5 Ways to Decorate with Neon

Neon is a hot trend in fashion and home decor this summer! If you were a child of the 80’s, you might shudder at the thought of a return to neon. Fear not my former jelly-shoe-wearing friends! Neo neon looks nothing like the eye-sores of our youth.

80's neon


The neon of today is modern and chic without looking garish. Let’s explore some fun tips and tricks on how to use neon in your home decor.

Pair neon with neutrals.


A neutral room is a fantastic backdrop for your bold pops of color. Let your neon take center stage by ensuring that the rest of the room is calm and subdued.

neon bed


Use neon in your “fun” rooms.


A craft room, playroom, or child’s bedroom is a fantastic place to play with color! I love this creative dinosaur garland created from plastic dinos spray painted in neon colors. Click on the link below the picture for the full tutorial on how to create your own.

neon decor


With neon less is always more.


When it comes to neon too much is not a good thing. Remember that you always want to have space in a room where your eye can rest and then be energized by your colorful focal points. In the picture below, the chandelier and glassware bring youthful spunk to an otherwise formal room.

 Elle Decor

Paint a door in a neon color.


This all neutral color palette comes to life when paired with a pop of highlighter yellow! Painting an interior or exterior door in a bright hue adds a touch of unexpected whimsy and interest to your space.

neon door

via ShelterPop

Ease into neon with small accessories.


If you are still feeling fearful of neon but would like to try it out in your home, why not purchase or create a few small accessories? Starting with a neon clock, vase, pillow, chair, or piece of art is a fun way to begin exploring with color.

collage by Beth source list of items pictured here

What do you think of the neon trend? Do you think you’ll try it out? If so, I’d love to hear how!

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  1. says

    I like neon in small doses. I was a child of the 80’s and definitely wore my share over my adolescent years! But as for my house, I’m thinking small bits would be good. Maybe a throw pillow, a pencil cup, or other small accessory. I doubt think I’d do anything like painting my woodwork or doors because I’d be afraid of getting sick of it too soon and want it back to normal. I’m also still trying to make my house mine instead of the previous homeowners, even after 5 years of living here… but I do like small pieces. Or maybe add it into my daughter’s room. I fun frame would be cute!

  2. kelly says

    i actually love it and i’m a child of the 80’s! i bought a neon pink shirt and came out and my kids said UM NO! i had to take it back they said way too bright!! :)

  3. says

    Nice round-up! At first I was surprised and not super excited about the neon trend, but now I think it’s kind of fun. I’m on board! I’ve used masonry twine from the hardware store to bring a couple small doses of neon into our house. I wrapped a clear cup with neon pink twine to hold pencils and wrapped some small branches with neon yellow twine. Easy, low-commitment projects–perfect for a trend :)

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