Fashion Friday: How to Tie a Scarf {Free Printable}

Last week I shared with you a bunch of inspirational fall outfits, most of which included scarves. Since some of you might not know how to rock a scarf, this week I’m passing along a free printable for you (found via Pinterest) that might help! Print it out, hang it in your closet, consult the diagram, and fear scarves no more! Enjoy!

You might also like to watch this video of me demonstrating how to tie my favorite scarf.

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  1. says

    Hi Beth, Your timing is perfect! Last month when we were in Italy I saw that almost every Italian woman wore a scarf. Of course I had to bring a couple of scarves home from our trip. Thanks for sharing and I am on my way to print it out.

  2. Beth @A to Z says

    Apparently this jpeg doesn’t print out on many printers because it is too long. So sorry! I’ll update soon with two pics that can be printed out and placed together.

    • Beth @A to Z says

      Hi Autumn,
      The reason you are taken over to the original source is because I deliberately linked to them. I will never try and steal others’ ideas or pics here on A2Z. As far as printing, the pic is too big to easily print on most computers. If you download it and resize it you should be able to print it out without a problem. Happy scarf tying!


      • Victoria says

        I’m positive that is Coldwater Creek”s scarf tying guide…I worked there as a visual lead for 5 years. It might still be possible to get a print out . If you live near a store you can ask an associate at that store if they have a copy of the guide. I used to print up copies and keep them on hand for when customers inquired about scarf tying tips :)

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