Tutorials & Tips Link Party {19}: Williamsburg,VA Trip

We have thoroughly enjoyed catching up with family in Virginia this week! Over the weekend, Matt & I left the boys with Matt’s parents and did some sightseeing by ourselves in Williamsburg. We hit the Williamsburg Winery for a tour, tasting, and lunch which was definitely the highlight for me!

It was a gorgeous day, so we enjoyed our time strolling through the vineyard.

The architecture of the buildings is modeled after old Europe.

These worn doors caught my attention and affection. I love the worn patina.

And I would have loved to take a few of these empty barrels home with me! However the winery only sells their used barrels once a year for around $75 per barrel. Yikes. That seems a bit pricey for a planter.

But the worn stamped wood and smell of oak is definitely appealing.

wine barrels picture

Most of our tour took place in the wine cellar. Wine is kept best at 55* and 75% humidity. Pictured below are hundreds of barrels of wine aging until they are ready for bottling.

And this is a bad pic, but I’ll include it anyhow. This is the wine cellar where the “all-reserve” wine tasting takes place. A wine at this winery was defined as a “reserve” if it was aged in a new barrel for three years with hand picked grapes. Our tasting only included one reserve wine because they are much more expensive.

The tudor-style ballroom upstairs was rustic and lovely. I could just imagine all the gorgeous weddings that take place here!

Here is a flickr photo for you of the ballroom all weddingfied. Lovely!

The tasting was informative and fun. I always tend to prefer red wines over whites and this tasting was no exception.

Later, we drove down to Colonial Williamsburg for shopping and dinner. Below is a picture of The Cheese Shop with lots of people enjoying the local fare.

If I ever have a guest house, I would love to have it look something like this!

We ate dinner at a restaurant called The Trellis. I had the cornbread and crayfish stuffed trout and Matt had the salmon. It was delicious! For dessert we split a dessert called Death by Chocolate and I could only eat two bites before dying :). It was soooo rich. Matt ate the entire dessert and felt like death afterwards. It lived up to its name!

The crepe myrtle trees are in full bloom down here and I love them!

More irresistible architecture for you…

Okay, no more vacay pics, I promise!

Now show me what you’ve been up to this week! Just use a text link back to my site please. Looking forward to being inspired by your creativity!

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  1. says

    Those are great photos! I went when I was a little girl and we were visiting relatives that lived back East, but I haven’t been back since. I think I’ll need to put this on my “to see” list in the near future. :)

  2. says

    Loved the photos. We are actually heading there tomorrow, so this was a great timing for your post! We’ll have our two oldest kids with us, so I’m not sure the winery will win out over things like the stockades. :)

  3. Cara says

    Looks like a wonderful time. The pic of you and Matt is just too sweet. Glad you were able to get away and enjoy some time without the wee ones.
    Thanks for sharing.


  4. says

    Lovin’ your pics, Beth! My grandmother was one of the first women to graduate from William and Mary so we’ve been to Williamsburg several times and looooove it! I’ll have to check out the winery next time we’re in that neck of the woods. Enjoy your family time!

  5. says

    Just had to write and say how much I, too, adore Williamsburg…it’s about an hour from my home in Richmond, and the Winery tours and tastings are amazing! Thanks for the photos, and glad you had a great time! xoxo

  6. says

    What lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. I’ve been through VA, and it’s such a pretty state.

    Thanks for hosting.


  7. says

    I’m from Virginia Beach (now living in NC) and I love Williamsburg. I, especially, love the Trellis. Death by chocolate is so yummy. Fun to see your photos from your VA vacation.

  8. says

    hey Beth! Your trip looks fab! Thanks for hosting your great party, yet again! I’ve linked up my daughter’s vintage Barbie party- #36. Hope you’re having a great day!

  9. says

    What a fun getaway for you! Your pictures are beautiful. Visiting wineries is such fun, isn’t it? I used to always prefer red wines, but I’m afraid they now give me a terrible headache. Grrr. Oh, well, it’s hot most of the year in North Carolina, so chilled wines are good.

    I’ve linked up a little tip regarding a beverage dispenser. One of these days I’m going to make it here with a beautiful big project. . . it seems like little stuff is all I do these days! Oh, well, I can visit some of the others and drool over their stuff. Thanks for hosting!

  10. Anita says

    You know my husband and I have been living in Norfolk, Va now for almost two years, and we have as of yet to get up to Williamsburg! Your pictures have inspired me though and I think a weekend trip there just may be in our very near future! Thanks for sharing!

  11. says

    Hi Beth-

    Looks like you had a great time. What fun and lots of good eats too. You look very pretty in all your photos – I love your blue dress.
    My best- Diane

  12. says

    I posted my tip for prolonging the peony blooming season…but messed up and gave my name as the title instead of the name of the tip. If you could change it or delete it and let me resubmit that would be wonderful. The idea of Peony arrangements in July is a great one!

  13. says

    So glad the two of you could get away! I love Williamsburg, especially at Christmas! I would have wanted one of those wine barrels too.

  14. says

    Ah yes, Death By Chocolate was actually created by the chef at Trellis! Williamsburg is so quaint; we were there last summer but almost died in the 104 degree heat!

  15. says


    Thanks for sharing the Williamsburg Winery. Thomas grew up in PA but lived in No VA for 15 yrs before moving to NJ. We will have to add this to our to do list while in VA. The last time I was in Williamsburg was during a heatwave and all I could do was think about how miserable (HOT) the poor people that work there must be dressed in period attire. You and your husband make a beautiful couple.

    Your Friend,

  16. says

    Beth, you were visiting my backyard and didn’t let me know! :) Williamsburg is about 40 minutes from where I live–it’s my absolute favorite. Was the farmer’s market going on?

    Thanks again for hosting!

  17. says

    Beth, your vacation photos are gorgeous! What a romantic setting for a day alone with hubby :) Thank you for sharing them and thank you for another great party. I always love to check out all the great projects! Thank you!

  18. says

    Love the pics and would love to go to Williamsburg. Will have to add that to my list!

    You and Matt look adorable in your photos! Love the blue shirt…do you mind sharing where you found it?


  19. says

    I’m a graduate student at W&M, so I live in Williamsburg–great pics! It’s such a pretty area. I toured the winery last year, and the tasting was definitely the highlight…especially all the smoked gouda that came with it!!!!

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