How to Make No-Sew Window Seat Cushions {craft room update}

My craft room isn’t quite finished yet, but I thought I’d show you the progress I’ve made since last week.

Over the weekend, I finished painting everything and made some cushions for the window seat. The foam (which is ridiculously expensive) came from Ollies at $5.99 a piece. (Note to self: Go into the foam selling business.) I have a hinged storage compartment in my window seat so decided to make three cushions out of five pieces of foam. I hot glued two cushions together to make the center cushion.

For the fabric, I found a blackout drape for $16 at a store called Gabriel Brothers.

It was so perfect with three layers of material already there for me! It had the top silk layer, a fleece layer that acted as my batting, and a bottom “sheet” layer.

I stuffed the foam into the curtain, folded the bottom layer over the cushion, and glued it right to the foam.

Then I flipped the cushion over and folded it like a present and glued it in place. Yep. Glued it. I love hot glue and have great success with it!

For the side cushions, I measured and cut the foam with scissors and glued the pieces together to make a one-pieceĀ cushion. Then, I repeated my method of folding and gluing the fabric into place and….

…voila! No-sew window seat cushions!

I’m still working on my pegboard and organizing the rest of the room and when it’s completely finished I will give you a full breakdown of where everything is from.

Here is a quick glance at the other side of the room.

With my left-over foam, I whipped up a little cushion for my temporary desk chair.

And here is one more look of how it is coming along! I’m loving it so far!

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  1. says

    AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You’re room is sooo pretty!!!! Mine’s a wreck! LOL tho I am getting a new desk soon so that is part of why things are scattered from their “homes”

  2. says

    This could not have come at a better time. I have to get a cushion for my bay window seat in my master bedroom! If I leave it “bare”, it gets junked up with book and other junky stuff! I wouldn’t dare pile stuff on it if it was as lovely as yours :)

  3. Afie McRae says

    Your room looks great! Please share how you made your bulletin boards with the beautiful blue fabric. I need me some of those! =)

  4. says

    Your craft space is looking great! It makes me think of an adult hideaway spot. I’ve always wondered why foam is so expensive. Your idea to glue your fabric to the foam is certainly easier than trying to sew a cover and then wrestle the foam into the cover.

  5. says

    Hi Beth-

    The space looks beautiful – so much personality. It is so nice when we can create a space of our own. The window seat is dreaming. I am sure you will be spending a lot of time here from now on.
    My best- Diane

  6. meghan says

    I love your pillow idea! I’m really crafty but have NO idea how to sew anything heavy duty so when I came across your blog I was SO relieved. I’ve got everything I need…except foam. For the life of me I can’t find anyone who sells it! I know you said Ollies but absolutely none of the places you mentioned on here sound familiar to me. I’ve tried looking online and still can’t find anything except mattress pads. Any ideas?

  7. Stephanie says

    So very cute!! And I love your ‘temporary’ desk’ve given it a great personality..can’t it stay?
    LOL! Love your ideas…discovered you while I was pinning on Pintrest…Smiles!!

  8. decoguy says

    This room looks great! I love the fabric along with the accents in your room its very elegant looking. Where is the rug from? I love the pattern!

  9. says

    I love this idea, only problem is my dog loves to sit at our window seat and watch the backyard. Is foam washable or is this a spot clean kind of thing regardless of the material used? Thanks for the great idea!

  10. suggybeth says

    Exactly what I was looking for! I can’t sew to save my life and I’ve spent hours on line looking for cushions for my new window seat. I couldn’t find anything I liked and I definitely wasn’t willing to pay the big bucks for custom cushions. I actually have a pair of drapes I am no longer using that will match my room perfectly. I’m going to try this, although I too am concerned about how I am going to keep it clean with 3 little kids in the house. I guess I can just keep re-hot gluing?

    • Beth says

      Yes, this isn’t a great option in a high-traffic area. My craft room window seat is typically only used by me and sometimes to read stories to the boys. So far the cushions have held up just fine but if your cushions will be used daily, you probably won’t be happy with the results.

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