DIY Address Plaque: Paint Stick Art

My husband was teasing me the other day. He said that I’ve gone from obsessing over redecorating our mantel to obsessing over redecorating the front door. I have to admit that he is kind of right. I LOVE the challenge of finding creative door decor ideas that are non-traditional and don’t always involve a wreath. For this month’s Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger challenge I thought I would make an inexpensive address plaque made from PAINT STICKS for the front door. This project is very easy to do and would make a fantastic housewarming gift! I’ll show you how to make your own.

Paint stick address plaque

Step 1: Gather supplies needed for DIY Address Plaque.

You will need the following:

  • 1/2″ or 3/4″ wood board cut to size (I chose to make my board 7″ wide by 24″ long.)
  • Table saw and/or chop saw
  • Gatehouse address numbers
  • Paint sticks (NOTE: I used 21 paint sticks on the plaque. I asked Lowe’s if I could purchase paint sticks, and they do not sell them. They were willing to give me 10 paint sticks to use for the project but no more. Fortunately, I had a stash of paint sticks on hand.)
  • Wood glue
  • Clamps
  • Valspar paint samples
  • Drill
  • D-ring picture hangers

Supplies needed for address plaque

Step 2: Cut your board to desired size.

My board seemed a little bit wide so I ran it through my table saw and cut it down to 7″x24″.

Use table saw to cut wood

Step 3: Cut your paint sticks and secure with wood glue.

I used a chop saw to quickly cut my paint sticks into 7″ pieces. Secure your paint sticks to the board using wood glue and clamps. Allow to dry before removing the clamps.

Attach paint sticks with wood glue

Step 4: Paint your paint sticks.

You can use any paint that you have on hand to paint your sticks. I used sample pots of Valspar paint as well as left over paint from projects around the house.

Paint the paint sticks

Step 5: Arrange your numbers, drill, and attach with enclosed hardware.

Place your address numbers on the plaque where desired and drill holes into your board. Use the enclosed screws to secure the numbers to the board. To hang your plaque, you will need to attach picture hangers to the back. I love to use D-ring hooks on the back of wood wall art. Simply place the D-rings on the back of your plaque, mark the holes with a pencil, drill, and attach the D-rings with screws.

Attach numbers and D-ring hooks

Step 6: Attach a ribbon to D-ring hooks and hang.

Isn’t it cute? We live in the city and our house numbers can be difficult to see from the street. This plaque makes it very easy for friends who are visiting to find our place.

DIY paint stick address plaque

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Lowe’s Creative Ideas Blogger Network. I was given a gift card to complete this challenge. Ideas, tutorials, opinions are my own.



    • Beth says

      Phew! It was down to the wire but I pulled it off. I always work better when under pressure. Thanks for visiting me Britt!

  1. Danielle says

    would you mind sharing with me the colors u used on the paint stick house number?? Plus I need to see if you think this color would look good on my door….my house is a red/orange/brown brick ranch?? I will try to attempt to paste some pics of the brick…………..ok I tried but am not able to…….is there another way I could share those with you?? I am terrible at picking outside colors for my house and am in need of help with my door


    • Beth says

      Hi Danielle,
      Unfortunately I don’t have all the names of the colors written down. I used a few Valspar sample colors and then a few blues that I had from previous projects. The key is to choose shades of the same color family. If you have red/orange brick, I think a blue door would look nice but the shade of blue is up to you. This is a good post on blue doors. The comments in the post show more pictures from homeowners: I hope this helps!

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