How to Make a Chair Planter #lowescreator

We are having the most glorious spring weather right now which has me finding every excuse possible to spend time outdoors! I’m not much of a gardner, but I adore flowers and can typically keep most things alive in a container (as long as I remember to water them *wink*). I have been busy sprucing up my outdoor living spaces and recently created a chair planter from an old rocking chair. Today I am going to teach you step-by-step how to make a chair planter of your own. Are you ready?

chair planter

Here is what you will need:

Below is a picture of what my chair looked like in it’s before state. It was in pretty sad shape.

chair planter before

 Step 1: Remove all upholstery, springs, nails, tacks, etc. and thoroughly clean your chair. I used an outdoor cleaner I had on hand. I allowed the chair to dry and then used a tack cloth to remove dust.

rocking chair

Step 2: Fill any nail holes or cracks with wood filler, allow to dry, and then sand smooth.

wood filler

Step 3: Paint chair with spray paint plus primer. I used Valspar’s Gold Abundance Spray Paint + Primer. I’ve used other Valspar spray paints in the past and really like them, but I have to say I wasn’t a fan of the yellow. The coverage was poor and the paint splattered quite a bit. It might have just been a faulty can because I’ve used a ton of other colors and never had any trouble. Once dry, I had to sand off the splatters and go over it with a coat of Rustoleum in a similar shade of yellow.

rocking chair spray paint

 Step 4: Attach a hanging basket to the center of your chair. I used the chain that came with the basket to attach the basket to the chair. Simply use pliers to release the extra chain links and shorten the chain to the desired length. See the pictures below to get a better idea of how the basket is attached.

wire basket

 Step 5: Plant your flowers or plants in your chair and don’t forget to water. Enjoy!

how to chair planter


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  1. Beth N says

    Followed a link to the Garden tower planter/bird bath from DIY Showoff and boy am I glad I did! The tutorial for the planter was great (you had me at “boob light fixture, that is what I call them!) but then I saw this project. As it would happen I have two adorable chairs I got at a yard sale ($7 for both) that I planned on making planters out of (old cane seats busted out) but was not sure how to pull it off, this is it! Simple and I already have everything at home, just have to decide what color to paint them!. Thanks, I am an instant fan!

    • Beth says

      Roeshel is a good friend :). I’m glad you hopped on over and thanks so much for the sweet comment. Good luck on your chair project and send me a pic when you’re finished. I’d love to see how they turn out!

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