Oscar Award Party Ideas

The Academy Awards are coming up this weekend and you have no idea what you are going to do for your Oscar Party! No problem. Here are some last minute Oscar Award Party Ideas for you. Most of these can be pulled off in a day so if you are a procrastinator take note. Enlist the help of some friends and you will be hearing your name after the following, “And the award for Best Oscar Party Ever goes to…”

Oscar Party Decoration Ideas

Grab some gold balloons at your local party store and you are halfway there to having a gorgeous backdrop for your Oscar party. If you have a bit more time, consider picking up a can of gold spray paint and spraying some vases, feathers, frames, etc. If you really want to impress your guests, you can even make your own cardboard movie reels and spray paint the film reels in metallic colors.

oscar party ideas

1. Ruffled 2. Mlive 3. Style Me Pretty 4. Mom’s Crafty Space

Oscar Party Printables

One of my “go to” party ideas is to label everything with coordinating printables. If you are handy with a photo editing program, you can make your own labels for drinks and food. Everything looks better when it is labeled! Check out some of the free printables below including an adorable popcorn box and 2013 ballots.

oscar party printables

1. Studio DIY 2.  Glamour at a Glance 3. Catch My Party 4. Twig and Thistle

Oscar Party Food Ideas

Feeding your guests does not have to cost a fortune and it can be store bought at the last minute. Look at how adorable a mountain of oreos looks below as a table centerpiece. Buy or make some cupcakes and top them with a mini oreo “film reel” dusted with powdered sugar and adorned with black sprinkles. I also love the idea of serving mini sandwiches in the shape of film reels. Simply use a circle cookie cutter (or drinking glass) to cut the bread and then a small bottle cap to cut the holes. Also, don’t forget that everything looks cuter in a bow tie including hot dogs, champagne glasses, and chocolate covered strawberries.

oscar party food ideasoscar party food ideas

1. Twig and Thistle 2. This Lunchrox 3. Celebrations At Home 4. My Sweet & Saucy 5. Everyday Celebrating 6. Party Pinching

Oscar Party Popcorn Bar

Nothing could be cheaper than serving your guests popcorn! Do it in style with a DIY popcorn bar. Serve different flavors of popcorn and offer a variety of fun sweet and savory mix-ins.

oscar popcorn bar

1. Source Unknown 2. One Charming Party  3. Celebrations at Home 4. Bake at 350

I hope this round up of inspiration proves that you don’t have to have a ton of time or money to throw together a memorable evening. May the best Oscar for Kick-butt Procrastinator Oscar Party this year go to YOU!

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