How to Make Painted Birch Tree Candles {Pottery Barn Knock-off}

Over Thanksgiving break, I went to Pottery Barn with my mom to do some window shopping. I previously saw their beaded birch pillar candles in the catalog, but they were even lovelier in person. The large pillar candles on sale were $23 so I decided to make my own painted birch tree candles for free. Want to make some too? I’ll show you how!

How to Make Painted Birch Tree Candles

how to birch candles

What you will need:

  • White pillar candles. (I have a ton on hand. I think most of mine came from Dollar Tree.)
  • Brown paint. (I used glitter paint mixed with other brown paint. Use whatever brown acrylic you have on hand.)
  • Spray adhesive. (You can find this at any craft store.)
  • Epsom salts. (These are typically found near the pharmacy of any convenient store or Target, etc.)
What you do:

how to birch candles

It is seriously that simple. For a fraction of the price you can have your own birch tree candles to enjoy this season! I am loving mine :).

how to birch candles

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  1. says

    NOW you tell me! I coughed up the cash for two of them a few weeks ago…they were lovely and I didn’t even think about trying to replicate them. I guess I could always make a few more, though…now that I know the secret. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Jane says

    I too love that PB Catalog and try to come up with excuses why I should buy this and that. Not this year!
    Will you please explain what the Epsom salts do?
    Thank you!

    • Beth says

      Hi Jane! The original candles are rolled in tiny beads and look sparkly and snowy. The epsom salts mimic this look. You certainly don’t have to do this step but it makes them look sparkly and pretty.

    • Beth says

      Hi Meg! I don’t really burn my candles for very long but the epsom salts will form a crust on the exterior of the candle as it burns down. Obviously burn at your own risk.

      • michelle says

        i have some white battery operated pillar candles from costco that i am going to try this on. i love that i can enjoy the candle ambiance without open flames, but they are sooooo boring. this is the perfect thing for them!

    • Beth says

      Ha! As soon as I finish. I actually broke my brand new compound miter saw doing this project so I’m at a standstill at the moment :(.

  3. says

    I love it Beth! I am loving how you put the wood disks in your board and batten spaces! I had my gramps cut me out some wooden disks the other day for ornaments. I never thought about putting them in my wall. I’m liking your project!!! Do I see I reveal coming soon??? :)

  4. says

    I love pottery barn knockoff projects! I just did a PB wreath knock off at my blog. I’ll have to try these to add to my collection of DIY replicas!

    In case any of you want to check it out…you can find it here

  5. Courtney Taylor says

    Thank you! Thank you! I made these today and they turned out beautifully!! I sprayed them with glitter on too of the Epsom salt for a little extra sparkle. :)

  6. says

    Yay, Beth!! Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been wanting those very candles since Thanksgiving, but couldn’t wrap my head around the price. love, love, love. Oh, and I was just reading your capiz shell garland post – genius! And now, to actually make them. Ha.:)

  7. amanda says

    Clearly, I am craft-challenged! First time using spray adhesive and didn’t use enough on the first candle. Learned my lesson and got the second and third coated really well. I’m doing three each of short and tall pillars, so I hope at least three turn out good enough to display! Thanks for the great idea!

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