Tutorials & Tips Link Party {40}

I thought I would give you some tips on shooting Christmas trees at night, but apparently I’m really bad at it so someone else will have to guide you {snicker}. There are a few tutorials on Pinterest right now that tell you to turn off all the lights, put your camera on a tripod, crank up your ISO, open your f-stop wide, and set your shutter speed to slow….and then out pops a gorgeous twinkling picture! I tried taking this advice and wound up with a hot mess. I present to you a few of my attempts.

Attempt #1: Someone call 911 because my tree appears to be on fire! Oh no. It’s just a tad too much ISO burning up my picture. Let’s turn that baby down a bit, shall we?

photograph christmas tree night

Attempt #2: Ahhhhhh….the ISO is lower now and it’s looking much, much better! However the surrounding area appears a bit more lit than I was hoping for. Maybe if I turn it down even more and increase my shutter speed.

photographing tree at night

Attempt #3: Hmmmm. It’s pretty but it still doesn’t quite have the twinkling light effect I was hoping for. I wanted the brightness in 2 with the background of 3.

photographing tree at night

If you’re an expert at photographing your tree at night and have a tutorial for it, I hope you’ll link it up! I obviously need to follow another one!

Okay, let’s start the party! I’m excited to see what crazy DIY goodness you’ve been up to!

PLEASE READ the rules of the party before linking:

  • Any tip or tutorial is welcome! Decorating, holiday ideas, room makeovers, cleaning tips, recipes, crafts, and sewing all count.
  • Keep content fresh! Please do not link the same projects week after week. I will delete posts that you’ve linked up here several weeks in a row.
  • If your post has been featured in a Tutes & Tips Not to Miss, please do NOT link it up again.

  • Link back. I only feature those who link back to me within your post.
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  1. says

    Thanks for hosting the party Beth! I have trouble with photographing ANYTHING with my cruddy camera, but my low-light subjects especially. I tried the ISO trick too and it turned out OK. (Not on fire, at any rate, so that’s good.)

  2. says

    Thanks for hosting girlfriend!

    I have been trying to take a pretty photo of my tree for the past two weeks. I can’t figure it out. It is driving me bonkers! Your photo is gorgeous. I am wondering if I need more lights on my tree??? Oh well!

  3. says

    My husband thinks those types of pictures are amazing and make him a master photographer so if you share the same outlook as him, a bajillion pictures of your tree on fire and none with a clear image then you too are a master photographer! :p

  4. says

    lol to your commentary on attempt #1! Maybe only do one or the other (decrease ISO or shutter speed), and not both. If you do both, your decreasing your exposure by double! Try the custom shaped bokeh I linked up 😉 Thanks for hosting!

  5. says

    Yeah, that first one was pretty hilarious but the last two are nice…I prefer the 2nd. But I’m no expert. Ha. I’m linking up at 178 & 179 today. Thanks for hosting and making it possible 😉
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. says

    Hi Beth-

    All my attempts to create some holiday bokeh in my photos or too get a decent shot of my tree at night have failed miserably, too. :( I gotta keep trying. Your tree looks very pretty even if the photo didn’t turn out as you planned.

  7. suzanne barrow says

    Hi, I just viewed your tutorial on Pinterest and I’d like to join. Could you possibly send me an invitation? If so, thanks very much. Great video, helped me understand alot about Pinterest and I’m excited to get started on my own.

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