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I was contacted by asking if I’d like to review their septic system and waste line cleansing products. Toilet cleansing systems aren’t exactly beautiful or inspiring, but sometimes you have to talk about the practical side of life too! You might remember my flushing the stick down the toilet incident? All of our toilets and drains are sluggish (even without foreign objects being accidentally flushed ) and they clog weekly. I figured I would try SeptiCleanse and see if it helped clean our waste lines.

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If you have a septic system you may want to look into SeptiCleanse. One of my friends’ had problems with her septic system and it cost $10K (not including the cost of landscaping replacement) to have the problem resolved. Not cool! So how does this stuff work? Well, it couldn’t be simpler. You simply flush one of these packets down your toilet and the green plastic immediately dissolves and lets all the good bacteria out into your waste line to eat away the sludge.

toilet cleanser

Here are some of the benefits:

  • The granular formula Shocks and Treatments consistently outperform costly Liquid alternatives with faster penetration and 400% higher bacteria retention than liquids, you can count on SeptiCleanse to keep working, regardless of household water consumption.
  • Industrial grade microbes replicate exponentially within hours of introduction to your septic system twice as fast as leading brands. The bacteria strains are highly resistant to bleaches and household cleaners, maintaining their effectiveness throughout the year.
  • Easy to use, flushable application allows all homeowners, regardless of age, health, gender, etc. to effectively restore their septic system. No need to hassle with heavy 5 gallon buckets of liquids, that will ultimately only drain into your yard as soon as you do a load of laundry.
  • SeptiCleanse is compatible with all septic systems, cesspools, drain fields and leach fields. No matter what type of system your home has SeptiCleanse is 100% guaranteed to restore flow and proper drainage, eliminate costly pump-outs and prevent odors.

SeptiCleanse will help you determine what kinds of packets you will need to shock and maintain your septic system.

septi cleanseSo how did SeptiCleanse work for us? Well, it has been several weeks now and we have NOT had to plunge a toilet around here! Woohoo! It’s the little things in life that bring me joy these days :). Oh, and I never removed that stick out of the toilet either.

Disclosure: SeptiCleanse provided some Shock and Maintenance packets for me to review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. says

    This is too funny! I’ve lived in a house with a septic system for a year and a half and just today discovered that you’re supposed to maintain the good bacteria in your septic tank to keep it running smoothly. Then you posted about it here! It must be a sign…

  2. Marcella says

    WE have a septive system since we built the house in 1982 and just use store bought yeast and add to the toilet about once a year and have never had to pump it out or had any problems at all.

  3. teresa says

    Waiting on septi cleanse to call me back! Seems as though their phone lines are all busy! And for a very long time! How much and what type of store bought yeast did the person above use I wonder?

  4. Judy Molsbee says

    You posted your article on Septicleanse back in February, 2013. Are you still pleased with the product? We are having septic problems and I found an ad for Septicleanse in the weekend Parade mag that comes with the newspaper and am now doing research on the product. I would greatly appreciate your input especially if you have continued to use the product for 2 years.


  5. Robert says

    As Judy posted in Feb ’15, I’d also like to hear your follow-up evaluation of the SeptiCleanse product performance over the long haul.
    It is impossible to get trustworthy evaluations of septic treatments online, as the manufacturers have bought and paid for numerous sites purporting to “review” the products, only to saturate the search results with their own favorably concocted marketing.
    Please give us a short update on your experience with the SeptiCleanse since you initially used it. Thanks for your honest evaluations!

    • Beth says

      Hi Robert, I accidentally replied to Judy’s comment privately. Here is what I said to her:
      Hi Judy,
      We live in a rehabbed home and while they replaced all of the interior pipes they used the ancient sewer connection to the outside line. Some of our neighbors had experienced a sewage back up into their basement due to the sludgy line. In doing my own research I found that this product would help clean out the problem. I haven’t used it since doing the post and haven’t had any problems. However, I would look for other reviews to confirm that it works well for septic problems.

      Good luck,

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