Bunny and Egg Easter Mantel

A few nights ago, I was decorating the mantel for Spring. I was going to place a bunch of glass jars in blues and greens with palm fronds across the front and maybe fill the wall with a fun green geometric print. I started casting my vision on the mantel when my 5 year old Zephan said, “Your decorating is boring and never about us.” Yikes and ouch! Zeph has soooo much of my personality that it’s hilarious, and scary, and mostly just humbling. Just like his momma, Zeph’s not at all afraid to cut to the chase and tell it like it is. We sat down on the floor, and I just listened. This blog takes a lot of time and attention and what he was really saying is “pay attention to me”! I asked him if he wanted to help me decorate the mantel, and I allowed him to pick out the “theme” and decorations. So this year there are a lot of bunnies and eggs on the mantel ;). Not my first choice, but he is so right. Sometimes it needs to be just about them!

easter mantel

Zeph in particular likes looking through the Pottery Barn Kids magazines, so I suggested that we go for a PBK feel this year. He was game! I pulled out all of my kid-friendly Easter decor and let the boys go at it.

easter mantel

Granted I made some suggestions along the way, but I was very impressed with their ideas. I think it looks pretty darn cute!

These decorations are so old that I don’t really remember where most of them came from. The little brown bunnies were from the dollar store (I think) and the white bunnies are definitely from Pottery Barn. As for the rest, I’m not really sure!

The banner came in a DIY kit from Target 3 or 4 years ago, and I completely forgot that I even had it.

easter banner

easter mantel

easter mantel

The “dinosaur Easter egg” as my boys call it is the only new purchase this year. It was an impulse buy from Marshall’s. I love me some bling!

Here is a full shot of the entire mantelscape.

easter mantel

So this mantel might not make it onto BHG.com next year, but it is a winner in these guys eyes….which in the end is really all that matters!

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  1. says

    Beth, I think it is perfect! My Easter decor this year was chosen in part by my older daughter who sounds a lot like your Zeph. :) You’ll remember this mantel for many years to come, not only because it is lovely, but because of the precious story behind it!

  2. says

    Your mantel is so fun! You are such a good mom and your kids have picked up your good taste! They are so cute!

    Love those bunnies and the banner is darling!

    Happy Spring!

  3. says

    They sure are talented decorators! You’re a great mom for stopping to listen and for letting them help and feel involved. And how could you not? They are a couple of Qt little heart melters!

  4. says

    Absolute perfection! They did a wonderful job helping. Love the “bling” egg. You should put it on the center of the mantle like in the movie “Risky Business”. :-)

  5. says

    I commented on your FB page but wanted to comment that I adore your mantel and sweet boys. Little ones grow up too fast. Why not make Easter and Christmas magical and full of whimsy? Isn’t that what our parents did for us? You are an awesome mom!
    Your Friend,

  6. says

    I love this post Beth!! My girls helped with my Valentine mantel this year and while it wasn’t as “in” it made them SO happy. Which made me so happy. It’s hard to let go, but so worth it to see those happy faces. Darling picture of your boys!

  7. says

    LOVE this, Beth! I suffer from the same decorating issues, lol. I’m one of those moms who thinks “eeeeek!” when the kids play around with my ‘perfectly’ decorated Christmas tree. I’m definitely trying to change that about me though, since it kinda does against the whole reason that I love decorating so much: to make our house a home that creates happiness. Oh, the irony! I think you boys did a wonderful job; they’ve obviously inherited their mama’s skills. Happy spring!

    ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

  8. Susan says

    Our homes are our homes, not showpieces. What child grows up and is thankful for the fact that their home was always BHG-worthy? Your boys will remember that mantel, and as each year passes, it will become bigger & better in their minds and memories :)Good choice!

  9. Rebekah says

    The mantel is adorable and it’s totally worth the memories. A few months ago we broght the TVs down from the bonus room into the den – because we wanted the boys downstairs with us. It’s noisy but they are here and we talk more (in between bouts) and we see them. Our den is definately not currently BHG worthy (it will be again later :). Our daughter is already in college, our oldest son will be off to college in the fall, our middle son will be in the 10th grade and our youngest will be in the 8th grade. We looking at 5 years left total. I am in a tug of war with time these days. So your mantel is totally adorable and you might want to add a few star wars actions figures – now that the posting is done :)

  10. says

    I love it! We have similar conversations at our house too :) It is fun to let the kids help with projects sometimes. Darling mantel and darling kids!!!


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