Cloffice Inspiration {closet office}

If you are small on space, or just don’t feel like devoting an entire room for your office, sewing, or crafting space, then the cloffice might just be the answer you are looking for! I have a few cloffices in my home. Even though I have a craft room now, I still maintain a craft cloffice.

I also have a little homeschool/homework cloffice in my craft room for the boys to use.

homeschool closet

But if you want to do the cloffice right, just look at the inspiration pics I have compiled for you! These spaces are tiny bits of gorgeousness. (Click on the picture to be taken to the source.)

Wallpaper, floating shelves, pegboard on the door, inspiration board on the other, file cabinet desk, cute chandy—it’s perfection baby!

country living cloffice

Kelly Rae was so in love with Country Living closet that she used it as her inspiration in creating this beauty.

Kelly Rae Office

Removing the door and replacing it with a curtain is a great option for a very small cloffice. It frees up more space and allows you to work without feeling boxed in. Take advantage of vertical storage room and don’t forget to install good lighting. (Psst. Ikea is a fabulous resource for cloffice creating!)

iheartorganizing cloffice

Here are a few more wallpapered cloffice inspiration pictures for you:

Real Simple

Dana Wolter Interiors

So this one isn’t exactly a closet, but it easily could be, and I liked the use of wallpaper in combination with the fabric covered cork boards.

source unknown

If you don’t want something as permanent as wallpaper, a stenciled cloffice is a wonderful option.

The Blooming Hydrangea

And here are just a few more pics that caught my eye!


Source: via Olgs on Pinterest


I like the use of clipboards and wall organizers on her doors.

The Write Start

Source: via Megan on Pinterest

Source: via Elysa on Pinterest

How about you? Do you have a cloffice? Link it up and show it off!

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  1. says

    Wow, thank you for including my cloffice in your post today! What an honor!!! Love all the inspiration in this post. I might need to make another one seeing as we sold our house with the cloffice.

  2. says

    Hi Beth-

    All the photos are so inspiring even if you don’t have a cloffice. When I was growing up I had to share a bedroom with two sister. I dearly wanted my own room. If a bed had fit into the closet, I would have claimed it as my own.
    My best- Diane

  3. says

    Hi Beth! I love all these inspirational pictures! I have linked up my tiny little office space…although not exactly a closet but a small nook that was the only space available to me! I think every woman should have a little office space to call her own, don’t you? And it should be pretty! I love the colour pink and I included pink in my office space….the only pink in the whole house…but it is MY space! Angie xo

  4. says

    Thanks so much for this post! I’m in the process of redoing my childhood bedroom for my mom and I wanted to create a sewing room for her in the closet and this give me so many great ideas!

  5. says

    oh my goodness. They all have such beautiful wallpaper! I want all of them. I love how it’s like a normal closet but then you open it up and pop, all these colours and patterns come out! How did you manage to find so many things I like?! :)

  6. says

    OK, I am embarrassed to admit that I had never heard the term “cloffice” until today! (Especially embarrassing, because I am typing this from the desk in my very own WALK-IN CLOFFICE!) Thank you for this post, because I am in desperate need of a kick in the pants to finish decorating my office and this inspiration is just what I needed! I have yet to see a fabulous *walk-in* cloffice, so I’m ready to wow the world when I finally get around to finishing mine — ha! :)

  7. says

    I had this when I was a little girl (although not so fancy…just 2 milk crates topped with a piece of plywood) and I loved it. I’ll never forget “working” in there addressing all my Valentines. I’ve always wanted one as an adult but could never give up the closet space!

  8. says

    I recently purchased a computer armoire and a storage ottoman so I can conceal my home office inside my family room. It’s not a true “Cloffice” but I feel like it’s the same kind of idea…containing all the home office clutter to a small area, etc. I will be posting about it soon on my blog but don’t have a post to link up yet.

  9. Angelicmama says

    Man, I wish I had a closet BIG enough to do a cloffice! Since we live in an apt we cant take the doors off either! 2 bedroom apt just is NOT big enough to run a HBB, a NPO & a family with 4 kids—4 years and triplet 7 month olds! We need a bigger place but try finding one thats a reasonable price :( Boo!

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