Makeup Tutorial: Highlighting and Contouring

I thought it would be fun today to talk a bit about DIY’ing our faces! I have done a makeup tutorial in the past, but honestly I’ve been in a makeup rut for a very long time. I am 38 years old, and I’ve been applying my makeup the same way since my early 20’s. To get out of this rut, I began visiting several beauty blogs and reading up on some new ways to apply makeup. One blog that I found on Pinterest awhile back and have really been enjoying is Maskcara. Cara is a makeup artist and is drop-dead gorgeous. Her videos are easy to follow, and she’s fun to watch. I watched her Highlighting and Countering tutorial this week and loved the tips.

makeup tutorial

But do these tutorials work on “real” (cough…and much older) people? Well, you can see below my before and after pictures. In the befores, I have eye makeup on and nothing else. In the afters, I have followed Cara’s contouring and highlighting tips and it made a big difference. Granted, just applying any foundation, blush, and lip gloss would have made a difference to my appearance, but there are some subtle things that highlighting and contouring does to your face. I tried to thin my nose, reduce my “jowls”, brighten my cheekbones, and reduce my dark circles. You can see that my chin is more prominent in my afters and my nose tip is a bit less “bulby” looking. I need more practice at it for sure, but I’m liking the results!

makeup tutorial

Hop on over to MaskCara to see her video tutorial and to check out her before and after photos. (There are also some GREAT movie star before and afters that show how transformative this technique can be.) Have you tried highlighting and contouring before? What do you think?

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  1. says

    I’m a few {cough} years older than you, Beth, but I started doing this about a week ago too and like the results. I didn’t watch a video though so thanks for the link…off to check it out.

    Ps. You’re gorgeous before and after but it is so cool that the contouring did make a noticeable difference! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    You must have found her the same time as me! I found her mommy makeup tutorial on Pinterest and loved it, I bought her affordable makeup kit suggestions and have been practicing with the contouring too, it’s fun right? You look beautiful!

      • says

        Yep, I did splurge on the Lorac Pro pallet, I think it was $40, but its so worth it. You only have to barely dab your brush so it will last forever. All the other stuff I bought At good ol Target :)

        • Beth says

          Did you see this latest video on contouring Cathy? She goes into much more detail than on the mommy makeup one. I was too cheap for the Lorac Pro pallet but I’m in a MAJOR rut with my eye makeup so I might need to invest :).

          • says

            Yes, it feels kinda crazy doing it, especially under the jaw line ” jowls!” But way cheaper than a face lift! She has some great hair videos too, there is this wrap around the curling iron thing she does, it holds for days, check it out :)

  3. says

    I just watched the same video this week and have been practicing my HAC’ing too! Although your results are much more noticeable than mine…great job! I think I’m still a little nervous when I applying my bronzer. Your pics make me want to go all out!

    • Beth says

      Yes, I don’t have the right color bronzer so I mixed my Bare Minerals Warmth with a touch of my brown eye shadow and I used a small brush to contour. Then blend, blend, blend like crazy. I think my chin still looks a tad too dark. It will take practice for sure!

  4. says

    You are gorgeous no matter what! Your eyes are so beautiful! I do love the subtle effects of the highlighting and contouring! That is so cool. I am off to check it out! Jowls…what jowls???? I can show you some jowls, honey!!! :-) Have a great weekend, Beth!!

    • Beth says

      Ha Kathryn! I do have jowls but fortunately you can’t see them in pics very often. In person, they are much more noticeable.

  5. Jackie B says

    I thought you were gorgeous when I met you at Haven and you are gorgeous here . . . without makeup. You are way too hard on yourself. I don’t think you are applying the same logic with yourself as you do with others. Everyone looks “their unkempt self” in the morning, etc. I think you need a good long walk through the mall or the grocery store or Home Goods just to people watch. You are ridiculously pretty.

    • Beth says

      Thanks Jackie. But this post isn’t meant to be hard on myself at all. I’m rather comfortable with myself make-up and no make-up, flaws and less flaws. I go out most days without makeup and fairly unkempt and have no problem doing so :). I just like to show how makeup can change your look just like a good coat of paint can change a room.

  6. Chris N says

    Thanks for posting this. I was just thinking the other day that I want to learn how to highlight and contour in order to diminish my under eye circles and bring out my cheeks an eyes. I’ll take a look at her blog!

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