Why I did it and what I learned: Get Your Face On Review

Get Your Face On Party MckLinky will be open through Friday night!  If you’re feeling brave, you can still link up.

Warning: If you want to skip my psychobabble and simply see a review of the party, just scroll down.

There has been a lot of talk in the blogosphere lately about your blog’s “niche”.  Go ahead and google “niche blogging” or “niche marketing” and you will find a ton of information on how you can supposedly grow your blog, make tons of money, and keep a following if you find and stick to your niche.  This niche talk has challenged me to answer this question: Do I blog for you, do I blog for me, or do I blog for we?  I try to blog for us, and for me, but not for you.  By nature, I am not at all a people pleaser.  Saying no and being selfish comes very, very easy to me.  Just ask my family :).  I adore blogging, and of course I would love to see my blog become wildly successful, but once I start worrying about pleasing you, or sponsors, or an audience I fear I will lose my joy of blogging and ultimately lose myself.  So–remember I’m a professional counselor here—all of this metacognition (thinking about thinking) and metablogging (blogging about blogging) to say that doing a beauty-related party on a home-decor-niche blog was a risk.  And when it was just me and one other blogger hanging out in dangling-loser-Mcklinky-land, I was admittedly starting to panic.

But you are awesome.  You didn’t leave me hanging, and you were brave enough to step up to the challenge!  You should also know that during linky parties bloggers write to me and say, time and time again, “your readers are amazingly sweet, and they actually comment!”  Wahoo!  Yes you do!  I visit everyone who links up to my parties and leave a comment on each post and so do many of you!  Some of you take the time to leave a sweet comment on each post even when you haven’t linked up yourself.  So…gold stars, pats on the back, spirit fingers, and hi fives all around.

Why did I do this party???

  • College was the last time I shared beauty secrets and swapped makeup tips on a regular basis.  I miss gabbing with girlfriends about the latest potions and lotions and thought it would be fun to create a place of girly camaraderie here.
  • I wanted to give you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and realize that you are loved and beautiful nakey face and all!
  • I deeply care about women and strongly dislike the competitive undercurrent that comes with blogging.  Doing something totally non-home related is good for me.  And you too?

Okay, enough of that.  Here is what I learned doing this post:

1.  I am the only woman on the planet not currently using some type of mineral makeup. Seriously! Check the posts for yourself and start counting each time you see “mineral makeup” come up.  They should be paying you all for all that free advertising!

2.  They make a primer for your face?! How awesome is that?

3.  Many of you swear by this eye bright pencil in the corner of your eyes to help you look refreshed.

4.  If you want to know how to do a dramatic eye, whether it’s smokey eye or faux eye check out these divas (Click on individual pic to be taken to the how-to’s courtesy of Lindsay , Mandi , Heather , and Miki .)  I have yet to master a dramatic eye without looking akin to Ozzy Osbourne, so I’m excited to implement these strategies and try again.

5.  Sometimes it’s the simplest products that get the rave reviews.  So many of you are in love with your chapstick, vaseline, and lip gloss!

6.  There are a zillion gorgeous women in blogland and most of you felt the need to downplay your beauty and point out all of your flaws.  Why do we do that?

I know that doing this post was hard for many of you and took you waaaayyy out of your comfort zone.  I knew I was asking a lot, and after reading all of the posts I am even more confirmed that the world of women needed you to “go first”.  Thank you for having the courage to bare all and bravely take on this challenge.  I am so proud of you peeps!  *Sniff.*

**I will announce the winner of the Virtue Lip Gloss Giveaway tomorrow.  If you haven’t entered yet, be sure to click here. **

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  1. Jill says

    Thanks from those of us who don't wear make-up because her mother never wore make-up, her grandmother never wore make-up….
    I liked having you all teach me without being embarassed for being in my 30's and not knowing a thing about make-up! :)

  2. [email protected] says

    Hi Beth!

    Thank you for doing this!

    Doing this post was WAY way W A Y out of my comfort zone however it had to be done.

    I am desperately trying to be real and stop pretending.

    I never wanted anyone to see me and after posting for your party I then posted the after picture as my facebook picture and you know what… I got a lot of comments from friends and family … happy that I showed the REAL me.

    Beth whether you realize it or not… you helped me with something I have struggled with for MANY years. I always hid… WHY? I have no idea!

    So thank you… I feel like you were the tour director of my journey… you set it all up and now it is up to me to have the time of my life!

    If you were here I would give you a great big {HUG}

    Thank You!

  3. AnNicole@Our Suburban Cottage says

    Good for you! I loved this post. I also applaud bravery and willingness to be true to yourself and step outside of the "box". xoxo

  4. Mandi @ Finding Home says

    I loved this party! It really was a big girlie fest. I found so many products that I want to try. And I too started using my chapstick since I saw so many other gals using it. I'm so glad you did this party. I enjoyed getting to know so many other bloggers. Thanks for daring to be brave.

  5. Shortcake and Company says

    I LOVED this idea and I hope you'll host more. I didn't participate as I'm not sure I can if my blog is private. I think I'd like to participate but not sure how I'd link up. Ideas? I'd be happy to invite you to my blog (if you'd care) but I just don't know what to do???

  6. Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses says

    I have loved reading and leaving comments on all of these new blogs that i'm not familiar with. I have also loved all the great advice that I've recieved! Thanks so much for doing this party and allowing me to be a part of it! I have a feeling my husband is not going to be happy with me after my next trip to Ulta! There are so many great products and tips I want to try! Thanks again, this has been so much fun.


  7. Lanie Ree says

    I was much too scared to participate, but I enjoyed all the posts people linked up!

    And #1- Yes, I totally noticed that too!

  8. Miss Madison's Mommy says

    It was totally fun and interesting! I had a blast tuning out class while I visited everyone's blog, it's fun to find new 'blog' friends!!! Thank you soooo much for hosting this it was an awesome idea.

  9. Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish says

    I still think it was great idea. Maybe I get up the courage if you do it again! I am very proud of everyone who did it!

  10. Frugal Home Design says

    I loved the party. Everyone was beautiful with and without makeup. I thought about participating, but that means I would actually HAVE to put makeup on. I also didn't know about face primer. Thanks for sharing everyone.

  11. Candace@craftysisters-nc says

    Yay for you ~creating this party! Now, if I could only get the courage to participate! The links were fun to visit….I didn't know about mineral make-up and I could use some PRIMER! Time to update my beauty regimen. :)

  12. Miki says

    You are a courageous warrior-girl, Beth! I appreciate SO MUCH your transparency and honesty. It inspires me to keep it real. And we women need to be sisters to one another, safe places – not competitors. Right on! Miki

  13. Dayka (Life +Style) says

    Love your "psycho-babble", and it's great that so many people linked up. I'm going to have to check out some of the stuff you mentioned.

  14. jenjen says

    I think your party was awesome Beth! I love talking about makeup and seeing all of everyones recommendations! Thank you so much for putting it on!


  15. Grace @ Ruby Moon Designs says

    I loved linking to your party…probably the only time thus far in blogging where I was tempted to watch the clock so I could link up as soon as possible! Haha! I really had fun reading through all the tips, and seeing the array of beauties out there! We are one pretty bunch of women! 😉

    Thanks for all of your encouragement!

    Blessings, Grace

  16. Amy Kinser says

    Hi Beth,

    I think I haven't really known enough to know that I was just supposed to be a one kind of blog kind of girl. (decorating only) I guess sometimes ignorance is bliss. I figure I titled my blog well since it will be All Things Home. I may never be big, but boy I am having so much fun.

    Thanks for being real.

  17. Beansieleigh says

    Oooooooh!!! I JUST did my post!!! I mustered up the courage, but it looks like I'm too late for Mr. Linky now! Oh well… I guess you can pop over to visit if you like anyways. ~tina

  18. Jenny says

    This was a really fun link up. The best part was that my husband left a comment on my blog telling me I looked great without makeup!

  19. Kristen says

    This was a fun party that I didn't even link up to! But I've loved all the info and I'm excited about my date with the curling iron in the morning. I've wondered forever how to get those cool curls and thanks to you – now I KNOW! :)

  20. Marianne@Songbird says

    Niche blogging. Oh I have had my moments when I was doing the megathinking too. (I am such a reflective person, I reflect on my reflecting). But I can't do it either. I like way to many things to stick to home decor or craft. My interests come in waves. I am highly into the home decor mood and then I will get into craft mood, or sewing mood or gardening mood or whatever tickles my fancy mood. No niche blog for me either.
    And I like the blogs that have a bit of everything myself too. Makes it more homelike en reallife-ish and less professional businesslike. That's why I like your blog!

  21. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    (Standing up an applauding you. For real.) I linked to your "Get Your Face On" party from my "Friday Favorites Feature" post today. I hope that will bring some more links for you. :) I didn't have a beauty post, but I am going to sit down tonight and peruse your links. I need the advice!

    I am MUCH more inclined to visit and link to parties like this where the hostess not only encourages participants to visit other links, but also practices what she preaches!! Parties have become kind of a turn-off for me lately for that same reason. I'll spend an hour or so making visits with nice comments and maybe receive 1 or 2 return visits.

    You know my blog is a big random mesh of posts. It certainly doesn't fit into a category. I think if I blogged only b/c I was worried about what my readers would like or how many visits I might receive, that I'd start to really dislike blogging…which defeats the purpose for me. Two thumbs up to you for being REAL! :)

  22. Kristi says

    Just to let you know they also make primer JUST for your eyelids….because if you have oily eyelids (like so many of us do) it helps to keep the eyeshadow on longer :) :) I love it!!

  23. Debbie says

    I learned a lot of neat things too Beth. I did not participate because for one, I do not have a good camera, and it is scary enough, then add a bad kodak easy share and ScaRY!!~ It was awesome though and I enjoyed learning new things…I am pretty basic with my makeup but could use the tips and tricks I learned!!~

  24. Jennifer Juniper says

    Who do I blog for? I certainly don't fit into a niche I realize. I guess I'm me in written form, lots of interests, going lots of different ways. My niche is grown up woman. I can't label it or compact my posts into a neat little category.

    As far as the party goes, it felt very freeing to just put it out there, age spots and all. Sometimes I try to edit photos to show myself in the best light (you never know when an ex boyfriend will stumble upon you and you always want him to eat his heart out.) but there is also something real about showing how I look when I roll over and say good morning to my hubs. And he loves me anyway.

    The comments I got were outstanding – loving and supportive. I found myself looking at myself differently. I found myself looking at all of you without make up and really noticing blue eyes, cute freckles, amazing skin…you were all so beautiful!

  25. Melissa Miller says

    Beth this is a great topic and I adore you and your inspiring blog. I really enjoyed the party!

    Have a blessed weekend. ~Melissa :)

  26. Rachelle says

    Beth, you did it! You found Lindsay for me again.

    Long story short I found her blog forever and a day ago about waving your hair– browsed through her blog and then boom. Lost it.

    Thanks for finding her for me.


    Another reason why I love you. You keep getting points girl!

    I'm LOVING all the makeup posts. I could spend all day in ULTA and spend all my money on make up but NEVER like anything after I've tried it. Now I have so many more choices to try! Great idea girl. You should make this a monthly thing for people like me who can't get enough of it. Maybe I'll learn enough for next time and I can join in.


  27. My name is PJ. says

    Excellent tips you shared there, Beth! Back in my makeup wearing days, I used Vaseline to take it off my eyes. Yes I did.

    Now I put it on my feet under cotton socks in the winter, at night, when I need extra moisturizing.

    TMI? Sorry!

  28. April says

    Fun! Let's do another one! I didn't know about blogging when you did this! I would so love this and you are so right about women needing to point out every little flaw! So sad that we do that to ourselves!

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