How to Decorate Series {day 13}: Decorating with Moulding by Decor Chick

If you are just joining our How to Decorate {for the DIY’er} Series, welcome!  Miss a post? You can find all the entries for our series listed conveniently on one page here.

Welcome to lucky Day 13 of our How to Decorate Series! Today Emily the Decorchick is going to show us how to add architectural interest to our homes by adding moulding! Emily has been on a mission to redecorate her home this year and has taken us along for the glorious ride. Emily is going to be showing you many of her gorgeous rooms but I want to highlight some of her other fab projects.

Inspired by my faux coral, Emily made her own! Love the coral-colored coral :)!

You know how I feel about a gorgeous mantel and Emily’s never disappoint! Her summer mantel is perfection.

Decorating above kitchen cabinets can prove challenging. Emily just redecorated hers and they look uber fresh and chic.  Check out how she did it here.

The girl has skillz, I tell ya! And now she’ll show you just how deep they run. Take it away Emily!


Hi everyone! I’m Emily from Decorchick, and I’m so excited to be a part of Beth’s How to Decorate for the DIY’er series! Today I will be talking about one of my favorite ways to add tons of character and charm to your walls, and that is with moulding! All of the projects I will be showing you today are fairly simple to do, and very inexpensive. But the impact and satisfaction you get when done is so worth it.

Now, I am not an interior designer or some fancy smancy decorator, and never will claim to be. I’m just a girl (well, not the Just a Girl) who enjoys a pretty home and loves to do projects on the cheap, and then blog about it! But I also don’t mind saving up for good quality things too. You don’t have to have a fancy house to do any of these things. You can create a space you love without spending tons of money with these simple wall treatments I’m about to show you.

A reader favorite (and one of my favorites) is this simple faux wainscoting that I added to one of our main walls in the living area/entry. (Also, please note that when you click the links for the before and afters and tutorials, our house has changed a lot since then so visit the our home tab for more updated photos of our home.)

I also used that same technique in our dining room turned office.

One of the latest wall treatments I’ve done is a Paneled Wall in my Stepson’s room. And this only cost $40!

His room is just about finished and I can’t wait to show everyone the full reveal so stay tuned for that. :)

Another very simple way to add a little character is to add some beadboard to your bar area!

Oh, let’s not forget the staircase wainscoting

And a very simple Board and Batten treatment.

See, I have lots of different styles of molding/wainscoting going on in our home. But, I do it because I love it! Do what you love, not what you think everyone else will love. :)

I hope I’ve maybe encouraged you all to dress up your walls a little bit…especially if you have plain cookie-cutter builder walls like we do. Can you even imagine what our walls look like with nothing on them? B.O.R.I.N.G. :) And all of the hyperlinks I shared are tutorial posts so you can do any of these too!

Thanks so much for having me Beth, and I’d love for you all to visit my subscribe page so we can connect with each other!


Thank YOU Emily! I am a huge fan of board and batten, beadboard, and all forms of wainscoting. If you haven’t added these to your home and would like to, doing so is much easier than you might think. So how about you? Do you have a favorite architectural element in your home? Are you inspired to add one?

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    Thanks so much for having me Beth, it’s been a great series!! And wow, I think I need to insert just 1 more happy face into that post. So instead, I’ll do it here in the comments. :)

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    Perfect timing! I am attacking day 1 of the molding in my dining room today. This was a great way to jump start my day and add extra motivation. Great ideas and gorgeous pics! Ok I’m off to try and have a good day with my mitre saw and brad nailer. Woo hoo.

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    Emily is AMAZING! There are so many things I love about blogging and one of them is watching her home transform! See, I’m Emily’s sister in law. Last time I was in Houston her home looked pretty different from the way it does now. It’s been such a blessing to watch Emily turn her house into a home. It’s also been wonderful to watch Emily become a the equivalent of a FANCY SMACNY Interior Designer!! Thanks for having her over, Beth! :)

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