Star Wars Birthday Party {star wars}

I wasn’t going to bother posting about Zephan’s 5th birthday party because it’s certainly not the most elaborate or over-the-top Star Wars party out there in the blogosphere. To be honest, it didn’t really seem “blogworthy” enough. But after thinking about it a bit, I thought some of you could use some cute ideas that AREN’T over-the-top! I know that at times I’ve set the bar so high in my own house that my boys are definitely spoiled when it comes to their birthdays. They expect a gourmet handmade cake, elaborate decorations, adorable gift bags, etc. I really do love all the little details, but I know that my five year old can still have a blast at his party without an elaborately displayed and cutely-labeled candy table. So this year I went low-key….not no-key, but low-key.

This party was just for family. I had a guest list of around twenty, so I made it a breakfast party. The menu was simple (and cheap!): cheesy scrambled eggs, Star Wars pancakes, fruit salad, juice, Darth Roast coffee, and cupcakes for dessert.

The yoda cups were a late-night after thought. I had purchased green Solo cups with straws and lids and after staring at them decided they would look much cuter with a face and some ears. I asked Matt to draw on the faces and we even placed everyone’s names on the back of the cups. (Don’t you hate it when you find a million half full cups scattered all over your house at the end of a party? Names on cups help solve this problem!)

star wars party ideas

I found a yoda ear printable, cut them out, and then just glued them in place with a glue stick. For your own yoda ear printout click here: yoda ears

star wars party ideas

I did splurge on a few items from Williams & Sonoma to make my life easier. We bought the Star Wars pancake molds and the Star Wars cupcake toppers. The pancakes turned out so cute and were a big hit! We used green sprinkles on the yoda pancakes to give them some pizazz.

star wars party ideas

I found a graphic for Darth Roast Coffee online here, printed and cut it out, and taped it to the coffee pot! We were going to serve “Jabba the Hut Chocolate” as well, but I decided we had enough sweets on the table already.

star wars party ideas

The Dark side Dark Chocolate Cupcakes were delish!

star wars party ideas

Since Zephan was dressed as Bobo Fett, I placed five Bobo Fett toppers on his cupcake. (Check out Kim’s youngest in the background blowing out the candle as well :). So cute! They are only 6 wks apart so perhaps he is practicing *wink*.)

For the extra cupcakes, I found some free Star Wars printables, placed some ships on top and called it a day.

star wars party ideas

I didn’t take a lot of picture of the decorations, but I used a lot of free printables and Star Wars pennant banners along the doorways. Target was a huge lifesaver for me! They had Star Wars paper plates, napkins, fruit gummies, and coloring packs. I placed a Star Wars coloring pack (coloring book, crayons, and stickers) and a few bags of Star Wars gummies in each gift bag.

star wars party ideas

If you want a copy of the Star Wars logo I used for the paper bags, click here to download: star wars

star wars party

Everyone was encouraged to come dressed as their favorite Star Wars character. Most of the adults opted out but some of us were good sports and played along. Matt decided to make Zephan’s costume for him.

star wars party ideas

Matt is actually incredibly crafty. He doesn’t care for home decorating or home improvement at all. But give him a kids’ craft challenge and he’s in his element ;). He must have spent at least 20 hours creating this costume out of cardboard and empty food containers.

star wars party ideas

star wars party ideas

I made an appearance as Princess Leia. My sock buns were great entertainment for all.

star wars ideas

I’ll admit it. I fell really short this year in the game planning. I personally hate games of all kinds so they’re hard for me to orchestrate. We did a little jedi training though. I had the boys compete against one another to see who could keep their balloon in the air the longest.

star wars party ideas

They loved it and thought it was great fun.

And then began the jedi sparring! (You had to watch that little pink “wistie”. She was brutal! She is my little sister’s youngest and is the baby of our entire family. She made up for that fact once she had a light saber in her hands! You don’t mess with an armed fairy princess.)

It was an incredibly fun party and everyone had a fabulous time…even without going over-the-top!

star wars ideas

If you want more elaborate party ideas, feel free to click on my Star Wars Party Ideas Pinterest board.

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  1. tammy says

    to cute! great job Mom and Dad!!!! love it all, thanks for sharing all the links. i have a star wars junky at home too!

  2. says


    This was such a great post, thank you so much for posting a “real party” that you obviously focused on what was important to your kids and not how the photos would be staged. This is what a kids party SHOULD be and I am sure your sons had an amazing time!

    Take care, Laura

  3. says

    Just before I read it, I was thinking to myself that I love it when people share parties that are doable for families that don’t have lots of extra money to spend at this time of year. My oldest turns 6 next week, and we’re having her party this Saturday at the local ballet studio. This is the first “not at home” party she’s had; and I paid for it over a couple of months so that I wouldn’t stress out about decorating, games, food, etc.

    I LOVE your decorations, and your hubby did an amazing job on the costume. Bravo!!

    I’m going very, very low key on decorations since the studio is only giving us a 1/2 hour (??!) to set up. Some tables with table cloths for food and gifts, some balloons, and maybe some streamers. Not the best, but I think the kids will love it regardless.

    Thanks for this post!!

  4. says

    I’m so impressed with that costume! I’ve made jedi costumes before, but Boba Fett’s helmet and artillery pack – too cool! Looks like it was a terrific party! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Kim B. says

    I personally am glad you posted this as THIS is a party I can relate to :) I’m NOT creative….oh I LOVE themed parties, but then TOTALLY stress on planning it & having it all come together. This was a PERFECT example of how even “simple” parties ARE amazing & fun!! You are blessed to have such a GREAT family to celebrate with :) Your boys are blessed to have such a FUN mom & CREATIVE dad!! MAJOR Mother’s Day points dressing up as Princess Leia by the way!!

  6. says

    I love this. My 7 year old daughter just discovered Star Wars and is now a huge fan of Darth Vader of all characters. Every night she and my 2 year old daughter has some very energetic light saber fights and I must say that my youngest one is the best fighter and doesn’t give in at all. My oldest is getting all things Darth Vader for Christmas and I have a feeling that there will be a Star Wars party in June. Thank you so much for sharing all these great ideas. I can’t wait to make a fun party for them (they share birthday) on a budget as usual.

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