Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

Back in early October, I shared with you my love of using the sock bun curling method! Since that time I have received numerous emails and comments asking for more information on how to get your sock bun curls to look good. So for today’s fashion and beauty Friday post I thought I’d do a full tutorial! (Please forgive the grainy pictures. I was using my Mac camera for this post.)

Sock Bun Curls Tutorial

1. Start with clean fresh hair. It works best if your hair is still a bit damp after blowing dry; however, if your hair is too damp it won’t dry overnight and your curls won’t be pretty. I usually dry my hair until it’s just barely damp at my roots and underneath.

sock bun curls

2. Cut the toe off of two socks. Many have asked whether or not the type of sock makes a difference. Yes, it does. I use a pair of my son’s athletic socks because the elastic is good and they are smaller which works well for my very fine hair. If you use an old sock with stretched out elastic, your curls will be looser. A tighter, smaller sock will lead to tighter curls. I have also found that using TWO sock buns gives me a more evenly curled look.sock bun curls

3. Roll the “sleeve” of the sock down towards the open toe. Just keep rolling a nice neat smooth sock donut.

sock bun curl

4. When you’re done rolling your sock will look like a donut. Mmmmmmm….donuts.

sock bun curls

5. Pull the sides and top of your hair into a ponytail on the top (crown) of your head. 

6. To avoid a ponytail dent, be sure not to wrap the elastic too many times around your hair. I make the ponytail loose enough that I could wrap it at least another time or so.

sock bun curls

7. Use a hair styling aid before rolling it into a sock bun. You could use a styling aid before you dry your hair, but I prefer to just spritz a little hairspray on my ponytail before rolling. I spritz, brush it through evenly, and then place the ends through the sock.

sock bun curls

8. Place the ends of your hair through the sock donut hole and “curl” the ends over. 

sock bun curls

9. Roll and tuck your hair down and around the sock. Pull the sides of your hair over to cover the entire sock and just keep tucking and rolling the sock and your hair until all of your hair is securely rolled around the sock.

sock bun curls

It will look like this when you are finished. I don’t bother securing it with a pin. The sock  keeps it in place just fine.

sock bun curls

10. Repeat steps  5-9 to create your second sock bun at the base of your head. 

sock bun curls

Here is what my hair looks like when I’m finished. I sleep on my sides so these don’t bother me too much while I sleep.

sock bun curls

11. Go to bed and sleep on your sock buns, or keep your suck buns in for at least five hours for best results.

sock buns

12. In the morning, remove you socks and ponytails and use your fingers to comb through your curls and style. 

Enjoy your beautiful heat free curls and nearly ZERO time in the bathroom in the morning!

sock bun curls

Here is the pinnable version of the tutorial for you! Please pin!

sock bun curl

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    • Beth @A to Z says

      Yes, just the one on top of the head works too but I’ve found that I have greater success every time with two.

    • Beth @A to Z says

      Hey Trace, I think it would work. Try it on a day when you’ll just be working around the house as a test run. Sometimes you have to do it a few times to see which method works best for you. My hair was “sock bunned” each day at Relevant. It’s such an easy way to style your hair on the fly.

  1. Gina says

    I saw your tut back in October and shared it with my daughter. My hair is too short to try it. Her hair looked beautiful!

  2. says

    Thanks for this! I have seen this tip and even tried it before but because my hair has some layers I could never get all my hair to roll nicely into one bun! I’m going to try your way and use two! Happy Friday!

  3. says

    That is gorgeous and looks super easy. I am blessed to have naturally curly hair, but my daughters is strait so this may come in handy. Also I am thinking if I ever want to dress up like Princess Leia that this would be a pretty simple way to do it. Only with the two buns above the ears of course.

  4. says

    OK Beth….I tried this whole bun sock thingy. First of all, I ‘m glad I can’t post pictures of the fiasco! After many attempts I have my hair rolled, but it ain’t pretty. And I’m not smiling like you. When I came downstairs my dogs even looked at me weird. I’m thankful the frat boys aren’t home tonight because I’m sure they’d have something to say. We’ll see how it looks in the morning….it could not look any worse!

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing this! My hair is now to the middle of my back, but really fine, so I’ve been wondering about a styling method that won’t be too harsh on the hair. Can’t wait to try it. Thanks, Beth!

  6. Anh says

    Thanks for the tutorial! I can’t figure out how to roll my hair into the sock bun though… can you offer more advice? Thanks again.

  7. HannahJo says

    whenever I have tried this i always get a crease in my hair from the ponytail and it makes it look awful, how do you fix that?

    • Beth says

      I try to make sure that I don’t make the elastic too tight. Or, I just omit using a hair elastic and roll the sock down.

  8. Helen M says

    I am such an ignoramus with my hair – I’m not sure what you mean by ‘roll and tuck? If you poke the end of the ponytail through, do you then slide the donut down to the bottom and loop it through? Thanks :)

    • Beth says

      When you create your donut sock, practice just turning it in on itself. You will find that you can create a “rolling motion” with the sock that is easier to experience (or show in video which is what I should have done) than to explain in a picture or words. The sock isn’t locked like a wreath. It moves. You hold your ponytail straight in the air, place your hair through the center of the “donut hole”, and then literally roll the sock in on itself. Your hair will begin to wrap itself around the donut. You help it along by moving your hair where you want it on the sock as you roll. Practice a few times, and I’m sure you’ll have it.

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