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    I love your rocking chairs! Your porch is so cute! It looks like your house has a lovely exterior in general, but you really played it up well for fall! I like the use of the crates a lot!

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    Hi Beth,
    Hope you don’t get this comment twice…got a little error the first time. I just wanted to say, I ADORE your porch! You can never have too many pics for me. What a delightful view of all those wonderful old porches…love the street view. Loved seeing the sun streaming across your beautifully decorated fall porch! Can you tell I have a thing for porches. :)

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    The pictures look awesome! VERY clear & crisp :) The porch looks amazing & those cute little crates are adorable :) What did you stand up on the top of your rails to take the downward picture? Ha….no wonder why your neighbors think your crazy :)

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    Love everything! I especially love your front door – so big and inviting :) The pumpkin in the lantern is a cute touch too!


    ps – how cool that your house #’s are also this year!! 😉

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    I love the pics. I’m obsessed with fall porches right now. I’m getting ready to move and will have a porch for the first time in 12 years. I am so excited. You have given me some great inspiration. Glad you posted all the pics. I’m a firm believer in you can’t take too many pictures of something that excites you.

  6. Amanda French says

    Love the chandelier, the crates, hanging the wreath from the ribbon, and the whole feel of the porch itself. Very festive!

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    Beth, what a beautiful escape you have created! Gorgeous and peaceful, and it looks like you’ll get the weather to enjoy it. I have to tell you, I’ve been following you for a while, and during the flood found out we live in the same town (the star barn photos started me wondering). That picturesque shot of the porch with the bakery in the background seals the deal! But with your beautiful fall porch, you don’t need to sit at anyone else’s outdoor tables :) ~Lori

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    Hi Beth, I just realized when I saw your street that my son lives on your street about 2 blocks downtown from you, same side…..just moved in last week….a very cool re-done building! So, I am so excited to visit him and try that Italian Cafe on the corner!! Hope you guys run into each other some time….he is a quite a wonderful young man with a great sense of style and also a foodie!!

    Bee Haven Acres

  9. molly says

    I LOVE the cushions on the rockers! You have made such a beautiful entrance to your home. Do you mind me asking what state this is in? Looks SO much like where my brother used to live in Wilmington, DE–but his front porch WAS NOT this cute!

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    I always love your porch! It’s so homey and inviting(I love the brick of your home too). I adore this fall one. My dryer is on my porch b/c I live in student family housing and it ruins any chance of it ever looking anything near this :( Someday I’ll have a porch to decorate! Gotta stay positive right! Maybe I should get some pumpkins and flowers…

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