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I can be moody. I don’t like this fact about myself, but it’s the ugly truth. I often wish I was given a more laid back personality. It would pre-empt so many problems (or at least the way I perceive those problems). The fact of the matter is that I require a lot of sleep, I’m prone to low blood sugar, I’m tightly wound, and I have a lot of sensory issues that make me sensitive (and then irritable) to smells, sounds, textures, etc. I need to be well-fed, rested, not too hot or cold, and hormonally balanced to be at my best. So yeah, a lot of the time you can just call me Ms. Grumpypants. Grumpopotamus. Groucho Grouchy. Grouchalotatus.

beth grouch

So the other day, I was waiting to buy two items at the only checkout line available at the store. There were about five people in front of me, all with overflowing carts, and a few with misbehaving children. I didn’t blame them. I felt like misbehaving myself. I was overly hot in my winter coat. When we had to wait even longer for a price check, I too wanted to start throwing candybars on the floor in protestation like the toddler in the cart in front of me.

When it was finally my turn to pay I didn’t make eye contact with the cashier. I was grouchy. I didn’t feel like being nice and making silly small talk. I just wanted to pay for these things and get. out. of. the. store! I ran my card through the slider and grabbed my bag. The cashier said to me in an excited voice, “Oh, Elizabeth Hunter! How fantastic! Can I have your autograph right here,” pointing to the signature pad. I laughed out loud. The line was delivered perfectly without too much sarcasm and just enough playfulness and glint-in-the-eye to make you feel both special and silly. My mood lifted and I felt guilty for my rudeness. It was an excellent reminder to me to never underestimate the power of a few cleverly spoken words. They can completely turn someone’s day around. I know they did for me!

As a reminder to get over myself when I’m feeling tired and irritable, I made myself a little poster. I thought a few of you might like one too! You can download a full-sized copy here: cleverly spoken words cleverly spoken words
Go forth and speak some clever words! You might just cheer the Grouch right out of them!

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  1. says

    LOL! I love this so much, I think because a) I’m your sister & b) who of us hasn’t been in that exact situation and then humbled to our knees for our attitudes…. (both hands raised up in shameful admittance). 😉

  2. karen sunday says

    HI,Elizabeth Ha funny that is my daughter’s name and we are both what I call overly sensitive but I guess that makes me appreciate my husband who is so mellow I sometimes wish God gave me more coping skills but then I wouldn’t be me? I love your blog and thank you for your honesty it’s nice to know I am not alone. sincerely,Karen

  3. Jan says

    Boy I needed this today! I woke up in the worst mood and you just made me smile!! Thanks!! My mood has now changed thanks to you. Have a blessed day! :)

  4. says

    Being moody is one of my greatest challenges so I can so relate to your story (minus the whole autograph asking part, of course!) Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Marie B. says

    I used to be one of those cashiers and believe me, it works everytime! I also have a yellow, mellow hubby and I thank God for him…..otherwise it would be World War 3 if he were like me! Your honesty is refreshing….most of us grumppies tend to blame either the situation or other person! Thank you for sharing!

    • Beth says

      Oh no, I will always take responsibility for my bad behavior. I just wish it didn’t ever exist! My hubs is incredibly laid back as well and handles me and my moodiness beautifully. Thank you for being one of those cashiers! I am sure you brightened so many people’s days just by taking their rudeness in stride!

  6. Kathy Roloff says

    Your story truly did make me laugh out loud. I am a gemini and have two distinct personalities. One is very high maintenance and the other is patient and cheerful. I have a number of gemini friends who understand this. It keeps life interesting, because you never know who you are going to get.

  7. says

    Oh I totally hear you and appreciate your candor – esp in the blog-world where everything seems so….rosey…all the time.
    I am the master of moodiness but always so appreciative when someone bumps me out of a mood like that. Cheers to the cashier and cheers to you for going with it.

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