Inspiration File: Smart Tiles

I love it when I stumble across a product that will work well for renters! I receive several emails each month from renters asking advice on how to make updates to a home you don’t own. It can definitely be a challenge! Well, here is a product you might want to look into. They are called “smart tiles” and are gel-like “sticker” sheets of tile that are removable. They come in several shades and varieties. There is a cute beige subway tile and some fun mosaics. You might be able to find some at your local Home Depot. From what I can tell online, they seem pricey. However, if you’re going for a trendy, less permanent look or are renting, they might be perfect for you! One to keep in the inspiration file for future reference :).
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  1. Heather says

    We aren’t renting (actually have lived here 20+ years), but I still can’t decide on a back splash (currently only have a painted wall above the laminate counter). So, how do you pick a back splash that isn’t trendy, but will go with new granite (or granite look) counters (without putting up more of the same granite which I think is boring)?? I am so tired of looking and am about to try something trendy or temporary.

    • Beth says

      Back splashes are scary because they ARE so permanent and not easily removed. My advice would be to look at kitchens on Pinterest that have similar granite and cabinet colors as you and see which back splashes catch your eye.

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