Tulips Tulips: Decorating with Tulips

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Tulips Tulips, I adore tulips! They scream happy, and Spring, and cartwheels on the grass :). They are one of my favorite flowers, so today I thought it would be fun to show four different ways to display your tulips. tulips tulips Lemons are fresh, fun and a fantastic compliment to flowers. To create a lemon vase, I placed my tulips inside a vintage ball jar and then carefully placed sliced lemon circles around the stems of the flowers. You’ll find that the lemons all want to float to the top of the water. To prevent this, take a knife or wooden skewer and gently push the lemons in to place. tulips tulips Here is what the final product will look like when you’re finished. This would make an equally gorgeous centerpiece for a summer barbecue or an outdoor wedding! tulips tulips This vase was by far my boys’ favorite way to display tulips. The only problem with this tulip display idea is that your filler might disappear before you are able pour it into your vase! To make a candy vase you will need a wide-mouthed vase, drinking glass, candy filler (I used Reeses eggs because I love them), water, and tulips. Place your glass inside your vase and then pour your candy pieces all around the drinking glass. If a piece or two ends up inside the drinking glass, simply fish it out and pop in your mouth :). Place your tulips inside the drinking glass and fill the glass with water being careful not to drip any on the candy. No one likes soggy candy. Display your beautiful arrangement proudly and remind your children that this is NOT a candy bowl. tulips tulips If you aren’t feeling crafty, try displaying your cut tulips in a non-traditional vase. White pitchers are a gorgeous option! Below I chose a vintage-inspired milk bottle vase and placed two tulips inside each bottle. There are only 12 flowers total in the bottles. Tip: Placing your arrangement in front of a mirror will give the illusion of having more flowers in your arrangement! tulips tulips This display is the most dramatic and it happens to be my favorite. To create an egg vase, you will need a large glass container (I used an apothecary jar), a cylinder vase, eggs, and tulips. Using the same method that we used to create the candy vase, carefully place your cylinder vase inside the apothecary jar and layer eggs around the cylinder vase. Fill the cylinder vase with water and arrange your tulips. This would also look amazing with your family’s dyed Easter eggs! tulips tulips So how about you? Do you have any favorite ways to display¬†cut tulips? Which idea was your favorite? Do you plan on using tulips in your Easter decor this year? Talk to me!

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    I love tulips. I think my favorite would have to be the lemon vase, it just looks so clean and fresh. My second pick would be the vase with the eggs. That idea is so unique and eye catching. Thanks for all the ideas! Lesley

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    Love me some tulips! Seems to be a lot of Dutch girls hanging around here…including me!
    My fave might be the lemon arrangement but I am going to try the candy filler idea for a centerpiece this weekend. Thanks!

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