Trend Alert: Arrows in Home Decor

It’s time for a new “Trend Alert” post at Home Stories A to Z and today we are going to be telling the story of arrows in home decor. Isn’t it fascinating how the fashion, home  and craft Creatives latch onto a certain appealing shape and run with it? We’re all completely OVER chevron at this point, so arrows offer a chevron’esque appeal yet without so much zig and zag. If you are on instagram (you can follow me at homestoriesatoz), then you can’t help but see arrows all over people’s pics! The trend is still fairly fresh so if you want to jump on the arrow bandwagon before it rides off into the sunset, I’ve got you covered!  Let’s explore 27 different inspirational ways to use arrows in your home decor.

**Please note that the picture source is linked below each picture. Click on the link if you would like to be taken to the source.**

arrows in home decor

Whimsical arrows hung on the wall in bright hues look adorable in a kiddo’s room!  I think this look could easily work for a boy or girl especially with the popularity of Disney’s movie Brave. This would be a classy way of working in your little Merida or Green Arrow wannabee.


Modern Kiddo

Metal arrow signs provide a great place for magnets and kid treasures! I like how they are mixed here with license plates and fun geometric curtains and furnishing to give a construction zone feeling without being overly themey.

This handmade quilt was made for a child’s room. Lucky kid! It is beautiful and fun!
arrow quilt
Metal planters hung on the wall with fun arrows make cleaning almost look desirable. This is a clever storage option!
arrows in home decor
A rustic looking arrow sign hung within a gallery wall creates interest. I think you could DIY this sign using an old metal tin, a stencil, tin snips, and some blue poster-board backing.
The space below is colorful and bold. I am loving the child’s loft area with blue arrow showing that you slide down the pole. My boys would go crazy over this set-up!
Arrows at weddings as party decor? You bet! Look how lovely this place setting and favors look at this wedding. I think this would be fun for a non-traditional Valentine’s party or maybe for an upcoming Hunger Games premiere party.
arrow wedding
Wooden arrows on a gallery wall of graphic art. You can’t lose with this combination!
wood arrow sign
This is bordering more on chevron, but the pattern is broken up enough that the frame looks tribal and graphic. It would be fun to hang on a chalkboard wall and write a simple word in the center.
arrow decor
Arrow tips in Orla Keily’ish colors look fresh on brown craft paper. A stamp could help you create your own designer wrapping paper!
arrow decor
Pottery with arrows gives a neo-Sothwestern feeling and flare. I love the mixed blues chosen for the plate.
arrow decor
Smile and Wave teaches you how to make your own arrow mobile in her step by step tutorial.
arrow mobile
Or you could place the same arrow shape on your wall with a  vinyl decal.
arrow decor
How about a jewelry hanger?
arrow art
Or you could go crazy and stencil yourself some arrow wallpaper!
arrow decor
I have to admit that I like a more subtle use of the shape. Arrows in a blue jar look lovely. Although, if this were sitting on my countertop the boys wouldn’t be able to resist throwing them at each other.
I’m not much for a new-Southwestern look, but this bedding from Anthropologie would look great in the right room.
arrows decor
And of course, let’s not forget the easiest (and in my opinion BEST) way to incorporate a trend—THROW PILLOWS!
arrow decor
arrow pillow
arrow pillow
arrow pillow
arrow pillow
Okay, so I’ll admit that this is debatable as to whether or not it falls into the “arrow” category. However, if you’re like me and not fully ready to embrace “the full arrow” herringbone is a fabulous option! I love the look of herringbone.
herringbone floor
Most of the pictures I’ve shown you come from etsy or design blogs. But what about our kind of bloggers? Have they jumped on the arrow trend bandwagon yet? Of course! After all, we’re the ones who set the trends *wink*! Take a peak at just three fun arrow projects our niche has produced recently.

herringbone dresser

arrow wall art
arrow wall art
So what do you think? Are arrows in your home decor future? Any ideas you particularly like? Dislike? Yay or nay?
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  1. says

    Trends seem so strange at times to me. I did not like the antler trends and don’t think I will enjoy this one either. However FEDEX should fit right in since they have an arrow hidden in their logo. I never realized it until my son pointed it out to me this week—there is an arrow in their logo where the E and the X meet–you have to look for it if you have a brain like mine, lol!

    • Beth says

      Yes, those who like antlers will probably like arrows. It’s a more neo-Southwestern look. And yes, I’ve noticed the Fed-ex logo :).

  2. says

    Hmmm…I like antlers, arrows not so much. Directional arrows are okay, and anything herringbone-ish I love, love, LOVE, (because it reminds me of fabric) but not arrows specifically. Maybe it’s what they represent? Hunting? Violence? Not sure…just not my thing, especially when they’re cute-sified…with the exception of cupid. Cupi-fied is a-o-k. :)

  3. says

    I think you’ve pointed me in the right direction! (sorry).
    Definitely on target! (sorry again…I’ll stop now)
    But thanks for this heads up on the trending side of things. I’ll put my mind to how I can use some arrows in the future.

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