How to Transform a Room on a Budget {by The Real Housewives of Bucks County}

To conclude our guest blogger series I have asked the very talented Monica & Jess from The Real Housewives of Bucks County to share with you some of their mad skills. This best friend duo is a-mazing and if you don’t follow them yet, you’ll want to after today :)! They have made several appearances on the Nate Show over the past year and have garnered the respect of the DIY community. Today they are going to show you how to transform an entire room on an incredibly slim budget! Take it away Monica & Jess….


Hey there! We’re Monica & Jess, AKA The Real Housewives of Bucks County. Hopefully, you’ve seen us around here before.  Beth has been so sweet to us since the first time we “met” her! We’re excited to be back sharing a pretty great up-cycle with you today!
Thrift a $250 room that looks like a Million bucks!
We’ve had the awesome privilege to contribute to The Nate Berkus Show this past year.  For our final Nate Show episode, he gave us a seriously tough challenge.  $250 to design an entire room including furniture is insane! We never could have done it without an awesome thrift store.  Liberty Thrift is a personal favorite and they have 5 locations in PA.  We love the mission behind Liberty and it makes shopping there even better!
 We don’t have a ton of process pictures of all of our projects, because it was about 19 degrees in our work area and we were so tight on time, but we’ll try and give you the main gist.
Here’s all the furniture pre-DIY… oh man it was in rough shape!
Our very favorite piece in the room was the Navy buffet.  Something we love to do is to look at a piece of furniture and think of what we could turn it into.  The minute Monica saw this dresser, she envisioned it as a fabulous buffet! When you’re working with thrifted pieces, don’t be afraid to try something a wee bit daring, the worst thing you can do is ruin it and have to head back to the thrift store to try again!
Here’s the pretty darn dramatic before and after…
dresser b a
We don’t have process pics, but we do have some process video outtakes! WARNING:  These are totally unedited and really goofy, but we’re all about keeping it Real and this lets you see just how the navy beauty came to be!
Step 1- The Game Plan!
Step 2- TV makes it seem easy!
Step 3- To Mold or not to Mold?
Step 4- Oops Still looks like a Dresser!
So you’re getting the idea right?  Good, because we don’t have any more process shots! This picture shows all the changes we made.  Isn’t she pretty?  We both were sooo thrilled with her makeover!
Now, when you go thrifting you can look at the rows and rows of dressers in a whole new light! And now, here’s the cheesy End of the Night recap from day 2!
Head on over to our blog if you want to see more of the projects from this episode.  We hope this awesome transformation has encouraged you to try to look at an old piece of furniture in a new light!

Thanks so much for having us today Beth!

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    I LOVE THIS PIECE! Goodness it’s beautiful. My question is what did you do to the entire base? I see there were track rails for the drawers but your final project looks like a flat bottom. Did you just remove the rails or did you build a new base for the open bottom?


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