How to Prevent, Control, & Attack Bugs {Indoors and Out}

When you think of neighbors lounging on the front porch, chatting over a glass of sweet tea, you usually think of the south. Many don’t know that northern city dwellers share in this tradition, as well! We love to sit on the porch (front or back) and catch up on the latest news from all of our neighbors. However, nothing ruins a good gab session like a mob of flies or a nest of wasps. No one likes to admit to having pest problems in and around the home, but the truth is, many of us encounter this issue at some point.

city row home porch

As I was sitting on the front porch chatting with my very pregnant neighbor, we noticed wasps coming and going from a hole on the porch railing. We were both concerned for the safety of our families. I have two little boys and two little dogs and she has a toddler, a lab, and twins who were due the next day. Something needed to be done immediately to quickly and efficiently get rid of the wasps.

wasp nest

I consulted the recently launched website to find a solution. This new system provides us with a regimen of products and non-chemical tips that work together to attack, control and prevent indoor and outdoor pests. I really appreciate all of the preventative and non-chemical tips Raid has to offer. I also don’t want to use the wrong product for the problem, and the Raid® Defense System takes you through your bug problem step by step. You first identify the bug you are battling. Next, you answer whether the problem is occurring indoors or out. The next screen asks you the degree of the infestation and whether you have seen a few or a lot of the pests. Lastly, you identify where the problem is occurring. Once you complete the set of questions, Raid® will recommend the product solution to your problem and offer tips and tricks on how to help prevent and solve the problem.

The Raid® Defense System recommended that I use Raid Wasp & Hornet to treat our wasp problem. It also gave me tips on how to apply the product, “Spray wasp nests only at dusk or after dark when nearly all members of the colony are in the nest, as they are less likely to leave the nest to sting you.” Oh my. Duly noted Raid! Duly noted.

raid wasp & hornet

Like any good wife, I sent my husband out at dusk to spray the nest.  😉 Now that the nest is taken care of, we will need to fill the holes around our columns to prevent any future nests. Raid® also recommends that we, “Inspect eaves, overhangs, and roofs for new nests and spray them as soon as they are found.” Catching nests early is key.

wasp spray

I’m so glad we can go back to lounging on our front porch this summer without the threat of being stung by a wasp!

city porch

Do you have pest problems that you have questions about? You can tweet Raid at the handle @AskRaid with all of your pest questions and get real-time answers and solutions! You can also visit to find a comprehensive solution to getting rid of bugs.

Thanks Raid® Defense System for sponsoring this post and for offering solutions, tips and tricks to our bug problems. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Silv says

    Very important that you not spray the wasps during the day. I noticed a wasp going into a crack near the front door while watering my pots last summer. I knew this, and yet I stupidly aimed the hose at the crack. 2 or 3 wasps came out angrily buzzing at me and chased me as I ran around to the back of the house, and one stung me in the back of my head and got tangled in my hair. I could hear it buzzing as I screamed for my (adult) son to come out and help get it out. I felt pretty dumb – I knew better.

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