Flowerpot Brownie Cakes

I apologize ahead of time to my future daughters-in-law.  Yes my boys are only 5 and 3, so an apology is a bit premature, but I’m afraid my little men are growing rather accustomed to fantastic “just because” parties thrown in their honor.  In my defense, they are so grateful, appreciative, and adoring whenever I do something like this for them.   And selfishly it gives me a way to fulfill my creative energies without the exhaustion of throwing a full-blown party. It’s a win/win situation all around...except perhaps for you future wives-to-be!
I found some mini flowerpots at Ollies for $.39 and lined them with parchment paper.  I used gluten free brownie mix, so both my boys could enjoy this dessert and baked the pots for about 40mins.
After they cooled, I topped them with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting, chocolate almond “rocks”, mint sprigs, and candy daisies.

These would be so easy and adorable to make for a party!  I even had some Martha Stewart invites and place cards previously purchased at Walmart for $1 on clearance last summer.

To get those little frosting daisies to stick on the mint, I just used a little glop of frosting to adhere.  The almond “rocks” were found for $1.50 at Ollies.  My kids love chocolate-covered almonds so I was thrilled to find a large bag at this price!
Mmmmmmmmm, yum.  The warmth of the pots makes the brownies all gooey and fabulous in the center even after the outside of the pots have cooled.  So delicious!

But don’t take my word for it….

Let’s see what the critics think…
Hmmmm…let’s first do away with this garnish!

Ah yes, good bouquet, full body, and very balanced…

Uh, the flowers were yummy but what do I do with these leaves?

Oh yes…a definite yum!

Djooble mmmm!  (Can’t be sure, but I think that was a double yum.)

And look at this!  The triple yum is left over for moi!  Gotta go.  I have a flowerpot to eat!


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  1. Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    These are adorable & hey there is nothing wrong with setting the bar really high for those future daughter in laws 😉

    btw just a little note: when I check your posts in a reader your video from your glass cutting post plays automatically and I have to scroll all the way down to that post to shut it off…not sure if that's just me or what but thought I'd let you know!

  2. Ashley O says

    What a great idea!! Now I just need something to celebrate so I have a reason to eat one. Hmmmmm…… Happy Wednesday????? 😉

  3. Anonymous says

    Ha ha ha….what a great idea.

    Beth you are adorable and not to worry about the future wives…I am sure they will pick wisely.

    Fun post,
    Kathy :)

  4. Jenny B says

    ROTFL at your apology! Tho someday their wives will appreciate that! I know cause I'm a wife of a boy whose momma was great to him too! He's a great well rounded daddy because of it! Cute cute cute idea! I sooo need to do a just because party for my kids especially since i've been the oger!

  5. Marianne@Songbird says

    They look so cute and yummy (the cakes I mean not the boys). And you are one courageous momma to let your boys eat chocolate cake with white shirts on. That must have been one chocolate smearing feast.
    When will you bake me some cakes…? :-)

  6. Kris says

    These are absolutely adorable!!!! I have heard of them, but never seen them. And yours are the cutest ever!!! Can't wait to try them.
    What lucky little boys you have to sample all of your goodies!

  7. Nicole Maki says

    What a gorgeous little party!

    My boys are 13, 12 and 11 and I worry about the same thing as I throw just because parties for them and the like. So far, so good. They're well adjusted kids. Hopefully their expectations won't be too high though :-)

  8. Shel at Dreamy Nest says

    Too stinkin' cute! Cute kids – cute brownies, cute plating, cute – cute – cute!!! Now I'm hungry. Love this!! I think I'm going to adopt a few hundred new mommies for myself out there in blog-land. You're included. :)

  9. Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com says

    those are just adorable Beth! How cute would they be for a little girl's garden birthday party, or a baby shower. I am going to bookmark them!


  10. Pam says

    Oh wow…how neat is that. I have made rolls in a pot like that but not brownies and my rolls did not look that pretty.

  11. Candace@craftysisters-nc says

    Very cute! Your boys tossing aside the mint leaves made me laugh, mine would do the same.

  12. Funky Junk Interiors says

    Oh my gosh… how outstanding are these?!? And your photos are POW WOW amazing.

    I'm hungry. Darn it.


  13. Kristen says

    Those are so much fun!! I love the little random parties for kids – it makes the day to day bleh so much more fun!

  14. Shop Without Money Sisters says

    Those are adorable and you make it look doable! My daughter is having a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party. They would love cute with Strawberries growing from the pots (she's a HUGE brownie-lover!).

  15. raggygirlvintage says

    You are so clever, what a fab idea!
    Now teach your boys to make them and your one day daughter in laws will love you!

  16. Amy Jo @ The Little Moments says

    Super cute idea! I'm going to try this out. I've been saving mini flowerpots from my wedding favors for some such genious idea!

  17. Jennifer Juniper says

    Oh my word! This is the cutest thing I've seen in quite some time – imagine these at a bridal shower?!?

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