Silhouette Giveaway

Aw yeah baby, it’s that time of year again! It is time to try your hand at winning something that might just be on this year’s Christmas list! Today, I have the privilege of giving away a brand new Silhouette Portrait. It might only weigh 3.5 lbs, but it packs a powerful punch when it comes to crafting!

For those of you unfamiliar with the Silhouette Portrait, this fantastic little machine allows you to cut any font or design from your PC or Mac to use in countless projects. The computer software needed is included with your Silhouette Portrait. I adore my Silhouette and have used it for years. I especially love that I can use my own fonts and graphics and can also purchase inexpensive graphic designs online from the Silhouette store. Below is a small sampling of projects that other talented bloggers have created using their Silhouettes. So cute!

Collage via IHeartNaptime

And how adorable are these paper ornaments? I need to purchase this graphic for some additional ornaments for my boys’ tree this year.

silhouette christmas ornaments

If you’d like to enter the giveaway, please follow the directions in the widget below. Good luck!

Silhouette Portrait™

The Silhouette Portrait™ is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing it uses a small blade to cut paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more up to 8″ wide and 10 feet long. The machine also has the ability to register and cut printed materials.


  • Silhouette Portrait™ electronic cutting tool
  • Silhouette Studio® software for Windows XP and higher, and Mac® OS X 10.6.8 and higher
  • 50 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 8″ cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store
  • Basic Instruction Guide

MSRP $199.99

I’ll announce the winner on midnight on Thursday night for BLACK FRIDAY! I’ll also be announcing a blow out sale at Silhouette! So if you don’t win you can jump on purchasing one for Christmas using coupon code A2Z.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Here are some other bloggers that are also giving away Silhouette’s this week! You can enter each giveaway for even more chances to win! Eek!

Tatertots and Jello – Tuesday


  1. says

    I’m so excited about this contest! I would love a Silhouette but have never been able to justify the expense ;) (at least to my husband). I’ve been obsessed with making etched glass containers lately and this would come in handy…

  2. TaraO says

    Awesome giveaway! I’d first make some labels for organizing my home (using the vinyl). And then I’d use it to it out the alphabet to help my daughter learn her letters.So many ways to use it!

  3. says

    Beth, this is the only item on my list! Thank you so much for this giveaway. I would use it for pillows and signs and I’m sure many other projects. x

  4. Meagan says

    I would die to have this. I’ve been using and old school cricut from like 5 years ago and just this weekend needed to do some crafting for my daughter.s Hello Kitty b-day party. This would give me so much more flexibility and options over what I have now.

  5. says

    What a great giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed I win! Would love to make a stencil for a sign out of old barn wood first….then the possibilities are endless it seems. Have wanted one of these for quite some time.

  6. says

    Woooow! Amazing giveaway! I would love to have one of this for my handmade greeting cards and wall decals and other handmade stuff for the home!

  7. Kim C says

    I would dearly love to win one of these! I would love to start making subway art and other text
    projects without having to use my copier to print then transfering to stencil plastic, hand cutting
    then stenciling. What a huge time saver this would be! I hope I win!

  8. Becca says

    I would probably make Christmas gifts with this first…but then use it to create some cute things I’ve seen on Pinterest.

  9. Louise Hughes says

    I would make paper garlands. I have been restricted by my limited collection of punches, and it would be great to have access to an infinite number of shapes.

  10. Lisa McD says

    stencils to etch glass ornaments, subway art, gift tags, “frame” for my daughter’s full-length wall mirror, monogram for front door, etc etc etc :)

  11. says

    I have been wanting to add typography to a pallet creation I made this past summer, but using Word on my computer just isn’t enticing me to finish it. :) This would be perfect to complete the project, and I’m sure start many more! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Barbara Ullman says

    My granddaughter and I would be able to make wonderful and special crafts together — what a way to make memories

  13. says

    Oh what a generous giveaway. I think I have entered every single time Silhouette gives one of these away. . perhaps this is the one :) I still want to cut out vinyl birds and put them on the door frames and window sills and baseboards of my home. . they would make me smile everytime I walked by.

  14. says

    I have a window that I plan to hang in my family room. I will be painting it with milk paint for a chippy look and would love to etch the window panes with the word “GATHER” . The Silhouette is on the top of my Christmas. My daughters and I could make the most amazing projects together! : )

  15. Homes says

    I would so love a Silhouette! I would make labels for all my pantry goods – kind of boring and predictable, but right now they’re just Scotch tape and pen – not good!

  16. Denise from Savannah says

    I’ve been holding off buying a Silhouette, but am anxious to get started using the free shapes I’ve been saving for months … thanks for the contest!

  17. Georgene says

    I would love to start in my twin grandson’s room and make some beautiful wall decals…then I would be inspired to decorate for friends and family!

  18. Andrea says

    I would use the silhouette for SO many things! Making party decorations for my kids’ birthdays, Christmas decor, fall/Halloween decor & the list goes on and on! Thank you so much for this giveaway!

  19. Lesley says

    Fantastic opportunity daughter would love this too.. Can’t wait for the silhouette sale ;) Happy Thanksgiving x

  20. Johanna De La Cruz says

    I’ve just started getting crafty and would love to win one of these! I envision homemade cards, birthday decorations(no more free-handing it!) and so much more! Thanks for putting this contest on!

  21. cindi pate says

    Gee – I can’t think of one thing to do with that little gadget – NOT! This thing could help me make many of my gift ideas.

  22. Jennifer O. says

    What a great giveaway!! I would love to have a Silhouette for scrapbooking, but I have seen so many new crafty ideas to use it for on several blogs, one being these beautiful glittery snowflakes for decorating at Christmas….they were gorgeous!!!

  23. says

    Just one?? Eek, I can’t narrow it down! I’ve been dreaming up a million fun projects that would be so much easier if I had one!

  24. Lindsey Lankey says

    I have so many fun gift ideas!!! I am hoping I win so that I can make a custom wedding picture for some friends!

  25. Amber says

    I would cut out shapes to put on quilt. I have been meaning to make a turtle quilt and the silhouette would make it so much easier.

  26. Annie says

    I would make stenciled onesies for my friend who’s having a girl in March! Also fabric appliques, and paper ornaments, and any seasonal decorations… Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  27. says

    I’d use it to make pillows, signs and pretty little things for gifts etc… AND to create stencils for my furniture projects. I have wanted one of these adult and haven’t been able to justify the cost with our other obligations right now. Thanks for the opportunity!

  28. vickie says

    Girlfriend Gifts!! Large glass cylinders with their initial or last names on them so they could use it for any season.

  29. teri says

    Yes indeedy. This machine would be working overtime for me due to my font fanaticism.
    Thank you Beth and Silhouette for the opportunity to win.

  30. Marie Livingston says

    Oh My! What to make? I’ve wanted a silhouette for so long as part of my crafting/DIY arsenal. Just the idea of being able to cut out fonts makes me swoon!

  31. KC Torta says

    I would love to have this to create holiday FUN all over my walls!! I’d also probably share the joy with my learning-to-craft girls – they would have a blast personalizing all kinds of surfaces!

  32. Christe says

    I’d love the silhouette! I have two girls so between the three of us we love doing crafty stuff! It’d be a great addition to our craft room! We’d never come out!!!

  33. Marie McConnell-Alkire says

    I would love to use it in scrapbooking but I would also like to use it to decorate some of my granddaughters things!!…Tks for the chance to win

  34. Cindy Lynn says

    I would LOVE to win! I would be one crafting lady making lots of the goodies I see on my favorite DIY blogs, from cards, nativity blocks & so much more! Thank you! Cindy Lyy

  35. judi says

    Love it! I’d get busy crafting cute Christmas decor. Would love to share it at my neighborhood crafting party….let everyone in on the fun! Thanks!

  36. Kim Bond says

    I’d start by making cute labels for all my pantry containers and then start making gifts for all the high school seniors I know who are heading off to college! :)

  37. Gloria says

    So many wonderful projects I’ve wanted to do but didn’t have a Silhouette! I would finally have motivation to tackle those organizational projects that need labeling.

  38. Lindsey Ryan says

    I have at least 10 projects pinned from another one of my favorite blogs…shanty 2 chic…that requires this amazing tool!!! I would do so much with it!!!

  39. Maggie G says

    I’d start out with labels, but hopefully move on to vinyl, etc!! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  40. Kristy says

    Oh man. There’s so much I want to create with a Silhouette! Decals for the house we’re moving into in December, gift boxes for Christmas, an advent calendar, and cards! Unfortunately yet again, we can’t afford to make this purchase so I will keep dreaming until we can get one. :)

  41. Chelle says

    I’d love to win this, I can’t begin to list all the fun projects I would do! Thanks for having this!

  42. Mollie says

    This is on my wishlist this year, so I would LOVE to win it! I would make personalized greeting cards for family and friends near and far all throughout the year with photos of my little boys so everyone can see how they are growing!!!

  43. Joy says

    I have been looking at the Silhouette for some time now. I have so many ideas that I would like to try out using a Silhouette. C’mon good luck Monday! :-)

  44. Sue says

    I would love to make personalized artwork for my home. I have been drooling over this gadget for years. :)

  45. Christy Thompson says

    Right now, the thing that is on my mind is fall leaves. We have the tradition of writing things we’re thankful for on leaf shapes during the month of November and sticking them to the wall to remind us of all our blessings. I’ve been cutting them out by hand and so the Silhouette would be such a hand saver! I’d also love to use it for Christmas projects, gift ideas and trying to get caught up on my scrapbooking once the holidays are over! This would be AWESOME!

  46. kristin says

    If I got this I would finish my room and start turning the second bed room in to a nursery! And I would let my sistersand mother add extra fun to there houses and use it this year for our cards and tree.

  47. says

    There are so many things I would make with a Silhouette! The first thing I would probably make is some cute chalkboard labels for some bins in my daughters’ bedroom.

  48. Aimee Lyman-Vingless says

    I would love to have this machine because I’ve been handcutting my own stencils for projects and this would make things so much easier! Silhouette has been on my wish list for awhile and winning it would be amazing :]

  49. says

    This would be the best Christmas gift ever! I’m a photographer and I love creating awesome little things for my clients. This would turn into a great business tool for me.

  50. Erica says

    Wow! What an amazing machine!!! Stencils for etching glass and personalizing crafts and gifts is what I would use it for ;) Thanks for offering this as a giveaway!

  51. Julia says

    Definitely on my Christmas wish list! So many Christmas crafts could come from this little machine!

  52. Loriann says

    I’d love to win one!! Want to decorate everything with vinyl…I’d probably start with tumblers!

  53. Trisha says

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I would absolutely love this for making personalized birthday gifts for my friends and family!

  54. Lauren :) says

    I’ve been swooning over the silhouette productsfor over a year now, but never been able to fit the expense into my college student budget :) i have a million and one ideas of projects I’d go for- starting with stencils.

  55. Diann says

    This is one of the coolest crafting tools out there! I would love, love, love to own one of these beauties! Thanks for the great giveaway! I would start with wall vinyl and then go to things with fabric. So fun!

  56. Carol Long says

    I would love to own one of these. Many times the crafts I make would be much simpler with a silhouette machine. Hope I win it but regardless, thanks for the opportunity.

  57. Beth says

    I would LOVE a Silhouette!!! I love crafting, and I am trying to keep it up, even with two little ones (2 years and 14 months). It keeps me sane…

  58. Kelli Wood says

    I could make all kinds of things!!! We just got a new place and the walls are bare! I would love to make some cute decorations for Christmas and I would love to make a sign for my kitchen!

  59. Samnang Schultz says

    I haven’t started on my Christmas decorations yet so if I win one, ornaments will be the first project.

  60. Jacqueline Partridge says

    I would love to use this to make the letters for my birthday calendars for my family christmas presents. I would also love to make vinyl wall art and other house decorations.

  61. says

    I am just dreaming of winning a Silhouette…I think I might make a card first, but there are so many amazing ideas…I definitely need to make a laundry room sign!

  62. Kim W says

    I think that I would try to make some labels for organizing my pantry and for some baskets in a linen closet and office.

  63. Laura says

    I have been waiting for a Silhouette for forever. I never win. I really hope I do. Its amazing the things that can be created with it.

  64. Gaye Phillips says

    Ohhh… I would love to win the Silhouette giveaway! What an early Christmas surprise that would be!

  65. Susan J says

    What an amazing giveaway!!! I would love a Silhouette, but can’t justify the expense. I have a file of ideas for when the time comes and I get one!

  66. Wende says

    Fantastic Giveaway. Would love to try the Silhouette, possibilities are endless. Thanks for the chance to win.

  67. deede says

    I’d make some wooden signs, and some vinyl designs for my walls and some iron-ons for my grandsons’ t-shirts. Oh, thanks for the great giveaway!

  68. Jessica says

    I would love one of these so that I can make decorations for my DIY wedding. I can’t afford an extravagant wedding, but I have found so many cute ideas online to make for a cheap but classy wedding!!

  69. Carole Beseler says

    I would make; curtains, and table runners, and place-mats, and signs on canvas and gifts and quilts and……

  70. Dana says

    I have been wanting one of these, or the Cameo, for awhile now…just waiting on the price to go down! :) I like it so much better than the Cricut!! Good luck to all!

  71. amie mendenhall says

    ahhh!! amazing contest. I’d probably make something for our nursery wall. baby decor is always THE cutest.

  72. Jeanette says

    I’ve been wanting one to cut stencils for my wood sign projects. It would be so much easier than making patterns, tracing and then painting free hand!

  73. Angel says

    I want to incorporate some of my late Dad’s old hand-written sermons into my decor. I have ideas for this!!!

  74. Erin says

    I would use this to make tons of stuff – Christmas decor, items for our church’s women’s retreat, the possibilities are endless!

  75. Mary Ann says

    What a great product; I would take this to the Christmas edition of our Sisters Craft Night! Thank you!

  76. Alissa says

    I would love to use the Silhouette to try some vinyl designs. I love that you don’t need cartridges.

  77. Victoria says

    I’ve had the Silhouette on my list for over a year now, but having 3 Cricuts I can’t justify the expense. But, I would love to win it and make the Christmas ornaments. I have seen so many wonderful products using this machine, I’ve just got to have it!!! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to win it.

  78. Chris N says

    I’d like to make some stencils for pillows, etc. Also I have a friend who is a great designer – in fact she is just about to go back to school to get her degree. I know she would love to borrow the silhouette to work on some of her projects.

  79. Soji Larson says

    Craft possibilities are endless. I’d do vinyl lettering, fabric crafts, projects for church, etc.

  80. says

    I would use it to do all the crafty things I see on other blogs – I’d really love to try out making a pillow design of my own!

  81. Karen H. says

    My daughter is getting married in April and we have so many things we could use the Silhouette to make if we owned one!

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  82. says

    I love to create signs and decorate plates. My friends have been encouraging me to start selling some of them at craft shows and this baby would really help that little dream come true.

  83. says

    My sister and I have a vintage repurposing biz, and this would help us make some AWESOME signs on windows, greeting cards, buntings… SO many ideas!!

  84. Lena says

    I want to create decals for our soccer team and then start looking what I can do for christmas presents.

  85. Tracie Wyckoff says

    I have way to many projects to list, but I would start with Christmas cards, then work my way down the list. Thanks for the chance to win

  86. Leslie Galloway says

    Those ornaments are too cute! I’d like to make a banner for the mantle… probably NOEL or LET IT SNOW.

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  87. says

    oh my goodness so excited :) Best. Giveaway. EVER.

    I have scrapbooked for years, but when the Sizzix, and then the Cricut, and now this came out I got overwhelmed and shut myself out of everything because it was so hard to keep up with how fast the industry was exploding. THEN I got on Pinterest, and realized just how far behind the times I was! LOL Now, not knowing how to get into this whole DIY thing.. I’ve wondered which is the best new tool for DIY home decor/craftiness/scrapbooking to invest in.

    LOVE what you’ve done here – Can’t even COUNT the ways I’d use it! From labeling my baking products to my canning jars, to my home made signs and all that jazz…. I’m giddy with anticipation!

  88. kim-the-girl says

    I would love to make my mom a silhouette portrait Christmas ornament with each of her 20 grandkids!

  89. Desiree says

    I would love the Silhoutte to make all kinds of crafty stuff. I think I would start with a sign I’ve been wanting to create!

  90. Jessica Gourley says

    labels labels labels?! we are diy-ing all of our christmas gifts so it would be great to have the Silhouette! :)

  91. Sandy Folan says

    This would be an awesome Christmas gift for my sister who makes cards for everyone for the holidays.

  92. Geri-Lynn says

    Thank you for offering this giveaway. Hope I win. I have a few things I want to make for my first nursery.

  93. Georgina says

    I just started doing printed candles and this certainly would be great to making the designs perfect!

  94. Jenni says

    I’d LOVE to win one of these…I’ve been wanting to make some word art signs and this would make that much easier!!! :)

  95. says

    The possibilities are truly endless. I would like to print graphics on dictionary pages as my first project. Thanks as always for hosting Beth.

  96. Jen says

    I would make some pillows for Christmas gifts, add some vinyl lettering to my front door, ohhh the [possibilities are endless!!

  97. Kristin Smith says

    This is a stay-up-all-night, finally-create-some-stuff-I’ve-pinned, homeschool mom’s, young women leader’s dream come true! I’m giddy about this giveaway plotting which projects to complete first! The pantry labels, signs for the Fall Festival, custom popcorn boxes…Our family makes one another’s Christmas gifts every year–I’ll definitely be the cool one with this nifty tool!

  98. says

    I would make something for my daughter’s wall – she’s been begging for some wall art. Or maybe do some glass etching. It would make some pretty cool Christmas gifts!

  99. Sandy Connors says

    For right now I would make Christmas decorations and tags. For the rest of the year I’d use it for scrapbooking, making cute decorative signs and whatever else I can find to make on pintrest.

  100. maura says

    i would love to help my kids with their school projects and make some cupcake holders for my grain free cupcakes! Thanks for the giveaway beth!

  101. Teela Falgoust says

    I would love to win the Silhouette so that I could make all of the beautiful things that I see others make using it. I’d love to make some vinyl words to put on glass jars in my kitchen.

  102. Eve Thomas says

    I would love to create something spectacular instead of my usual plain jane. Maybe something Pinterest worthy

  103. Karen J says

    Let’s see.. pantry labels, etched glass, vinyl words, appliques and the list goes on and on. Can’t forget stencils so I can paint a couple pillows.

  104. Maggie says

    I have been saving all this scrap wood for projects, would love to win to actually be able to create them!

  105. Tammi Schneiderman says

    I would do a bunch of vinyl letters/words on glass in frames, chalkboard pieces, and labels for jars. I also etch on casserole dishes.

  106. says

    Thanks so much for sponsoring this giveaway. Although I’m not real familiar with the Silhouette, I’m loving what I’m seeing! This would be great for those pillow designs that are stuck in my head and I’ve also been wanting to make some rustic wood signs.

  107. kaye shaw says

    I would make some sets of greeting cards as simple gifts, and then make a few baby shower cards for upcoming babies!!!

  108. Deborah D. says

    My favorite thing to make with my Cameo is vinyl decor.

    I actually want to win the Silhouette Portrait for my sister!

  109. Alyson K says

    I want to make cute Christmas gift tags first. Then, I’ll make everything I’ve ever wanted to but couldn’t.

  110. Theresa Nichols says

    OMG! There’s so many things to make. Next month my daughter is getting married – this would be a dream to cut out favor tags, table #s, monograms, stencil for photo booth backdrop (chandeliers :)… mind is overwhelmed with creativity!

  111. Gina says

    Two words. Wall. Art. I love love love the idea of having the ability to put up cute stuff, take it down, and slap something else up at my whim. With a silhouette, that’s much more likely to happen.

  112. Erin K says

    I’m so excited for this give away! I have a whole list of projects just waiting for me to get a hold of a Silhouette =] Thanks for the give away!!

  113. Kathryn C says

    Would love to win this – have wanted a Silhouette for EVER! I already have about a million things planned to make with it, but maybe first project would be some cute gift tags for Christmas presents.

  114. says

    Oooh, if only! What an awesome giveaway! I would etch my Pyrex sets right away and create some vinyl decor for my new niece or nephews nursery. :-) Thanks for sharing!!

  115. beth says

    The ideas are endless. This is on my Christmas list for sure…but if Santa comes early that would be even better!

  116. Lauren Kurtz says

    the first thing i would make is the christmas vinyl decorations that i’ve been dying to make!

  117. JanetC says

    I can no longer work, due to surgeries in the last ten years. So to keep myself busy I’ve taught myself to knit, I’m learning how to sew. I’m pretty sure the Shilouette would be a great addition to my new love of crafting & home decor obsession.

  118. Sarah says

    Oh, what wouldn’t I make? gift tags, fabric cutouts for pillows, subway art… It’d be tough to choose which to do first!

  119. Ashley Holden says

    I would love to win a Silhouette to make some awesome vinyls for decor and wooden block nativities.

  120. says

    My very first project would be to turn the nursery at our church into a more “grown-up” children’s lounge. We would like to replace the old teddy bear wallpaper border with some really cool vinyl animal silhouettes (think modern Noah’s ark).

  121. says

    I have a few Christmas gifts in mind that I’d like to use this for. One is an appliqued t-shirt for one of my favorite little guys and I also want to do a tote bag for my one of my best girlfriends. Of course both were inspired by Pinterest :)

  122. Naomi says

    I do a lot of papercraft and this would make things so much easier! Plus it’d make crafts for the kids easier too! and of course so many more things!

  123. Lynda Dishner says

    Would love to have a chance to make anything. I love crafting and diy projects. Thanks for a chance.
    Blessings, Lynda

  124. Jennifer Bush says

    I would LOVE to win one of these! I’ve been coveting one for a long time. Oops, coveting. Can’t help it. Would love to have one to make signs, pillows, labels, you name it. I don’t even know where I’d start!!

  125. says

    I have a Cricut but hardly ever use it, this seems way more convenient and fun to use. This would help me with crafts around the house and also my Etsy shop!

  126. Tami says

    I would love to win this!! Labels to help organize my whole house and I’m sure many other things too.

  127. Janine M. says

    There are so many projects! I have a whole new house to decorate. Cutting fabric, making labels, charts, everything possible! Really hope I win one!!

  128. Kristina Fisk says

    I would like to try my hand at a bar wood sign with a saying…I’d also like to make a vinyl welcome sign for my front door….among other things.

  129. Amy says

    I’ve wanted a large tree on my living room wall for years. This would be the first thing I would do if I won. Thanks for a chance.

  130. Kelly S. says

    There are so many things I’d like to make. New wall art for my living room, Christmas decor, etched glass canisters for my kitchen. A wall decal for my front door. Appliqued purses. Holiday cards. Pick me! ;)

  131. Sandy A says

    I have so many projects I could use this for–Christmas Cards, Vinyl Projects, Scrap booking and so much more…

  132. lesley says

    sorry I posted a comment earlier but I didnt say what I’d make with the Silhouette..please delete my earlier comment if encessary ..

    I’d create a vinyl welcome sign and door numbers for my front door if I was fortunate enough to own the Silhouette Portrait, what a great giveaway

  133. Jennifer K. says

    There are so many things I would do but my first thing would be to use it for letters and to monogram items for Christmas gifts (especially teacher gifts). This would be the perfect Christmas gift!

  134. Fonda says

    Pick me, Pick me!!!! Hmmmm……the first thing I would make?? EVERYTHING!!! I am always printing letters or words off my printer then comes the tedious work of cutting it to make a ‘stencil’ for all my wood crafts!!! Next vinyl stencils for my glass etching!!!! This has been on my wishlist from the first moment I heard of the Silhouette machines!!
    Thanks for the chance to win this awesome machine!!!

  135. Carolyn says

    Winning this would be a dream come true! I have been drooling over the Silhouette, but just can’t spend the $ on myself right now.

  136. Lindsey says

    I’ve been wanting to make a big sign with our family rules on it. (Except the rules are hilarous and not the typical ones). But really, if I had this awesome tool I would use it for all kinds of fun. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  137. Rebecca says

    I would be making a lot of vinyl sayings… all the ones that i have saved in a folder for someday i want to buy, well with this i can just make them =)

  138. Angela Adair says

    Wow…I have really been racking up so many things craving a chance to win one!! First, we are making an indoor playhouse for my kids for Christmas, I would love to create birds, lettering, flowers, and all sorts of fun things. Then labeling bins for storage. A growth ruler for my kids, seasonal crafts, storage labels for my kitchen: kitchen-aid, flour, sugar, etc. I just could go on and on…yet I am too excited for the possibilities!!

  139. says

    I want to make so, so, so many things! To start with, I would make fun gift tags for Christmas. And then follow that up with some great thank you cards.

  140. Jamie Larsen says

  141. DJ says

    I have heard many great things about the Silhouette from the blogging community. I would love to explore its many uses.

  142. Jessica Christensen says

    I want to win so that I can make decorations for my little man’s playroom and make super cute cards to send to people!

  143. Kris in Alaska says

    I can see me making all kinds of vinyl projects for every holiday for my large picture windows!

  144. Alexandra says

    I would cut all sorts of vinyl, stencils, fabric. I have tons of ideas I just hate to bug my neighbor and always use hers. My own would be great!

  145. Heidi V says

    I’d love to make so many things: gifts for everyone, vinyl for my walls, labels for everything in my house, tattoos and shirts for my kids, the list could go on and on!!

  146. Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper says

    I love the crafts that can be made with their great machine! I really hope I win! I can’t wait to try things with vinyl.

  147. Erin says

    I’d make cards and vinyl cutouts to decorate my home! I guess the question is, what wouldn’t I make with it!

  148. Kellie H. says

    Neat giveaway! I would love to use this bad boy for a variety of craft projects. Thanks for hosting this!

  149. Jenni says

    This is at the top of my wish list. I would love to make some Christmas decorations I have been seeing on Pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  150. Kriste says

    I would make goodies for my new baby due in Feb and my 2 year old daughter. Oh the possibilities are endless!!

  151. Caitlin Walthert says

    I would love to win one, so I can finish my daughter’s baby book. She is turning 3 this week, it would be a great gift (for mom haha).

  152. Rebecca Justice says

    Wow what a great giveaway! I would love to make homemade christmas cards for my friends and family!

  153. terri pernosky says

    Snowflakes, lots and lots of snowflakes, glittery sparkley snowflakes. Would love to win,that way I would not covet others Silhouette

  154. Judy says

    I would love to make a shabby sign for my sunroom, and some subway art, and would monogram everything that didn’t get away from me!

  155. says

    I know I’ll be disqualified coz I don’t live in the US but I just wanted to share that I bought one sometime ago and only got to use it for one project. Then it broke down and I couldn’t get it fixed because there were no service centers here in the UAE. I lost my money and I couldn’t afford to get it shipped back to the US for repairs and then pay again for return shipping. now there are so many projects I wished I could do like making decals for the house or screen printing patterns for some gifts I want to make. Wished silhouette would have a branch here in Dubai soon.

    I’ve been posting this comment on most silhouette giveaway posts hoping silhouette America will listen to my pleas…

  156. Kristy Skoy says

    I would like to make a sign that I designed and hang it in my home for Christmas! I would love to win one so I can make this sign!

  157. DiAnne says

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    This will definitely make crafting so much easier!….not to mention Christmas decorating, home decorating…..etc..

  158. sarah mcguire says

    I would love to use this for cutting vinyl. I have a few vintage windows that need some flare!

  159. Sheena says

    I have some signs for my laundry room I’ve been wanting to make as soon as I win one of these awesome little machines!

  160. Jessica Wohld says

    This is so generous of Silhouette! If I were to win the Portrait I would most likely start out by making my toddler a few busy bags and books to entertain herself with while I teach her big brothers. Fun!

  161. Jill Frankenfield says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! I would LOVE to be the proud owner of a Silhouette Cameo! I have a list a mile long what I need, yes, NEED, to make on one of these babies! Never owned any type of cutter before, so anything not standing still too long in my home would become ‘Silhouette-a-fied’, including the dog and cats! Maybe even the hubby (if I can catch him)! Thanks, again, and have a wonderful holiday season!

  162. Wendy Lynch says

    I’ve been wanting to try my hand at the vinyl. Seems to really be popular these days. I’ve also been thinking about what I could make in multiples – like pencil toppers, cupcake picks, that kind of thing. Really the possibilities are endless! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  163. Tricia says

    We just moved into a new apartment, and I’d love to use the Silhouette to make labels for my pantry, maybe a wall cling, matting to frame our pictures, and the list goes on. :)

  164. Janelle says

    The first thing I would make with my new portrait is gift tags for all my gifts and baked goods I will be giving this year.

  165. Grace says

    Ok I’ll bite…even though I have never ever won any of these giveaways after entering several hundred!
    It would be nice to win this and label everything in my house……………..

  166. Dawn says

    Oh the things I could create with 1 of these machines! <3 I have always wanted a machine like this, but raising 3 kids in this economy is hard enough…we definitely can't afford to buy 1 right now! I am in the middle of re~doing a space in our basement for my craft room & could make some crazy cute labels for everything! =)

  167. says

    I’m real big on monogramming right now, so I’d whip up some type of tee or glassware, just something with a monogram! How exciting – I hope I win!!!!

  168. Jeanne J says

    I would use the Portrait to finish the scrapbook I am making for my brother and new sister-in-law for their Christmas gift.

  169. Rebekah says

    Gift tags, labels, stencils, appliques for quilting … oh the many things I would do! What an awesome giveaway! Hope to win!

  170. Natasha says

    I can’t decide what I’d make first! I want to make fake tattoos, etched dishes, vinyl wall decor, and I’m a scrapbooker. I could stay in my craft room for days! Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. Amanda Estroff says

    I would create vinyl decals, customized shirts for my son, glitter decorations, scrapbook pages. The possibilities are endless

  172. Racheal says

    I want to create anything Christmas right now! Christmas crafts are overflowing in my mind right now!! This would be amazing to win!!

  173. Karen says

    Great giveaway! We have a home business and the first thing I’d make is a window cling for it to go on my car window! – Karen

  174. tina says

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  175. Audrey says

    I would love to win a Silhouette to dress up our Army issue house and turn it into a home :) The possibilities would be endless!

  176. Hilary Kent says

    labels for my 80+ spice jars that currently reside lid side up (and therefore unidentifiable) in our new house

  177. patti says

    Since it’s so close to Christmas I’d make ornaments for the tree and then gifts for family and friends!

  178. Holly says

    I would like to make all of my Christmas presents for my family this year if I won the Silhouette.

  179. Mindy Gardzinski says

    Dear Silhouette Santa,

    Mommy would like to have this machine to make us some really cool tshirts with vinyl designs

  180. Cara says

    First, thank you Beth and Silhouette for the giveaway! My first project would be to create personalized signs for friends and family for Christmas…from there, the possibilities are endless, but I’m looking forward to creating stencils! Good luck to all!

  181. Laura Patterson says

    My list of what I want to make is so long, but I think I would start with Vinyl lettering for my house!

  182. Stephanie Scott says

    Oh man if I won I would first make some labels for around my house to help organize things! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  183. Colleen Farias says

    I have a three little boys….3, 2 and 12 weeks…so the possibilities with this machine are endless!

  184. Abby says

    The first project I would do is tackling DIY projects (especially signs) for my upcoming nupitals. Next up would be creating new throw pillows for my living room!

  185. says

    I couldn’t believe it when I opened the email and found the blog post. I’ve just spent the day looking at and researching the Silhouette products. I am just starting a new business and I am looking for a small cutter that will work on vinyl to make decals. I love that I can use my own designs and fonts.

  186. Joyce says

    Oh goodness, there are so many things I’d cut with this! I was just looking last night for info on which brand to buy. Right now, I would do New Years 2013 numbers for my front door.

  187. says

    I HAVE BEEN WANTING ONE FOR SO LONG! THIS WOULD MAKE MY YEAR! I would craft everything under the sun, I would probably sleep with it under my pillow. haha but for real! I would make pretty things & blog about my adventures with it :) xx Liz Marie

  188. June says

    Cards!!! And LOTS of decorations!!! Wall Decals for my children’s bedrooms….lots of stuff!! lol

  189. Susan F. says

    Wow what a cool giveaway. I just started following your blog about 2 months ago. My friend has a cricut. This sounds better for me. ;)

  190. says

    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity to win a Silhouette Portrait! With Christmas around the corner there are so many fun ways to use it to make gifts and decorations! :)

  191. Olga says

    Yes, I am so grateful you are offering this giveaway!
    I am not a creative type, but I am learning from you!

  192. Laura says

    I have a laundry list of stuff I want to make. I think I would start with some Christmas decorations though- maybe a vase to start with.

  193. Melissa Stuart says

    I really want to make lots of Christmas gifts this year, but I’m looking most forward to some Christmas chargers to display in my dining room!

  194. Joyce says

    I need this so bad because my friends are tired of me saying, “Could you just cut this out for me?” I would make vinyl verses for the wall to sell for church and I need a large 2013 for my New Years party.

  195. Joyce says

    Woops, I thought my first comment didn’t work, now I see it. Could you please remove my duplicate? Sorry!!!

  196. Kimber says

    I’ve been wanting a silhouette for a while now!! It would be such a huge help with my craft projects! Hand cutting stuff is getting to be a pain (literately and figuratively).

  197. Lisa says

    I don’t have anything specific right now that I would make. But I do know that it would be nice to finally have an awesome machine like this to do most of my crafting for me so that I don’t have to do it all by hand! :)

  198. says

    Great giveaway!! Although I have many projects in mind if I were to win this Silhouette the first thing i would make would probably be personalized ornaments since it is Christmas time. Happy Holidays!

  199. Jackie says

    I’d love to make some vinyl decals for my son’s room, my upcoming baby’s room, and then the rest of my house! =]

  200. Tamboliya says

    I would like to win the Silhouette so that I can make stenciled letters of a song’s lyrics onto my square foot garden. :)

  201. says

    I need the silhouette to create some awesome stuff for my daughter’s wedding album…I’ve already cleared some space in my scrapbook room!!

  202. Katherine S. says

    I would love to make a window sign for my Grand daughter Gracie’s room. I am not too familiar with all they cand do but have been looking at more youtube vids all the time. Thanks for theopportunity to enter!

  203. Jackie B says

    Holy Hot Dogs! There are so many entries! I would love one of these. I have heard that you can make song lyric stencils. That would be soooooo cool!

  204. Melissa says

    I have SO many ideas to make with fabric and vinyl. My little girl’s room is screaming for some attention as well!

  205. Dawn says

    I would make me some Christmas ornaments for myself, family, and friends. So many ideas and running through my head.

  206. Laura Dalton says

    I rarely enter these giveaways but this one is perfect! Oh! Where would i st
    art? Probably stencils a table top.

  207. Jennifer says

    I’d make a new dress for my cousin’s newborn baby, with kittens imprinted all around because her name is Catherine!

  208. Mary says

    We are a homeschooling family and one of the methods we use is Lapbooking. This would be wonderful to use for the purpose. I also love to sew and can think of several projects right now that I would do using the Silhouette

  209. Pamela Spradlin says

    I would make something out of vinyl if I won the machine. I don’t have an electronic machine so the use of vinyl has me interested. I have seen people that have labeled their entire kitchen but I would love to put sayings on my craft room walls. Thanks for the chance to win.

  210. Erin W. says

    Christmas T Shirts for my neices!!! And then off to about a million other projects that I hace in mind for this little gadget!!

  211. Lacey Quebe says

    I recently started crafting. I would LOVE to try this out with fabric to really make some spectacular pillows!

  212. kristin says

    I would make labels, lots and lots of labels. And a million other things, too:-) Thanks for the chance!!

  213. Marilyn McAuley says

    stencils would be marvelous to make meaninful signs and sayings for gifts; then decals and all the creative opportunities available

  214. Joy says

    What project can’t be done without one of these fun little tools. Carding, scrap booking, craft projects, etc.

  215. Kathy says

    Some cute pillows would be my first project followed by all kinds of neat signs with beautiful graphics! Blessings!

  216. Jaylynn says

    I would love to cut some vinyl for my walls! And then I could move on to the million other things that I want to do! =)

  217. Becky says

    Sooo many projects I’d like to use the Silhouette for…subway signs, vinyl cutouts, scrapbooking, Christmas cards!

  218. Kacey says

    My first project will probably be a sign, either “home” for me or “you are my sunshine” for my niece

  219. Betsy H. says

    Flocked custom onesies :-D I’ve been waiting SO LONG to pull off SO many projects… but that’s FIRST on my silhouette list!

  220. Cindy says

    Oh, I really want to win this…the list of things I could do is endlless. First, I would start some Christmas crafts, such a cards and ornaments!.

  221. Dawn says

    I have seen so many awesome projects that are made with a Silhouette that I am jealous because I don’t have one!

  222. Nora Foutz says

    I would make Christmas cards first, then gifts and then a whole bunch of decor items. Thanks for the chance to win.

  223. Rosie says

    I’d start with typography for my walls… I have a saying I want to put up in my family portrait gallery. Then I’d move along to christmas decor. :)

  224. Sarina says

    The first project I would complete would be etched plates to serve the baked goods I give for the holidays. The recipients get the treats and the decorated plate to enjoy.

  225. says

    I can’t wait to make beautiful Xmas cards for my whole family and boyfriends family. It is my first xmas with them so I want to impress.

  226. Lee G says

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway! I would go nuts etching glass – jars, bowls, Pyrex, windows. My fingers are crossed!

  227. marlo boyce says

    Holy MOLY! The things I could do with scrapbooking would be just a start. I LOVE paper crafts. Especially this time of year. Start with some awesome treat/gift bags for my kids teachers and my neighbors. Always bake a little something and always give it to them in unique packaging. I would love to try this out.

  228. Rachel Tomsick says

    I would make zillions of garlands for friends and families using words of the season.. I would make fabric transfers, and cards and decals and oh my goodness! What wouldn’t I make!?

  229. Brooke U says

    My first project would be to cut out some letters for my Dec Daily. Thanks for the chance to win!

  230. kam says

    Hard to pick from the very looong list :) Probably something Christmas-y with the holiday just around the corner! And then maybe some art for our very bare walls. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  231. says

    Would love to win this Silhouette giveaway! I have a stack of vintage bleacher wood in my garage, and really want to make some signs with it. The Silhouette will make them so much easier to do. Not to mention, the many other wonderful craft ideas it can be used for! I would love to win your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. Cleo says

    I have always had a fascination with letters and print. I know I would make some totally awesome signs and posters for both work and play!

  233. Tracey says

    I would luv to gift this to my sister actually! She is amazing and I could never afford to buy this for her.

  234. Tricia says

    I want to give this to my crafty 18 year old daughter and enjoy her talent and creativity in our house!

  235. Stephanie Scott says

    I would first make some labels to help organize my house! Thanks for the chance to win:)

  236. Julie says

    I would LOVE to win a silhouette!!! It would help me scrapbook my missionary’s stories and send great missionary packages and cards :)

  237. Tanya P. says

    I would just LOVE to try lots of things with a Silhouette…especially something for Christmas with vinyl. Oh the dreams of the things I could do!!! :)

  238. carly dunavant says

    Oh my gosh, the possibilities are endless but I would start with making labels for my Homemade gifts for Christmas

  239. sheila b says

    wow! WOW!! would love to have one :) soooo many things i could do, but the first would be to make vinyl musical notes to put around my daughter’s room.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  240. says

    Wow…where to start! I would make stencils for glass etching, vinyl cutouts for my wall and for clothing, lots and lots of cutouts to use on my handmade cards…and…about a million more things! :-)

  241. Belinda Clear says

    I would first start by making all of the Christmas decorations to make our house feel like a home this holiday. From there I would finish my son’s Avengers room decor and be able to get my nice pile of pins completed that I’ve been saving up for when I own the Silhouette!

  242. Laura Godi says

    If I had a silhouette I would make so many things… from custom shape note cards, to custom art!

  243. Pam says

    Fingers, toes and eyes are crossed. My first project will be to make snowflakes. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  244. Kara says

    I would make signs for my kids rooms and Christmas presents and some subway art for our entryway and gifts for friends and, and, and…the list goes on and on! I would LOVE one of these babies!!

  245. Rebecca Sinclair says

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I have eyed these silhouettes before, but the price was a little too high for my crafting obsession. I’d love to win one! ;)

  246. Megan Curtis says

    Making my wish list, checking it twice! And I’m making sure this makes the cut ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  247. Aimoku Higa says

    I have wanted a Silhouette for SO long and there are tons of projects I want to use it for! I’d make some vinyl stickers for the wall!

  248. Eileen says

    I’ve recently learned how to do glass etching. I would use this to make stencil to etch glass Christmas ornaments!

  249. Candace Paquin says

    I’d make all kinds of decor for my house and friends. I’ve been needing to design some cute packaging for my photography cds. Thanks so much for the chance!

  250. Carey Payne says

    I’m crossing my fingers for this one! I would LOVE to win this little jewel! Thanks for the giveaway!

  251. Lynda says

    I have just spent at least an hour perusing your blog! Those posts about the Homearama homes kept me glued to the computer. Now I really have to get to the grocery store….

  252. Linda says