Trend Alert: Aztec Sweaters

I used to have a feature on this blog called “Fashion Fridays” where I would talk about fashion tips and share outfit ideas. It has been forevah since I’ve talked fashion with you all, and I felt it was due time! I love cute clothes and with all of the snow and subzero temps we are currently having on the East coast it’s difficult to look cute while staying warm. When I was younger, my vanity always won out and I would look cute while I froze my buns off. Now that I’m nearly 40, I will sacrifice vanity in a heartbeat if it means I’m more comfortable and warm! But why sacrifice style if you don’t have to? The good news is that this winter you can have your cake (or hot beverage of choice) and eat (or drink) it too!
Leggings and boots are still going strong this season and look adorable when paired with a waterfall sweater/cardigan or a boyfriend sweater. Side note: I’m not sure why they are called “boyfriend sweaters” because unless your boyfriend is your grandpa or Mr. Rogers I’m not sure he’d be wearing these sweaters. Aztec sweaters appeared in abundance in the fall (and you can currently snag one at a great price in winter 2014).
aztec winter outfit
Have you noticed the Aztec sweater trend in your part of the country? I’ve seen trendy ladies in the grocery store sporting the look while fulfilling all of my criteria for what a winter outfit should be: warm, chic, and comfortable! Below are some examples of the Aztec sweater look. The formula is almost always the same and is fail proof. Pair an Aztec waterfall cardigan or oversized sweater, with a pair of leggings or jeggings, and riding boots. You end up with a look that is comfy, cute, and on trend.
aztec sweater red white
aztec sweater blue
aztec sweater gray
aztec sweater black cream
aztec sweater cream gray
aztec sweater black white
aztec sweater
Want to shop the look? Below are some similar looks with affiliate links that you might enjoy! Go forth and rock the Aztec look!
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  1. jessica says

    do you have the source for the sweater featured in your outfit pick; navy, gray, stripes, looks maybe like it’s belted?

  2. says

    I have a couple of “boyfriend” sweaters that I love. Tomorrow I am wearing a boyfriend sweater, a pair of leggings, boots and (if I make it tonight) a cute short skirt to tie everything together. I am just sorry I don’t have a big sweater on today because it is FREEZING in my office!

    • Beth says

      Sounds cute Suzan! I’m at home today in leggings and knee high socks with a chunky sweater and I’m freezing. I can talk to my thermostat and tell her to turn the heat up and I keep saying, “Please make it warmer!” I’m not looking forward to the heating bill this month :). Stay warm and cute!

  3. Cheyenne Kellogg says

    Where would I get that white and cardigan aztec sweater? So in love with it. Need one if it’s going to keep snowing.

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