DIY Faux Deer Head

Faux taxidermy, deer heads, and antlers have been an ongoing trend for the last 4 years or so. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, but I’ve always liked the look of the antlered creatures just not the price—or labor involved in creating my own. Most large white deer heads for sale range between $100-$250. Yikes! faux deer head

I considered paper-macheing my own for about a second, but elementary school flashbacks of nauseating glue and globs of wet newspaper haunted me. Let’s just say the “bowl” I made in Mrs. Peterson’s third grade class still traumatizes me. So I decided to “Sandra-Lee-it” and find a semi-homemade way of creating my own deer head for less.

Amazon sells this frighteningly realistic resin deer head for $50 including shipping.

$50 is still a lot for me to spend on one accessory, but I consider him an early Christmas present.

faux deer head diy

I couldn’t wait to paint him so he’d stop staring at me :). I used two coats of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in white and he looked fantastic. You could use any primer and white paint you happen to have on hand.

paint faux deer head

I wanted my deer to have brassy antlers, so I used Martha Stewart’s gilding liquid in brass. I also happened to have this on hand. For the same look for less money, you could use Rub ‘n Buff. I love both of these products!

gold antlers

And here is our reindeer looking magnificent after his makeover! For the scarf, I used the same technique that I used on my duct tape curtains.

Faux deer head


He adds some whimsy to our dining room and I just love him! I think I’ll enjoy him all year round :).

diy deer head faux


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  1. says

    Oh my gosh I have been looking for a large deer head like this to spray white!! $50 is WAY cheaper than the one’s I’ve been finding. Heading over to Amazon right now:) You did a beautiful job by the way:) So festive!!

    xo, amy

      • hausfrauChelsea says

        Good to know! I’ve been debating between that one and finding something larger to hang from my old fencing panel above the fireplace. Sounds like I need to do some size comparison before buying! Thanks!

    • Beth says

      Ha! I know my husband was. He was a tad worried about me when he saw the creepy dear sitting on the counter. He thought I might be entering into some bizarre “lodge decor” decorating stage ;).

  2. Nicole says

    Thank you! I am obsessed with deer this year for some reason and really wanted a resin-like white one. I bought a small sparkly one at Homegoods but I think I will try this out now too!


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