Barn Door Headboard {Master Bedroom Reveal}

I was so glad that the sunshine cooperated today, and I was able to photograph my new headboard for you! This barn door headboard was a collaborative effort between me and Matt for my birthday. I’ll give you the full tutorial on how it was made in another tutorial. Today is just about the eye candy!

When I hemmed my stenciled curtains, I had enough fabric left over to create some envelope pillow covers for my bed. I love them!


Over the weekend, I glued some brown ribbon around both lamp shades. It’s such a simple way to add some interest to a boring shade.

Do you see the cute chalkboard below? I just made that today with some unexpected materials. Tutorial to come later this week!

diy headboard

We had this verse in our wedding and I used to have it in vinyl above our bed in our first home. So sweet :).

I’m not crazy about the ikea dresser in the window but haven’t decided yet what I want to do with it. I’ll probably paint it but not sure yet what color.

And here is my view from the bed. I love my brick wall and my newly distressed dresser.

I still wanted to use the fabric that was previously in my windows so placed it on the side doors of my headboard.

diy headboard

I wish you could see it in person because my pics just don’t quite capture the entire feel of the room. I am in love with it!

**If you would like to see the tutorial on how we created the headboard, please click here.**

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  1. says

    Beth! It turned out gorgeous! Thank you for sharing all the great pics. I especially love the fabric in the panels on the side of the Barn door. Very sweet verse to have next to your bed too. We are gearing up to “redoux” our master bedroom too. I am so ready, but other parts of the house need our attention first. For now, I have to be content with a new Duvet cover, and half of a wall painted the color we settled on! Thanks for sharing!-K

  2. says

    Finally!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! Cute about your husband making for your bday :) Is the door part connecting to the long side pieces on each side ( I don’t know what you call them) or did you add them ? Is that fabric inside the squares? Looks cool! Job well done :)

  3. says

    I love it, Beth! The fabric in the door adds such a nice touch. Your pillows turned out very nicely; I’m guessing that these are some you mentioned that you actually sewed? :) Everything ties together so nicely, even the branch on your nightstand. Sweet dreams in your new bed!

  4. says

    I’ve been waiting for this day! (Not so patiently, mind you!) It’s incredible! Your bed demanded the height of that headboard. It’s perfect. Kudos, my girl! Love it!

  5. Cristi says

    I LOVE the curtains! And so want some just like them for my living room. I can’t remember if you stenciled these or if you bought them somewhere? If you bought them, any chance you would tell me where! :)

    • Cristi says

      Never mind…I just found it on your blog! Love them and will be doing some soon!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas! I just love them all! Such an inspiration place!

  6. says


    it looks wonderful. it makes such a statement.

    is that the frame you got a while ago at a FREE sale? i’m thinking i remember it, because i love all that detail.

    such a lovely bedroom.


  7. says

    wait. i should clarify…

    the frame around the chalkboard, is that what you got at the sale a while ago? duh. i guess i thought you should be able to read my mind.

    can’t wait for the tutorial on the barn door. awesomesauce!


  8. Kim B. says

    Hi Beth!! LOVE your headboard!! By the way, is your bedspread a bedspread or comforter cover?? LOVE it!! Did you make the matching white pillow or purchase with the cover? Also, I think you should paint your IKEA dresser the same green that is in your flower design above your bed to pull the color out even more :) BEAUTIFUL as always!

    • Beth @A to Z says

      Thanks Kim! The bedspread is actually a duvet from Anthropologie. The little pillow in front came from Target. And hmmmm on the dresser. No green in that flower pattern. It’s all tans, browns, and creams. Monitors can be silly sometimes, huh?

  9. says

    Your bedroom looks absolutely smashing. I love the juxtaposition of the rustic headboard and the glamorous duvet cover. And all the little details like the chocolate-brown ribbon on the lampshades and the single perfect hydrangea really make a difference. Is that the same brown bedskirt? If so, it must feel like it’s died and gone to heaven. If a bedskirt has feelings, that is.

    Gorgeous, Beth. Just gorgeous.

  10. says

    Hey, Beth!! As usual, I’m so behind in trying to keep up across blogland. I love your headboard makeover, just gorge girl! Your room is so pretty and cozy, I know you are enjoying it all. Those stenciled curtains are the bomb. I just finished a stenciled wall in my sister’s room and now am IN LOVE with stenciling!!

  11. says

    Wow! I am so jealous! Love the headboard, bedspread, pillows, dresser…um, so when am I moving in? lol Can’t wait to see how you did the headboard.


  12. Melanie says

    Suuuper cute. I love it. It was so great to talk to you today. It did my heart good. Thanks for always squeezing me in your busy schedule and never losing touch. You’re the best!

  13. says

    Oh Beth I LOOOOOVE this!! I love every detail from the headboard to the duvet….to the OMG brick wall ♥ to the frame and curtains! {sigh}

    Your curtains are exactly what I’m looking for, so now I’m off to try and find out more about them!

    Have a happy new year!!

  14. says

    Love the curtain/pillow fabric and can’t find the source on your site (although I’m sure it’s here somewhere!). Please share. Thanks! TJ

  15. Karen Rupert says

    Hi Beth … I absolutely love your style & ideas. When it comes to decorating I lean towards vintage/antique/shabby/country … have always been able to decorate my whole house with fabulous ideas, but when it comes to the bedroom I am stuck ??? I don’t know why or what that means but am working on it… I love your barn door headboard. I recently purchased an antique door that still has the original paint that was put on it way back when .. the paint has cracked and veined into an awesome patina. The color of the paint is a light teal/seafoam color … I would love to hear any ideas you might have on how to go about mounting the door on my king sized bed for a headboard and then decorating the rest of my room to coordinate with it and make it be the focal point of my room. My style/deco faves are old/vintage hat boxes, trunks, vintage bottles, antique wood boxes and such .. please reply with a few ideas to get me inspired & decorating with ease. Thank you soooo much !!!! karen rupert

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