15 Do It Yourself Project Tutorials and Tips

Each week I wonder if “this is the week” I am going to be disappointed with the collection of projects linked up to my weekly Tutorials & Tips link party. That might sound pessimistic at first glance, but to the contrary, it’s just logical. Regression towards the mean would dictate that at least ONCE out of the 96 weeks this party has taken place a collection of projects would turn out to be duds. But nope. You all are way to awesome for that. Instead of a regression towards the mean, the projects just stay consistently off-the-charts-awesomesauce week after week—which is how we like it around here! So without further ado, here are 15 do it yourself tutorials and tips from around the blogosphere that do not disappoint. Enjoy!

do it yourself projects

How to Make a Barn Door Headboard by Little Yellow Barn. I have a thing for barn door headboards *wink*!

how to barn door headboard

DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light by View Along the Way. (If you want your own, you can commission Kelly to make you one. Woohoo! Or you can follow her tutorial and make your own.)

diy light

Bathroom Makeover Reveal by Beneath My Heart. Traci’s home is coming along so nicely isn’t it? I love seeing all of her room reveals. Gorgeous! Go check out her guest bathroom.

bathroom makevover

Vintage Secretary in Duck Egg Blue by The Golden Sycamore. Allison creates some beautiful painted furniture! She’s making me want to attack my unsuspecting armoire with some duck egg blue :).


How to Fix Veneer by A Sunday Afternoon. This is an excellent tip if you have a chipped piece of veneer furniture that needs fixing.

how to fix veneer

How to Make Your Own Captain’s Mirror by Magic City Thistle. If you’re lucky enough to score a round wooden tray, then you are on your way to creating your own Captain’s Mirror.

make your own captain's mirror

How to Add a Stairway Carpet Runner by Southern Hospitality. Great tutorial for anyone wanting to add a carpet runner to their staircase.

how to add a carpet runner to stairs

How to Paint Stairs by All That Brings Joy. Or if you just want to add a “paint runner” to your stairs, you can glean some tips from this post on how to do it.

how to paint stairs

Diamond Tufted Dining Bench by Birds and Soap. She built it and tufted it. The colorful mismatched buttons were a brillant idea! Go see how she pulled it off.

diamond tufted dining bench

How to “Reupholster” a Chair in 5 Minutes by Songbird. I am partial to fluffy-white-furry-things so this sheepskin chair speaks to me. I think I need an Ikea sheepskin now.


Tip: How to Use PicMonkey as a Design Tool by Dimples and Tangles. Great tip on how to use simple (and free) photo editing software to help you make design decisions in your home.

DR big w mirror

Tip: How to Shop for Second Hand Items by Market Nine Home. Shopping on Craigslist can be daunting at first. Learn some practical tips on how to shop second hand like a pro.

how to shop craigs list

Tip: How to Create a DIY Photo Backdrop by Girl Loves Glam. Professional backdrops can be pricey. Learn some tips and tricks on making your own!

DIY Photo Backdrop

Tip: How to Create a DIY Photo Booth by ‘A Casarella. Learn how to create your own props and your own fun “photo booth” for your next party or get together.

diy photo booth

Tip: How to Flatten a Rug by The DIY Showoff. Does your rug curl up on its own? Is it driving you crazy? Learn how Roeshel solves that problem in her home.

how to flatten a rug

Thanks to everyone who linked up and linked back to the Tutorials & Tips party last week! Remember that if you have a tutorial and tip to share, please feel free to link up to the weekly party that starts every Monday evening and lasts through Wednesday evening. I’d love to have you join us! And if your project is awesomesauce, then you’ll be featured too :).

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  1. says

    Thanks so much for featuring my secretary and for your sweet compliment! I really enjoy what I do and love that others are enjoying it, too! And I say you should totally attack your armoire with a little paint! I’m sure it will look beautiful!

    • Beth says

      So that’s why I suddenly feel all these happy heart vibes! Your light is awesome and as much as I enjoy DIY’ing all those precise little angles would drive me batty. I hope you have lots of orders coming your way!

  2. says

    Hi Beth! I was scrolling through your features thinking “What a wonderful selection, I can’t wait to check them out”… and then I stumbled across my Craig’s List Shopping tips post… What an honor to be featured! Thanks so much! I am really enjoying your website! ~Kristie

  3. says

    Oh wow! Thank you so much for featuring my photo booth.

    And an extra big thanks for including the picture of my daughter. (Apparently being on your blog is waayy cooler than being on mom’s blog… 😉


    • Beth says

      Did you see that they are selling the lights made to order? I don’t want to discourage you from DIY’ing but wanted to be sure you saw that :).

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