Why You Should Attend a Blog Conference: Haven 2014

I have had the immense privilege of being part of the team that created the Haven Conference, which is a two-day conference that takes place in Atlanta, and provides a venue for bloggers to learn from and gather with some of the most notable DIY/Home bloggers and brands in the country (and internationally)! Haven is near and dear to my heart and is a dream actualized. I had wanted to start a DIY conference for our niche back in 2009 and began talking to friends about making the dream a reality. Fortunately for all of us, Rhoda from Southern Hospitality got the ball rolling, gathered our team, and the Haven Conference was born in 2012. We had an amazing first year, followed by a second year, and we are gearing up for our 3rd annual Haven Conference! haven planning team

Let’s explore some of the reasons you should attend Haven 2014!

The Speakers

The main reason for attending any conference is to LEARN! Want to learn how to use power tools and actually make something this year? There is a class (or two) for that. Want to improve your photography skills, editing skills, and photostyling skills? A class on each of these topics is in the works. Want to learn how to design a room from the floor up? We’ve got you covered. Want to know how to stain, paint, and maybe even tile? We have some experts waiting to teach you. Want to learn some intense nitty-gritty business details on how to grow your blog and manage your small business? We have several classes on this topic including two very advanced classes that I’m super excited to attend! Want to learn how to get your book published? Or how to monetize and promote your YouTube channel? Or how to become a Google Plus rockstar? Or how to pitch brands? Our speakers for 2014 are not yet finalized, but from what I’ve seen so far you might need to wear some sock-suspenders because they are going to knock your socks right off! Oh, and have you seen who we have this year as our Keynote Speaker? Chip Wade from HGTV’s Designed To Sell! chip wade haven conference keynote

The Sponsors

Our sponsors are the A-list of who-is-who in the world of decorating, blogging, home life, and DIY. We only accept the best of the best and we ADORE our sponsors! Companies like Home Depot, Rustoleum, 3M, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Ballard Designs, and Online Fabric Store just to a name a few. If you want to rub elbows with PR representatives from some of the most notable brands in the business, Haven is your place. haven sponsors

1. Ryobi 2. Bulging swag bags 3. Ballard Designs Bookcase Challenge 4. Moen shower fun

The Friendships & The FUN

Haven is ridiculously fun. It just is. You get 500+ like-minded people all together in the same hotel and FUN is bound to happen. Do you remember when you were in high-school, okay maybe even middle school, and you used to laugh so hard with your friends that you couldn’t breathe? That’s Haven. I had several women come up to me and say, “The Haven Conference is like a sorority without the hazing and where everyone is nice!” I thought that was a beautiful description! It is a FUN and crazy time. haven conference fun

You can check out the Haven Conference website if you’d like more information and feel free to ask me questions in the comments if you have any! Tickets go on sale this Saturday, March 1st and noon EST and we have sold out VERY quickly in the past. We like our conference to have an intimate vibe so we only allow 350 tickets to go out. haven final

Haven is happening July 10-12, 2014.

Tickets are $250, plus a $7.24 processing fee. Here are some other odds and ends to note about tickets before purchasing: Please don’t buy a ticket unless you know you can make it! We want you to come and we get attached to YOU and transfers make us sad. Tickets are not refundable and there is a $15 transfer fee if you do end up needing to transfer. Tickets are only available to bloggers and blog lovers, not to brands or those representing a business other than a blog. If you don’t blog, you are more than welcome to purchase a ticket! Just note that this is a DIY/Home Blogger conference so our content is geared for bloggers. If you want to bring your husband, mother, friend, or loved one along with you, please note that you will need to purchase a ticket for them if they plan on attending any of the meals, classes, cocktail parties, or other Haven Conference events. Good luck on securing your ticket, and I hope to see you there!


  1. says

    Haven was a ton of fun. And for anyone who might be on the fence: After I came home with great contacts from all of those brands, I got to work with several of them on my blog. Even my husband admitted that the Haven ticket literally paid for itself within the first month that I was home because those connections turned into great business contacts!
    More importantly, it was so fun to get to connect in real life to women who I had been following for years. (Like you, Beth.) :)

    • Beth says

      Hi Stephanie! It was fun to connect with you locally before Haven too, and I’m thrilled that you were able to develop some brand relationships at Haven. I know you’re not alone in that testimony. Many bloggers have profited greatly from the fantastic brand relationships! Excited to see you at Haven 2014.

    • Beth says

      Ha! We’ve been talking about that! I think we might need a new one but it’s really up to Traci. She’s the official Haven choreographer ;).

  2. says

    This may be a silly question but does everyone stay in the hotel it’s being held at? If so do you guys block out rooms? And do you by any chance know about how much the rate was last year for 1 room? I so totally want to go this year!! Thanks Lesley

    • Beth says

      Hi Lesley, not a silly question at all. I highly recommend staying in the hotel and yes have a subsidized rate for Haven bloggers. When you register, you’ll be provided with the code to the hotel for the rate which I think is around $120 night but don’t quote me on that!

  3. says

    Thanks so much for this post! I am a newer blogger (celebrating my first blogiversary today, in fact) and I’ve been thinking about attending Haven this summer. This post really gives me a better idea of what it’s all about and why I really want to be there! I’ll consider it my blogiversary gift to myself ;) Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a ticket! -Angela

  4. says

    We are so excited to attend Haven for the 3rd year, although this year will be quite different than past years (baby in tote). We know we will still have tons of fun!!! Can’t wait!

  5. says

    Hi! I am hoping to attend Haven this year! I have never been to a blogging conference before, so this one will be my first! I am really excited about the prospect of learning from such talented bloggers!

  6. says

    lol, sock suspenders!!

    I am in this year! I will just be getting back from a week at the beach (ten minutes from home) so I will be tanned and well rested :)

  7. says

    Plan to purchase my ticket tomorrow at noon on the dot! Haven has been a wonderful experience for me for the last 2 years and has helped my blog growth so much – in building relationships with other bloggers, to connecting with sponsors, and just learning and being inspired to work harder and better to grow my blog.

    Can’t wait till July!

    • Beth says

      I’ve loved seeing you there the last 2 yrs Christina! Thanks for being a dedicated Haven Maven. Excited to see you again in July :). Wow, this winter feels like the world’s longest winter ever—but I know that Haven will be here before we know it. Woohoo!!! I’m ready to sweat in Atlanta!

  8. says

    I’m very excited at the opportunity to attend Haven this year. I love Traci and what she’s done with her blog. Can’t wait to meet the rest of you. :)


    • Beth says

      Hi Dan,
      Traci speaks very highly of you! We’re excited to learn from you this year.