The Future is Now: Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Giveaway

This post brought to you by Honeywell International Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have had crazy weather so far for 2014! It was zero degrees for several days with a ton of snow and ice last week and this week it is in the 50′s and rainy. I can’t control the crazy temps outdoors but fortunately for me I can keep the indoors constantly at the exact temperature I want with my new Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice ControlThe Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control was named Best New Product of 2013 and after being able to test it out for a bit I understand why!wifi thermostat

Here are a few nice features of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat:
1) DIY Installation and Set-up: The thermostat can be installed all by yourself! It comes with clear, step by step instructions and also includes links to several YouTube installation videos. Now I have to be honest here and let you know that I struggled with the install. Our old thermostat was an old-school, non-digital thermostat with a dial which made installation a bit more complicated for me. I needed to rewire several things down at my actual heating system and had to contact a Honeywell Customer Care representative for help. He was incredibly helpful and walked me through what I needed to do. I enlisted the help of a trusted neighbor who is an electrician to confirm I was doing things correctly and we were able to complete the install. If you have an older thermostat, just know that you can reach out to Honeywell for help and they will promptly respond!
2) Voice Control: Yes, you can talk to your thermostat and tell it to make it warmer or cooler. I simply say, “Hello thermostat, make it warmer,” and she talks back and lets me know what temperature she is setting the thermostat at. So cool! When we first installed the thermostat we had the voice control sensitivity set very high and she was talking to us at random times. LOL! You simply lower the voice sensitivity on the control pad and she will only respond when spoken too like a good little thermostat.
3) Smart Response and Scheduling Option: The thermostat will learn your heating and cooling cycle times to deliver the right temperature, right when you want it. You can also set-up a schedule of when you want it warmer and cooler. We always turn down the heat at night because our third floor becomes too warm at night otherwise. With my old thermostat I would sometimes forget to do this and be miserable because I was too lazy to get out of bed and travel three flights downward to turn the heat down. Now, it is all set on a schedule and the thermostat knows to turn down the heat at 10 pm.
4) Easy to Read Color Touch Screen: You can change the color of your thermostat to match your mood or decor. Simply use the touch screen pad to change the background to the color of your choice! You can match your wall color if you’d like.

5) Mobile App: This is my favorite feature of the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. It has it’s own Android and ios app that allows you to control your temperature remotely. If I’m out running errands longer than I expected or forget to change the heating schedule when out of town, I can click on the app on my phone and set the thermostat to my desired temp! Hello, the future is now!

 photo 01407f09-af87-41da-9d81-7d10ed6b69d2_zps0a283086.png

You can purchase the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat at Home Depot, Amazon, and BestBuy.

One lucky Home Stories A to Z reader has a chance to win one! Honeywell is allowing me to giveaway one Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control. To enter, simply follow the prompts in the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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  1. Tabitha P. says

    I’d like to win b/c my thermostat is over 8 years old.
    i don’t think it’s very efficent,either.

  2. Ewa says

    I like that it shows humidity, I have curly hair so it’s super important to me. I would love to win it.

  3. Rosie Hepner says

    Our thermstat is on its way out. My husband and I talked
    about replacing it with a Honeywell but after our boiler needed
    to be repaired in Nocember it’s no longer in the budget.

  4. Jody says

    Great giveaway! I love that you can customize the settings for different days/times, so efficient!

  5. Andrew Jackson says

    Would love the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control! It would be great for our new home!

  6. Mary S. says

    I would love the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat to help save money and it looks really cool!

  7. Megan B says

    I would love to be able to control the themostat with my iphone. It would look great in my new home too.

  8. joyce says

    I’d like to win because my husband just died and I am overwhelmed with trying to take on everything he did for me and just having to remember one less thing would be a great relief.

  9. Olivia says

    i currently own a Honeywell thermostat but it’s not as smart! I’d love to become more eco-friendly and energy efficient with this one.

  10. Helena Dias says

    We are renovating our first home and are in the process of updating all of the outdated electrical stuff.

  11. Kelli says

    We’re in the thick of the house-buying process right now and that would be the coolest housewarming gift ever :)

  12. Jen Y says

    I couldn’t find the red button or a button that says visit sponsers site but I sure would love to win a more efficient thermostat!

  13. Anne Marie says

    I would love to win because my thermostat is 13 years old, not working properly and very inefficient!!!

  14. Jerri C. TN says

    We have an electronic thermostat that was a bonus when the house was built 14 years ago. We are overdue for an accurate thermometer in this house.

  15. Ashleigh Hall says

    Living in Florida, I love to know what the humidity is inside my house and this thermostat beats our old by miles in that department! I love Honeywell too!

  16. Kelly Palmer says

    I love the humidity feature on this and think that it would help us keep our home at a more consistent temperature :)

  17. Christy says

    I’d love to win it because I like to sleep with it cold in the house, but I hate getting out of my toasty warm bed to a freezing room! If I could program it to warm up right before wake up time, I’d be so happy!

  18. Heather says

    Wow, I’d LOVE to win this! This would save us time, money, and the hassle of remembering to adjust the temp! Thanks so much!

  19. Mandi says

    This would be perfect for us… We turn the heat down low at night because we all sleep hot.. It would be so nice to warm the house up right before the kiddos get out of bed.

  20. j stone says

    I have a programmable thermostat. It only works when it feels like it. It follows the schedule during the day, but at night I have woken up to (well you don’t care) and it was 67 when it is set every night to stay at 63. That is a big difference in my electric bill if the furnace keeps turning on when I don’t want it to. A new thermostat that actually works would be great. Here in PA, It is quite cold, My last gas bill was over $300. I would love to lower that.

  21. Amy says

    I’d like to win because it would be wonderful to turn up the heat when I am on my way home and have it be nice and toasty when I get there.

  22. Carolyn G. says

    I love the feature of remote control. We travel quite often and I hate arriving home to a cold house. This would allow us to arrive home to a warm home.

  23. Jennifer says

    I’ve been looking into smart thermostats, and love that I can simply give a command and it will change the temperature.

  24. Shannon Brey says

    I love the idea of controlling everything from your phone – I sometimes have mobility issues and this would be great!

  25. Courtney M says

    I have been reading so much about these new thermostats. Our busy house can truly benefit from this!

  26. Alina says

    Would love to win in order to have a more energy efficient thermostat aside from the fact that it’s just plain COOL!

  27. Sean C says

    I’d love to win so that I may turn up the heat before getting home especially lately where it’s been less than 10 degrees. This would be amazing.

  28. Karen H. says

    I would love to win this! The awesome features are WAY cooler than the one I currently have. I’m sure it would be much more energy efficient, too! That would help our electric bill!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  29. Lauren E. says

    We have an older thermostat we’re always messing with to stretch our oil. This would help alleviate the frustrations of forgetting to lower the heat

  30. Rust says

    I’d like to win for the energy savings I would enjoy with this wonderful, veryneat thermostat! Love the remote feature.

  31. Ashley C says

    We’re hoping to buy our first house this year, so this would be something new for us to have!


  32. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I would love to be able to control the heat from my room and i love the touch screen!

  33. Holly B says

    Our old thermostat is getting unreliable and this would be such a step up! Love that it has remote access!

  34. milly says

    Our furnace keeps going on at crazy times, like 2:30 am, or 4:00 am. It wakes us up! time for a new one, and this one sounds just great.

  35. Sonya Morris says

    I love you can control it when you are not at home! This would be perfect for our friend who lets us use their mountain house!

  36. DESIREE H says

    Id love to win because it is awesome! It has VOICE recognition!! So cool.
    Thank you for the giveaway. We would use this in our new house!

  37. Annie says

    I have wanted one of these ever since I saw one at Home Depot and then went home to read up on it. I would love to be entered into your giveaway! Thank you!


  38. Lawanna says

    Didn’t see a button, but went to the link provided in the review of the product. I’m always looking for more ways to save energy. And this little guy could help us not have to remember to turn up or down the thermostat all the time. Thanks for sharing and offering this giveaway.