Fashion Tip Friday: Avoid Toe Overhang This Summer!

A week or so ago my friend Myra suggested that I do this post.  I didn’t even know what she was talking about at first, but then the “oh…you mean toe overhang” clicked and I decided she was right.  This is a huge fashion faux pas that needs to be addressed.  It’s right up there with muffin tops, too much cleavage, and “coin slot” from low rise jeans.  Toe overhang is just gross.

If you’ve recently had a kiddo, then you may not realize that all your summer shoes no longer fit.  Most women’s feet grow during pregnancy.  So sad but true. It doesn’t matter how much you paid for those Jimmy Choos.  If your toes are scraping the pavement, it’s time to go up a size!


Toe overhang happens more frequently in high heels but can also happen in flip flops.  In high heels, if your toes are flapping out, you need a larger size.  In sandals, you may actually need a smaller one.


The key here is to find shoes that are cute but that actually fit.  This shoe below clearly is not working for her!


No toe overhang this summer ladies!  Please? Promise me.  It’s just not cute….and you know I want you to go forth and be cute *wink*!

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  1. Shelley says

    This is freaking hilarious!!! I am always amazed at how many celebrities I see with toe overhang. It's so gross!

  2. Crystal @ Ordinary Days says

    Never heard of this nor have I thought about it. Great. Now I will be noticing it all the time! LOL and "coin slot"?!? Oh wow, that's a good one!! :)

  3. Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma says

    How timely! Some lucky thrifter will happen upon my entire shoe collection after baby #2.

    Sadly, I lost a few good "soles" in the donation.

    Time to go forth and shoe shop!

  4. Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating says

    Oh my gosh…I think I gasped in horror and laughed out loud at the same time over that last picture. That just looks downright painful!!!

  5. The Rusty Bucket says

    Wow. If you don't have to file your toenails because the pavement is doing it for you, might want to rethink the footwear. All these shoes are new. They bought them like this? Amazing.

  6. mom2marbles says

    heehee, giggle, snort…those were so funny! will try not to offend this summer, but hard to do with my huge feet!! πŸ˜‰

  7. Natalie says

    My Mil SWEARS she wears a 1/2 size smaller than she really does so everything she has that is slip on? her heel hangs off the back. It drives me crazy.
    I understand lying about age & pant size, but shoes? Who cares!

  8. Myra @ The Casabella Project says

    Loved this post! The pictures are so majorly gross. LOL!

    I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  9. gabby says

    Hee hee! This is such a pet peeve of mine. Glad I am not alone πŸ˜‰ My brother once sold shoes at Macy's and said it was truly sad how many large feet tried to squeeze into tiny sizes just cause they were cute and on clearance (and not in their size!) Love this post :)

  10. Traci says

    Great post! I have never understood how women could wear shoes with the toes hanging over the edge. Do they not think anyone notices?

  11. Jaimie says

    This was SO funny :) I just don't get how you might need a size smaller of sandals if your toes are hanging over? No matter what, shoe overhang is gross! :)

  12. What I Did Today says

    Hahahahahaha! I'd never heard this before but I've always hated how it looks and no matter HOW cute a pair of sandals are, if my toes aren't all in, I don't buy them!

  13. Beth@The Stories of A to Z says

    If your flat sandals are too big, there is a gap between the top part of your foot and where your shoe is supposed to grip your foot to the sole. To compensate for this, you tend to grip with your toes and slide your foot forward which causes toe overhang.

  14. naja says

    There is an adhesive insert that I once used for this. The smaller size she was too small, so I got the bigger size (They were too cute to let go!). After a couple of times wearing them, the overhang got to me, so I went back to the store. A salesperson whipped out these inserts that I put in the front part of the shoe, just under where the ball of my foot went. They were grippy, so my foot didn't slide down. Waa lah! No overhang!

  15. Cheryn says

    Oh my gosh! I kinda giggled at all of these pics until the last one. WHAT?! How is she even wearing that shoe! I'm pretty sure my toes are screaming in sympathy right now! I PROMISE… no toe overhang in my neighbourhood!

  16. Phil and Darby Hawley says

    Beth you're so right! It's gross and looks painful, but the pictures here did have me giggling. Thanks for the fashion tip.

  17. GinaE says

    OMG…THANKS for doing this post!! This is sooo one of those things that just creeps me out when I see it! On the same note….people that let that Big Toe Nail grow long. So creepy!!!

  18. Erin S. says

    Good good point! "Coin slot" is going to haunt me all day long now–so funny! :) Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  19. Snap Peas says

    Some of the comments were ALMOST as funny as your post – good one. I only wish I hadn't been sipping coffee, I almost choked πŸ˜‰

  20. craftyshoegal says

    that IS a pet peeve of mine. women… buy shoes that fit you, not just for us.. but for ALL of us.

    thank you! :)

  21. Christian Hollingsworth says

    Being a male I haven't really noticed it that much – but now that you have, I'm noticing it everywhere. GROSS!

  22. Katie says

    I would like to sarcastically thank you for creating my newest fashion neurosis. But really this is a hilarious post, you make me giggle dear.

  23. Linh C. says

    Toe overhangs are disgusting! The other day, I saw a lady wearing shoes where her pinky toe and the next toe were hanging out of the straps because the toe box was too narrow. Yuck!

  24. Rebekah says

    This is seriously one of my biggest per peeves! Thanks for posting this for those out there that don't realize that it's time to chuck the shoes when this becomes an issue. So not right! :)

  25. Christan Perona says

    I can't stop thinking about this post! Earlier this week, I was in an administration meeting at work and had to hide my (outloud) chuckles, thinking again about this post! Especially the last picture!

  26. Betty says

    I have this problem because my toes are too long. It doesn’t matter if I go a size larger or not, my toes still hang over but I have plenty of space in the back. I’ve tried those foot inserts but they don’t seem to work. I go shoe shopping with my sisters, mom, and niece and they pick all these great shoes and then I try them on and look horrible. Unfortunately, when I buy them in the store they seem to fit correctly but its after a few hours of wear, they slide forward. And of course, you can’t return shoes after you have worn them. I have dozens of shoes I have just tossed but some are too cute or I paid too much and I am not tossing them.

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