Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer Giveaway

Disclosure: This is a sponsored giveaway on behalf of Graco.

Woohoo! It is finally summer time, and I am savoring every sunny sunscreen-slathered moment! This summer, I am trying to take the weekends off like a normal person—and stop working 7 days a week. Graco supports my decision. They think it’s a great idea. In fact, they want to ensure that DIY’er everywhere begin to pledge to save your weekend. Don’t waste these beautiful summer days painting the slow way. With a Graco paint sprayer applying paint is up to 10x faster than brushing and up to 4X faster than rolling!


In addition to saving yourself time, spraying on your paint is also just plain easier. Setting up a paint sprayer only takes moments and using it simplifies your project because there are no messy trays or rollers. I’ve honestly been scared of sprayers in the past because I’ve heard that they are difficult to clean. Well not this one! The Graco sprayer cleans like a dream. You dispose of the plastic bag liner and run water through your sprayer to clean out the mechanism. In just a few minutes, your sprayer is clean and you are back in your lawn chair sipping a mojito :).

But the best part of using a sprayer is NO PAINT STROKES! Yes!


Here are some other reasons I like my  Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer:

• It’s great for small projects that require 1-2 gallons

• Sprays a variety of materials such as stain, acrylic, enamels, oil-based primers and latex

• No thinning required—simply pour your material into the cup

• 10X faster than brushing

• Available at your nearest home improvement retailer

To find out more about this sprayer

Would you like your own Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer so more of your weekends can be saved? Well lucky for you Graco is giving away one paint sprayer to a lucky Home Stories A to Z reader.

graco paint sprayer

Follow the directions in the Rafflecopter widget below to enter. (If it doesn’t show up just give it a moment. Sometimes it’s finicky.) Good luck! And here’s to saving our weekends!
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  1. Sue DeChant says

    Want….Want….Want!!! I am replacing all the door, window and baseboard trim in my house, priming and painting before installing. This would really speed up the process, and make it look great also.

  2. De says

    I have so much to paint this summer because I’m moving and have bookcases that need to be painted and want to paint every single room!! This would be awesome!!

  3. Jackie says

    Oh my goodness, I would paint so many things… let’s see, the kitchen cabinets, the bathroom walls, the beat up furniture all over my house. Everything!

  4. Jackie says

    My dining room table! I’ve been dreading it, especially because I am worried about ugly brush strokes!

  5. amy g says

    I would paint my mid century nightstand that I got at a garage sale. I would also paint all of our baseboards in the house. We are replacing our floors and need to pull up the baseboards so why not paint them too.

  6. Tricia @ Simplicity in the South says

    I could really use this since we are repainting our kitchen cabinets this year. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Julia says

    I would paint my front door first…..then line up the metal chairs from our church that need some life breathed into them!

  8. Misty says

    I would finally get around to painting the chair I picked up a the thrift shop…4 years ago…smh

  9. Kelly Gray says

    I’ve heard these are the best sprayers to use. I have a huge china cabinet to paint and this would make it a lot easier.

  10. Beth McHale says

    Perfect timing! This would help my to-do list get done sooooo much faster! Thanks for the chance to receive this AWESOME product!

  11. Larissa says

    I would paint all the cabinets in my house kitchen, bathroom vanities…. They all need some love

  12. Sue says

    Ack! I so need this wonderful tool. Now that school is out for the summer, I am ready to tackle my “project list” and begin painting our kitchen cabinets. I am ready to have a pretty kitchen!

  13. Amy Ruffo says

    I could really use this sprayer for a British phone booth project I am working on. Who doesn’t love having drips!

  14. says

    I have wanted one of these for several years. Glad they figured out the easy clean up.
    To answer your question about what I would paint… Everything and anything I could get my hands on and wrestle out of my husbands hands.

  15. says

    I don’t have much to paint this summer, but I will be painting our basement walls and trim all by myself when we move in to our house this Fall. I would LOVE to have this sprayer to speed things along! Thanks for the giveaway Beth, it sounds like a really nice sprayer!

  16. Shannon says

    I so want this we are painting our kitchen cabinets, all our doors, and several pieces of furniture!

  17. Kathie Y. says

    We have SO much painting to do in the near future. Every wall in our house and lots of furniture!

  18. Hillary says

    We’re about to buy our first home, so what wouldn’t I paint? Right now, though, I am itching to paint my sewing table and my boys’ dresser.

  19. Helen Huang says

    half of my garage is filled with To Be Started projects. The spray painter will definitely kick start my motivation!

  20. Maggie G says

    I am sitting here staring at the half painted board and batten in my office…that is exactly what I would use the paint sprayer for :)

  21. Linda says

    I would definitely paint the dressers that have been in my garage waiting for some action for almost two years now.

  22. says

    I would use it to revamp my desk like the one in the Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine I just received today and I would love to repaint my bedroom. This would make my life so much easier to get some of the projects I have done a lot faster since I am disabled and it is hard to climb ladders or reach over my head without getting a sharp pain going from top to bottom. My creative side is imagining so many things I could use this.

  23. says

    I would use it to revamp my desk like the one in the Lowes Creative Ideas Magazine I just received today and I would love to repaint my bedroom. This would make my life so much easier to get some of the projects I have done a lot faster since I am disabled and it is hard to climb ladders or reach over my head without getting a sharp pain going from top to bottom. My creative side is imagining so many things I could use this.

  24. Kathy :) says

    Oh man I have always wanted one of these, I have a fence that needs painting !!!

    Thanks for the chance
    Kathy :)

  25. says

    This would make life so much simplified and give me more time to do other things & I know I can use this with many of the other projects I have sitting around the house just waiting for me to get the time or the energy to complete them.

  26. Darrah says

    We have TONS of stuff to paint in our new home but it’ll never get done because it takes so long with a 1 year old and a 2 year old. We wait until they’re asleep and stay up all night to get some stuff done but it’s taken its toll on us. Our imaginations were not very realistic so we went thrift store shopping for EVERYTHING for our home thinking we’d get it all painted nicely, but it’s not happening. We’re beyond exhausted so we put our entertainment center, side tables, dining room set, dressers for the nursery we didn’t get to start, and more into storage for now. It’d be amazing to win this because if it doesnt take so long to paint things we could actually have furniture in our house! Imagine that!

  27. Maren says

    Holy cow, I need this!!! Building our new home, we are going to have about a zillion projects we could use this for – painting stripes in Sammy’s room, staining the concrete deck, painting ALL of the unfinished basement, painting my old-fashioned bedroom furniture for the guest room, and on and on. Maybe with this sprayer, I could convince Nate to do some of our own painting again. :)

  28. Janice says

    We are painting the exterior of our house this summer so the paint sprayer would sure come in handy!

  29. Susan Christy says

    I said I was going to paint at least one room in my house this summer, but with this, I could paint them all, I bet!!! Starting with the living room.

  30. Allison Gruhn says

    Hi Beth, We just installed new doors, casing, baseboards and shoe trim, and I would love to be able to spray instead of brush!

  31. Judy Clark says

    I’m working on a porch with spindled banisters. Wow, would this make it a lot easier! Thanks for the chance.


  32. Katie grem says

    I would paint our outdoor patio furniture, my children’s table and chair set, and probably attempt to paint the porch ceiling. I hope I win!

  33. Lynn says

    I’ve been talking about buying one of these to paint my shed. Winning one would be so much better! Thanks!!

  34. Andrea D. says

    If painting is easier using this sprayer, I’d probably paint everything that doesn’t breathe in my house. I’d start first with my bedroom walls, then on to my old, ugly dining room set. Thanks for a chance to win this.

  35. Janet C. says

    I have SOOOOO many projects where I would use the Graco TrueCoat Plus II Paint Sprayer. At the top of the list is the front porch of my 1906 Victorian. I can’t even imagine trying to paint it with a brush!

  36. Lynn says

    I would use the sprayer to paint all of the trim in my house. I would also use it to paint a few bureaus. That sprayer would have no rest over here!

  37. kristi bennett says

    I would spray my kitchen cabinets, old dresser, and my living room walls. Just to start. Then move to my fence and my mini barn.

  38. Eileen Harryvan says

    I would be DELIGHTED to win the sprayer!! I would use it to paint our 1990’s dark walnut HUGE built-in so that it would blend into our 1920’s bungalow better. A nice antique white would be wonderful and having a sprayer would save us the $1200 the local painters want to do the job. **Fingers & toes crossed!**

  39. Sheri J says

    I am repurposing several items this year to enhance my home and garden/patio areas. This sprayer would be a Godsend! If I don’t win it, I may have to buy one.

  40. Chelsea R says

    My neighbors are always making fun of my painting projects. I have painted everything from chairs to tables to dressers to frames. A nice working paint sprayer would make it so much easier!

  41. Martha says

    I would paint the cabinets that my husband is building(we don’t have a sprayer and I would love one), as well as painting all the walls in the house.

  42. Heidi says

    I would paint a vintage glider I found (yes, free!); it would make it so much easier! Thanks for this opportunity!

  43. Christy says

    I would paint my living room, dining room, entry way, bedroom and my half bath. Those are on my summer to do list and so it would be great to be able to get those crossed off quickly!

  44. Kim R says

    I would paint my garage – it looks horrible! and this would make it a 1 day job instead of 2-3 days.

  45. says

    WOO HOO!! I’ve been looking at sprayers and trying to determine which would be the best for me, and this one looks FANTASTIC!! I have lots of great things just waiting for a sprayer; headboard, bookcase, chairs…the list goes on! Thanks for such a GREAT giveway!

  46. joan clanton says

    omg the timing!!! i was just telling my husband i wanted a paint sprayer– and this one looks perfect for us, i might add– we have so much to paint this summer and a sprayer would make it so much quicker and easier to update the deck and stain the fencing, paint the patio furniture, the shed. then there’s my parent’s house, my sister’s house… it sure would get a workout at my house! this is such a generous give away, much thanks for offering it.

  47. Jerri C. TN says

    I would paint all of my outdoor furniture w/ this Graco paint sprayer. I planned on borrowing a sprayer from a friend so I would be so happy to win this. Thanks!!!

  48. JennyA says

    Oh, this would be such a blessing to win…I am disabled and in pain constantly and I have several projects that I have hesitated to do because I was concerned that it would be too stressful on my body. This would definitely help me get them done! Thanx for the giveaway opportunity…

  49. GinaE says

    My covered patio, my bedroom, kitchen and the list goes on and on. Many thanks for the chance to win!

  50. Erin says

    I so need this. I two dressers that I am going to paint and it screams for a sprayer like this. Thanks for chance.

  51. cheryl burns says

    I have so much painting I need to do and I have even bought paint for 3 of the rooms but have yet to get started. Maybe this is just the kick I need to get it into gear and paint, paint, paint!

  52. Deb Cazzetta says

    We have purchased a home that was never finished. So I have many projects. The doors, trim crown, kitchen cabinets. This would really be a time saver lots to do when you also work a full time job.

  53. Theresa says

    It would save a few weekends! We are planning to paint the kitchen cabinets and it would save so much time, not to mention no brush strokes!

  54. Angela Yeremenko says

    I would paint all the walls in my home. We will be selling it soon, and want to repaint everything.

  55. Diana Walters says

    Can’t pick just one project! The following items are all awaiting restoration/renovation/paint: dresser, sofa table, dog crate, end table, night table, bookcase, desk…… and those are just off the top of my head. The one I would do first? The desk/bookcase hutch. I’ve decided to reorganize the craft room and want to paint this piece to get started. (I’m tired just writing this list!!!!)

  56. Janna says

    If I had a sprayer…..I would FINALLY tackle the project of spraying this old storage cabinet we have in the nook under our stairs….it’s used to house our sheets and towels, but it’s old and needs a facelift! The sprayer would give me the confidence to finally paint it and know it would come out beautifully!

  57. Sarah says

    I would prime and then paint the old IKEA dresser in our playroom… would look much better if it coordinated with the rest of the stuff in there!

  58. says

    I’m a renter so I can’t spray the house or door or any of that fun stuff…though I want to. I would spray FURNITURE! I have some great pieces that I’ve been wanting to tackle.

  59. Penny Newton says

    I’d paint everything I could get my hands on!! Just thinking about winning this GRACO TRUCOAT PLUS II PAINT SPRAYER makes me do my Happy Dance All Day Long !!!!

  60. Liz says

    I’ve got a whole list: My kitchen tables, chairs and paneling, my living and dining rooms, and my porch ceiling!

  61. Sally Gee says

    I am getting ready to stain the chairs on the front porch. If I win, I think I might be able to handle the porch as well !

  62. Karen H. says

    FIRST thing I’d paint is my wrought iron furniture on my back porch! But I have so many other things I could paint, too! Thank you for the giveaway!

  63. Maya says

    We are knee deep in project get this house sold and we are quickly approaching the painting phase! I love painting but for some reason my back begs to differ, go figure!!

  64. says

    I would love to win this! I’m going to be helping my mom paint her house this summer, this would really be helpful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. Gina S says

    I’ve always wanted to use a paint sprayer, I have lots of things to paint. I have a whole bedroom set for starters.

  66. Diana says

    I have SOO many orange oak cabinets in my house that need a fresh coat of white paint, but after my DIY kitchen reno, I’m having a hard time mustering the strength!

  67. Joy says

    I have two coats of new paint on my kitchen cupboards – painted by hand with a brush. Would love to apply the final coat with a spray gun. Pick me! Pick me!

  68. Andrée-Anne D. says

    I would repaint my kitchen cabinets… my first job was not very smooth. I have some furniture in dire need of love too!

  69. Erin says

    I have quite a bit of wicker that I need to repaint this summer. I dread doing it by hand and would love a sprayer to help with the process. Thanks for the opportunity.

  70. Graziela says

    I have so much furniture that needs painting it’s not even funny! I actually have been looking to buy a paint sprayer, this would be so awesome!

  71. Mary S says

    I would paint my kitchen and living areas on my main level. We are in the process of a big remodel and a sprayer would come in handy… Great giveaway!

  72. Leslie S. says

    I’ve never used a sprayer, but I am starting to build my DIY tool set. What better way to start. Thank you for the giveaway.

  73. Yvette says

    This would be perfect since we are moving into a new house this summer. I have several bedrooms to paint in addition to some DIY furniture projects!

  74. Shannon says

    I inherited an old patio set with the house we just bought. This would be a huge help for painting it once I’ve refurbished it!

  75. Cindy S. says

    This baby would keep me busy all summer! We desperately need to refinish (paint) our kitchen cabinets, our bathroom cabinets, all our ugly brown doors and trim, all the walls in our house, and several pieces of furniture. After that, we could start having fun with it!

  76. Christina says

    I would finally get to paint over the royal blue skies in my daughters’ room. They have been begging for something “girly”

  77. Kathy says

    I’ve always been hesitant about paint sprayers cause like you I thought the clean up process would take longer than the prep and actual execution and then it would never be as clean as it should be but based on your recommendation this sounds like the one I’ve been waiting for! First I’d paint my deck so that I could sip my mojito without angsting about the deck’s need of paint. Then I’d spray the vintage buffet and vintage desk just waiting in my garage to be rejuvenated. Then I’d move on to….well you get it, like others I have a looong list of projects!

  78. Emily Arzola says

    Im looking for mid century furniture on craiglist to furnish my small condo… this spray painter would make it a breeze to restore them… thanks a million!!

  79. Nicole C says

    I would tackle shutters for our little cottage home.
    A sprayer would cut the paint time in 1/2!!
    Thanks for hosting this give away. Perfect timing.

  80. Melinda says

    I would love to paint our white fence that runs the length of our 2.5 acres! I also want to repaint the shudders and the trim of our house. Let the summer begin!

  81. Dar says

    I have a garage full of unpainted “treasures” just waiting to become more magnificent! This would really help!

  82. Lindsay Fekitoa says

    Let’s see… We’re going to be painting our 20 ft wall, our mater bedroom, my daughters bedroom and while we’re at it lets add the bathrooms! Awesome giveaway!

  83. Amber E. says

    I have soooo many things to paint! I have a paint sprayer now but it’s terrible and always leaks. I’m looking for something better!

  84. Sandra says

    I have a dresser and desk that are in need of painting before my daughter can use them for her room.

  85. Jill says

    I have 3 projects I’d like to get done this summer. My kitchen table & chairs, a vanity, and a coffee table. A paint sprayer would certainly be a huge help!

  86. reena pathrose says

    we are going to renovate the kids’s room in a few weeks. plans are made, paint is bought… a graco would save some precious time and thus my life! oh how i’d love to win! thanks for this great post and your perfect timing with the give-away!!

  87. Carla Mahnke says

    I would paint all of the interior doors in my house. They need it so badly but I am worried about paint brush strokes if I use a traditional method. This sprayer would be a great tool for that project!

  88. Sharline Grace says

    Oh my goodies!!! I don’t even know where I would start with such an awesome prize but I’m certain I would end up painting things that didn’t even need it! Thanks for such a great giveaway :)

  89. Casey says

    Projects needing to happen soon are painting all the metal outdoor furniture, 1 large and 1 smaller filing cabinets, some lamps, dining room table and chairs, an old rocker and several other things, but I’m tired just seeing what’s already on the list, LOL! Would love to win this!

  90. Colleen U. says

    I can’t tell you how much I need this!!! I have several thrift store furniture projects (to name a few) that my husband would be so happy to get out of the garage. The first project would be a lovely vintage nightstand that’s been waiting for a makeover. Crossing fingers and toes!!

  91. Erin T. says

    We have many rooms that need painted….including all our trim. We bought our house last year and have our work cut out for us! It sure would help cut down on time so we could get our project list done!

  92. lesley says

    furniture! we’ve started painting some and it is a crazy mess that is taking forever. this would be a life saver!

  93. Carla says

    I’m planning on painting my kitchen cabinets this summer, and this would make it soooo much easier!

  94. Janet says

    I’ve got a bunch of furniture that needs to be painted…then re-upholstered. Also need to paint my kitchen cabinets…PICK ME!!!

  95. Samantha B says

    My husband and I just bought our first home!! We could totally use this to repaint from builders beige! 😀

  96. says

    I’d use it to paint my house, the backlog of furniture projects sitting in my garage, my aunts house, and so on and so on…. I have lots of projects!

  97. Ashley says

    we are painting our kitchen cabinets and every single piece of honey-oak trim in our home this summer, so we could definitely use one of these!

  98. Danielle Carpenter says

    We just bought a new home, and literally EVERY SINGLE WALL needs to be painted. I haven’t even started yet because it’s so daunting, we also would need to paint the fence we just installed soon thereafter. SOOO many uses for this thing!

  99. Becky says

    So much around here could use a fresh coat of paint! First priority would be the outside of the house, though.

    Thanks for a great contest!

  100. Alexandra says

    I have a bunch of things that would be so much easier with a paint sprayer. I want to paint my glider, my son’s toddler bed, my bed frame.

  101. says

    Oooooh, great giveaway, Beth! I’ve never sprayed before, but I have a whole dining room set that this would be great for. My fingers and toes are crossed!!! x

  102. andrea says

    I would totally re-stain our fence…it needs it so badly, but would take so long to do with a roller!

  103. says

    We bought our house over a year ago and it still isn’t re-painted. The guys who owned it painted it all these really dark, gaudy colors and painted all of the trim black. :( I’ve been really wanting a spray gun to do the doors- all of them! Thank you for putting on this giveaway!

  104. says

    What wouldn’t I ? I have a dresser that is in need of a paint job( found on CL ). And I really want to do some exterior painting for our house. I couldn’t get my husband on board for this, but with the help of a spray painter, I’m sure I could handle it myself( some say I’m a brave woman, some say I’m crazy :) ). Thank you for having this giveaway and Good Luck to Everyone!

  105. Heather says

    Yes. lol I have so many things I’d love to paint with one of these bad boys! Doors, picture frames, a desk, chairs, and a pegboard.

  106. Amy Tolley says

    we have bought paint to repaint the entire house and this would so come in handy we are doing the old fashion way thanks for this chance….

  107. Sue says

    I would definitely be using this tool to save me time painting our privacy fence. wow- What a great give-away prize!

  108. says

    This would be amazing to have. I have so many furniture projects that need painting and i keep avoiding them for the obvious reason of it being such an undertaking but this would be awesome.

  109. Linda Bergeson says

    I would love to paint with a sprayer. I usually won’t get it out because it is too much work to clean. This would save me so much time. Why is it that there is always something to paint!

  110. Nancy says

    We just replaced all our doors with white ones that are paintable — not painted!! This would be perfect!!!

  111. Amanda says

    I have been looking to refinish a set of dressers and this would do wonders for eliminated brush strokes!

  112. Chris Nickel says

    There are SO MANY things I would paint. But the first would be my adirondack chairs, which are in dire need of a good paint job!

  113. Jodie says

    I just bought a new house, so I’ve been in a PAINT ALL THE THINGS mood. This would definitely help!

  114. Mariah says

    I’m working on renovating a house and everything needs painting! Like, all of it. My sister used a sprayer to do some painting and she swears by it now.

  115. says

    We have to repaint the cradle and crib we made for our first grandaughter Emilie in 2001 for our 3rd grandaughter due in late September!
    They have been through Emilie, Ashlynn, Ryder and need to be repainted for our new baby girl!

  116. Derek Chester says

    I will Be volunteering my time to repaint my church. This would be so helpful for all the doors and door jams. I will b doing this free of charge so the trucoat plus 2 would be a god sent!

  117. says

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