to wrap the garlands around my columns, so I stuffed two of them in my hanging flower baskets.

christmas front porch

The vintage sled was something my neighbor was tossing out in the trash. Woohoo! Major score.

christmas front porch

The Christmas tree in the Santa bucket is actually just another garland squashed into the shape of a tree. So simple!

christmas front porch

I didn’t have another Christmas pillow for my second rocker, so I used a red pillowcase and belt to create a cute Santa pillow! The tree stump coaster (for your hot chocolate of course) is from the bottom of our Christmas tree. Granted, your mug might slip right off at that angle but it’s the thought that counts. If your hot chocolate spills all over the porch, you can always grab that red throw in the basket to stay warm!

christmas front porch

The Joy pillow was a 90% off Target find a few years ago. Man I love it when I hit those Target sales right!

christmas front porch

It’s festive and fun and most importantly my boys LOVE it! Since the interior decorations are rather formal, it’s fun to have a Santa-themed porch for my kiddos to enjoy.

christmas front porch

Simple, easy, and cute. Aaaannnnd, I didn’t stress a bit or have to dangle dangerously from a ladder to hang anything! I saved the dangerous dangling for trying to take these pics! (If you look closely in the window, you’ll see me leaning over the railing. :))

christmas front porch

I hope I’ve given you some easy peasy tips on how to decorate your porch in a snap! Thanks for visiting me!

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  1. shelly sparks says

    Major score with the sled. I actually seen one today. Thought about buying it until I seen the $219 price tag.
    Porch looks great!

  2. says

    Cute, cute, cute! I love what you did. Believe it or not, the red pillow with the black belt was sheer genius! And I want a sled soooo bad!!

    Happy Holidays to you and your sweet family!


  3. says

    What a score on that sled!!! Your house color is the perfect back drop for all of your decorations. Love that Santa clever! No wonder your boys love the front porch..very festive!

  4. says

    Your porch is fabulous! I love that you used all that you had. You have given me an idea for my urns! I didn’t want to spend more money so using clippings is perfect! I think my favorite thing is the Santa pillow! So cute!

  5. says

    LOVE the red santa pillow with the black belt. So cute and so simple. And what a novel concept to just use a garland in a bucket to mimic a Christmas tree! Thanks for the inspiration! Looks great.


  6. says

    Simple is the way to go! And it doesn’t look simple at all, it looks wonderful as if you have put a great amount of time, thinking and effort into it. I guess those are the best decorating moments ever.

  7. Kim B. says

    LOVE your porch!! Your brick really adds to the festivness :) Glad I’m not your neighbor as I’d have porch envy…ha ha ha! Thanks for sharing, sometimes less truly is more!


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