Talking About Target & Neiman Marcus

It is no secret that I adore Target. I shop there frequently for everything from clothing, to beauty products, to home decor, to groceries. It is a fantastic money-sucker! I posted this pic on instagram/facebook last week and I know so many of you can relate. I went into Target to buy a few things and exited $260 poorer with an overflowing shopping cart. Darn you Target and that magical-hypnotizing-bullseye! But I’m wondering what you all think of the designer partnerships and specialty shop items that Target offers? Remember the Missoni craze? I avoided that one. And most recently people seem pretty ga-ga over the Nate Berkus collection.

Well coming this Christmas Target will be releasing 50 gift items that were designed in partnership with Neiman Marcus. This designer collection of gifts offers some “reasonable” (but in my opinion still fairly pricey) price tags. Do designer labels, even designer “Made for Target” labels make a difference in your purchases?

I have chosen 15 affiliate linked items out of the fifty designer gifts to highlight.

Alice + Olivia for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Bike, $499.99

Tracy Reese for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Dessert Plates, $39.99 (set of 4)

Band of Outsiders for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Cookie Cutters, $29.99

Altuzarra for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Old Fashioned Glasses ($49.99), Shaker ($49.99) and Tray ($79.99)

Jason Wu for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Ornaments, $49.99 (set of 3)

Oscar de la Renta for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Tote, $59.99

Oscar de la Renta for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Pet Collar + Leash, $39.99

Oscar de la Renta for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Pet Bowl, $29.99

Marchesa for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Girl’s Beaded Dress, $99.99

Robert Rodriguez for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Dress, $99.99

Lela Rose for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Dress, $99.99

Robert Rodriguez for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Top, $79.99

Prabal Gurung for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Cape, $79.99

Marc Jacobs for Target + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection – Scarf, $69.99

Okay, the dog bowl is ADORABLE and I might just need to buy that for my sweet tiny pomeranian :). But if I find something similar that doesn’t have an Oscar de la Renta label on it for less, I would be just as happy with that dog bowl. I don’t think my pom pom would mind  either :). And I love the holiday dresses, but I think I can do better in price at a department store. What do you think? Are the designer names and labels a big draw for you? Are you more willing to dish out money at Target for the designer collections at a higher price-point? Talk to me!


  1. says

    First of all, I think that Target needs to better plan before launching some of these partnerships. The Missoni one was such a fail in that hardly anyone could find the items at their store. Second, in the clothing partnerships, many times i have noticed the poor fabric quality, it’s like these designers can only work with $500/yard fabric, when the reality is, there are very good quality fabrics at much lower prices.

    I love that Oscar de la Renta handbag, but white is such a tough color for my busy and messy lifestyle. Some of the Robert Rodriguez items are nice, I might check those out.

    For me, it comes down to quality, not the designer label.

    • Beth says

      Good point. I know that many were upset with the launch of the Nate Berkus line. Many stores didn’t carry items on the launch date which created quite a social media up-roar. I remember years ago buying some Isaac Mizrahi for Target items that were superior in quality. I still have a pencil skirt and blazer and they’re about 5 yrs old. Quality is definitely important, but on more trendy items I don’t mind lesser quality as long as the price-tag is comparable to the quality.

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    I say, bring it on! It always gets moved to the clearance section and I grab it at 70% off. This week, I picked up $200 worth of home decor items and paid only $60. The Nate stuff is already getting marked down! Love seeing new, awesome collaborations, and, of course, I’m a hard-core Target lover.

    • Beth says

      Hmmmm, very true! Target sales are amazing and if you luck upon them you can seriously score some great deals.

  3. says

    I don’t know. How many people really shop at Target for designer clothes? These clothes are still very expensive even for Target. Either that or I’m really cheap. LOL!

    The bike is cute, but $500? That’s a bit much. It will be interesting to see how this goes given the current economic situation that won’t be getting better anytime soon.

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    I get excited about designer labels but am too cheap to actually pay more for them. I’m with Brittney on the clearance sales though!! I’m always happy to find a great deal that’s been marked down a ton. I’m the same way at stores like Loehmann’s – I love finding things like a $400 dress marked down to $30 on clearance – it makes me feel like I’m getting something extra special even though sometimes the quality isn’t any better than a dress that was $30 to begin with. So I like the idea of it – I just wouldn’t pay full price!

  5. says

    That Lela Rose dress is GORGEOUS.

    I guess I don’t mind the price tags if the quality is in line with the price. Any time I’ve tried the “designer” clothing in the last couple of years, I’ve been disappointed with the fabric.

    I’m not a big name brand girl, so if I love it & the price is right, I’ll buy it regardless of who made it.

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    As usual, I love the home products they come up with in these partnerships, but I shop at Target for a reason. Because they have adorable stuff for great prices. Unfortunately, I don’t consider these items to be that affordable. There’s a reason I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus! But, I do love the partnerships like Nate Berkus for Target because those items aren’t regularly available at any stores in my area.So I suppose I’m torn. Though, it’s always fun to look!

  7. Jacki says

    I feel like Target has been leading up to this for a while. Their normal Reasonably priced every day items seem to have slowly gone up in price.. and I still pay for them because I am a Target addict and find myself in your shoes quite often. BUT I am more likely to spend $100 on things that are priced well ( and that I don’t tend to need) than on one large ticket item. Although I LOVE some of the designer items, and I love the girls beaded dress for my Daughter, I personally would not spend that much on a dress she will wear once or twice during the holiday season. I am like Sam M. I shop at Target for a reason. ~Great Priced trendy items. So that I can change things up as the seasons change.

  8. Beth says

    I wonder though if the perception that “department store prices always cost more” bring some people to pay more at Target for an item with a designer label. I think $99 for a little girl’s holiday dress at Target is an insane price and you could find something comparable in a department store. But you’re already at Target for deodorant and bananas and who wants to drive to the mall? I wonder if the convenience of it all has people splurging on these items for the holidays.

  9. says

    I agree with everything you said in your last comment, Beth. The convenience wouldn’t be worth it to me though. Similar to Nordstrom Rack and Gap Outlet and I imagine the quality would be less than what you would get from a higher end retailer. And there is not way I would pay that much for a child’s dress! That’s insane!!!

    I guess Target is trying to separate themselves from the Walmarts and KMarts by providing higher end things. But I thought they were always doing that anyway. So I don’t get it.

  10. says

    I did happen by the new Nate Berkus collection at our local Target- as a designer, I thought
    their were a few really cool things.. but the average shopper wouldn’t have appreciated the
    few pieces that were shown- nor the colors in which they were shown .. in my opinion- Way too trendy !
    I look for good design, but most of all quality- and not too worried about who created them.
    I think the partnerships will have to be “tweeked” but remain strong.. Not sure about the higher
    end clothes though ?? Probably not heading to Target for a new holiday outfit..

    • Beth says

      I loved the Nate Berkus tortoise shell decor which reminded me of those by Karen Robertson, but the only ones available in my store were bright green. I’m not sure if a white was available or not, but the bright green wouldn’t appeal to the masses for sure.

  11. Gina says

    I have even written to Target because of how crazy these partnerships are. Remember how we first fell in love with Target because they were cheaper copies of Pier One and Pottery Barn. We like the look for less! Now they add a premium on stuff (they probably produce) and they have similar stuff just as nice for cheaper.
    The true Target shopper just waits for the price to drop.

  12. DiAnne says

    Reading through the previous comments, I have to wonder if the whole strategy is to target the demographic of bargin hunters. And to slap a name brand on it, they may be hoping to increase the magnetic attraction by 600% (give or take a % or two).

    Like moths to a flame, the bargain hunters will stream through the doors. And once you’re in, ZAP!…you end up leaving with a full cart, and a lot less in your banking account.

    And if Target happens to sell their bike for $500, all the better.

    “Name Brands for Less” stores have made a whole business on this; and to capitalize on stock the big Name stores cannot sell. This may be Target’s attempt…….not sure.

    Plus, the original mark up is incredible. Once marked down, the store’s profit is not as great, but they continue to do business.

    So I’m wondering if the “Target” (play on words, snicker snicker) might be the bargain hunters, garage sale & flea market junkies……like me! :) Gotta love it!

    And where am I going this afternoon? Bicycle shoppin’ @ Target! And singin’, “”Rain drops keep falling on my head…”

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    I love Target and I love designer pieces. However, I don’t love them together. When I buy designer pieces, I don’t want to buy them at Target. Obviously to sell them at a price point more in line with Target’s target market, something has to give…less expensive materials, less attention to detail, and such. Not a fan, however to each his own. :-)

  14. says

    That Lela Rose dress is divine, but I don’t know where I would wear it and I think I could probably find something just as cute and probably better fitting at LOFT.

  15. Lyndi says

    Love the clothing items, but I’ll wait until they’re on clearance :) Prob won’t last long, just like all their other “tries” at designer items. Target will always be…just Target!

  16. says

    I will pay for quality, especially if it is something I am planning on buying, But since I go into Target and mostly “splurge shop” (totally relate to your receipt surprise), some of those prices are more than I would let myself splurge on. When it is one over-priced item it is easier to say “that is expensive”, but somehow loading my cart with 10 less expensive items doesn’t trigger the same response, even though it still ends in a big total at the end. lol

    ps) I may end up with that tote! So perfect for winter!

  17. says

    I’ll admit, I did jump on the Nate Berkus bandwagon because I was in love with that tortoise shell, but for the most part the designer labels don’t mean anything to me! I’ll wait ’til things go on sale :)

  18. says

    Yeah, it is still Target – mass dept store. It should be a for real reasonable price. I am not going to spend $500 on a bike… I flat out refuse to pay $30 for THREE ornaments… Now the Oscar del la Renta tote is a MAYBE. But $40 for a LEASH? NO. $100 for a DRESS FROM TARGET? NO. If I were going to get a dress from an actual dept or specialty store that’s one thing. But Target? No. Not gonna do it. I will wait for the sales. But those are some cute items!

  19. says

    I agree with the above comments: If I plan on spending 500 bucks at Target, I expect it to go a lot further than a bike. The stuff is cute though; and I really dig the purse (that’s a maybe for me). HOWEVER if Kate Spade does a collab with Target, I’d do it.

  20. says

    Love the Oscar bag…but, yes, still pricey. I wonder sometimes if designer is really all that great when they all do discount branding now.

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