Tutorials & Tips Link Party {46}

Every Monday night, I watch the ridiculous show known as The Bachelor, and I tweet about it with other bloggers on twitter using hashtag: #bachbloggers. (Feel free to join us if you too enjoy mocking discussing the show :).)

the bachelor

And speaking of fun twitter chats to join, we will be having our first of many¬†#Haven2012 chats on Thursday 8pm EST.¬†This week we’ll be discussing more about the conference details, why conferences are so dang expensive, whether or not Haven is a good fit for you, will someone be there to sit at your lunch table or will you be left to feel like we’re in junior high again, etc.! It will be a fun chat and Chris from Just a Girl and yours truly will be leading it, so I hope you’ll stop by and join the conversation!

And now let’s see what amazing things you have been up to this week!


Party Rules

  • Any tip or tutorial is welcome! Decorating, holiday ideas, room makeovers, cleaning tips, recipes, crafts, and sewing all count.
  • Keep content fresh! Please do not link the same projects week after week. I will delete posts that you‚Äôve linked up here several weeks in a row.
  • If your post has been featured in a Tutes & Tips Not to Miss, please do NOT link it up again.
  • Link back. I only feature those who link back to me within your post.
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  1. says

    The Bachelor has become my guilty pleasure, but we do not have cable so I have to watch it the following night on Hulu. Thanks for not spilling any juicy gossip on your post tonight. And of course, thanks for hosting the linky party!

  2. says

    I’ve missed the chats for the past 2 weeks. I think I missed a lot of drama! That show is cray-zay. Still unsure about Haven – it’s that whole lonely lunch table thing that’s holding me back. ūüėČ

  3. says

    Hey Beth–

    I’m late for your party (so what else is new?), but I really wanted to participate. So I’m Link # three-hundred-twenty-something.

    I’d wanted to make a Valentine’s pillow, but the sad events of this past week put all my projects on hold. And then I decided that I didn’t want the pillow to be just for Valentine’s Day. I’m happy with what I finally came up with, and it was simple to make, so I shared it here.

    Thanks so much for hosting and for giving us a place to share!


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