Trend Alert: Tiled Walls

I started this post three weeks ago and it’s been sitting in “DRAFT” mode waiting to be finished! It’s so unfair to keep such eye candy all to myself for so long, so today I decided to get to it and share the beauty with all of you. Who says floors and back splashes should have all the fun? Why not take that tile all the way up to the ceiling to create some major wow factor! And that is just what we are seeing in this renewed design trend—floor (or countertop) to ceiling of gorgeous wall tile.
tiled walls
On Pinterest, I have noticed more and more kitchen and bathroom designs being pinned that include gorgeous tiled walls. These chevron tiles are so fun!
tiled walls
Although I have to admit that after grouting our kitchen stone backsplash, I can’t say that I would look forward to doing an entire wall of grouting!
tiled wall
Tile is also a major commitment. Unlike stripping wallpaper, tile is the extreme sport of DIY to change out. But wow, it is so beautiful!
tiled walls
Blue subway tile anyone? Gorgeous and bold move for sure!
tiled wall
I would be more inclined to use white subway tile for a more timeless look.
subway tiled walls
However, I have to admit that this multi-tone subway tile is stunning!
tiled walls
The picture below is all over Pinterest right now and it is a beautiful example of this trend.
tiled wall
These Morrocan inspired tiles are actually hand crafted cement tiles. So pretty.
tiled wal

 Avente Tile Talk

I’m loving the classic color combination of blue and white with the marble countertop.

But kitchens aren’t the only ones being draped in tile! Many designers are implementing floor to ceiling tile in bathrooms beyond just the shower stall.

subway tile

Absolutely Beautiful Things

Sarah Richardson is known for her use of tile in kitchens and bathrooms!

tiled wall

Sarah Richardson

tiled wall

Sarah Richardson

This is my favorite. I am in love with this tile.

And of course Layla & Kevin recently tiled the wall space in their guest bath for a lovely focal point.

tiled wall

The Lettered Cottage

And there are some designers tiling walls in living rooms and dining rooms, however, I still prefer my tile to remain in the kitchen and bathroom. Call me conservative. Okay, perhaps I’ll make an exception for around the mantel!

tiled living room, tiled mantel

Architects for Life

So what do you think of this renewed trend? Those of you still dealing with mid century pink tile in your bathrooms might be more reticent to jump on board with this trend! I am currently considering tiling one wall in our half bath, but I’m admittedly nervous. Tiled walls are gorgeous but indeed require commitment. I’m not sure I’m ready to get hitched to tile yet. How about you?

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  1. says

    I love the photos, but I am a bit of a commitment phobe on this trend, I admit it. You’re right – this takes commitment to a whole new level! Wallpaper is nightmare enough – this would be serious demo to change it out. But it IS beautiful!

  2. Maribel says

    Love your post on tiles and all the gorgeous pics. Last year I thought myself to do tiling, and it is so much fun (lots of work too!). Plus there are so many great choices to pick from.

  3. says

    I love this trend, though there is no way I’d commit to that much tile personally. Oddly enough, I don’t care that much for the chevron trend, but I love the chevron tiled kitchen the most out of these gorgeous inspiration pics…must be my current obsession with green and yellow.

  4. Maggie says

    Loking to update both my bathrooms with some tile work. These were lovely. My bathrooms are small. I need light.Want to make it look bigger and brighter…

  5. says

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