Halloween Pennant Banner

Now you all knew that I couldn’t just let any leftover Halloween scrapbook paper from my advent calendar  go to waist!  Oh no.  I needed to find a use for it and a pennant banner seemed the perfect solution.  This project is easy and can be whipped up in no time.   
On a scrap piece of paper, draw your triangle template.  Trace the triangles on your paper to spell out your word(s).  Use a stencil to trace the letters on coordinating paper.  Cut out your letters and glue to the triangles with rubber cement.  Punch holes in each corner of your triangle and secure the triangles together with ribbon.  Instead of weaving the ribbon in and out of the holes the length of the banner, I chose to save my ribbon and just use little pieces to tie the triangles together at the corners..
On letters that didn’t seem to have enough contrast, like the W below, I used a sponge and some stamp ink to “dirty” it up a bit.
I hung the banner above the advent calendar.  I love it!  
Now go make one so I can ooooooo andaaaaahhhhh over your cute banner!  If you want to leave me a comment ooooooo’ing and aaaaahhhh’ing over mine, I won’t complain :).  Linking up to Kimba’s DIY Day.

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  1. Leanne says

    So cute! I just made a birthday banner for my little boy. Now I should probably make one for halloween. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rambling Girl says

    Beth, I am ooooooo'ing and aaaaahhhh'ing over all your wonderful goodies, pennant & advent calendar….I am also working on a pennant and will share soon. I am working on salt dough ornaments so maybe this week I will have them poosted….they are cooling off now.

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