Home Decor Trend Predictions for 2013

For those who are superstitious, thirteen is known to be an unlucky number. However these 5 home decor trends for 2013 written for Homes.com promise nothing but style and good fortune to those who dare to follow them! The new year is a fantastic time to freshen up your space, so let’s explore some trends you will want to implement no matter what your style.

1. Emerald Green

Pantone is the world’s leading color authority and this year they have named Emerald Green as the color for 2013. If you want to jump on the emerald green trend this year, first try incorporating smaller accessories such as toss pillows, drinking glasses, or vases into your decor before buying more expensive investment pieces. Lucky for us, most house plants fit the bill and add a pop of emerald green to every room without needing to purchase anything new!

emerald green

2. Metallics

Metallics are absolutely everywhere right now from lampshades, to toss pillows, to furniture. Brass is back and golds are hot! But don’t worry, chrome and silver are still going strong as well. This year, don’t be afraid to mix your metals which adds depth and interest to your space. Light fixtures and hardware do not always have to be the same finish and can look fantastic when mixed. Don’t believe me? Just look at how great the mood board below looks!



 3. Graphic Patterns

We saw them everywhere in 2012 and they are here to stay in 2013. Graphic patterns on upholstery, rugs, curtains, etc. will be shown in punchy colors this year. Chevron will still be around but will show up in more irregular patterns. Other graphics you can expect to see more of this year are large plaids, stripes, herringbone, and houndstooth.

graphic patterns

4. Reclaimed, Recycled, and Repurposed Wood

Repurposed wood isn’t a new trend by any means, but we’re going to be seeing a lot more of it this year. Wood walls, bamboo flooring, cork flooring, reclaimed wood paired with metals, and reclaimed-looking synthetic wood will be everywhere this year. Real wood accessories such as chargers, cutting boards, trays, and coasters will also be showcased in stylish homes around the globe.

wood trend

5. Painted Vintage Furniture

Whether purchased second-hand and painted or bought brand-new, painted vintage/vintage-looking furniture takes the spotlight in 2013. High-gloss lacquer furniture will pop up in shelter magazines in upcoming months and into living rooms shortly thereafter. For the cottage lovers, antique furniture in timeworn hues will still be popular and will be for sale in many showrooms and catalogs. This is good news for the non-DIY’ers in the house that long for painted vintage furniture :).

painted furniture

No matter what your decorating style, 2013 has a trend that you are bound to love! Happy New Year!

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing, Beth! I see some fun trends. Love the emerald green. I wish I had more storage space b/c there is a gorgeous set of emerald green glasses at my Nannie’s house that I’d love to bring home…

  2. says

    Thanks for the tips! I guess my house is going to be un-chick because aside from the furniture and some of those patterns… I am NO fan of Gold or Brass…lol nor am I a fan of that green (Even though I happen to be wearing some today!) Gonna stick with my tried and true warm hues and happily faded/weathered furniture :) Might even go a little more white and cottag-y this coming year! Happy New Year!

  3. says

    Beth I totally agree with your trend picks. Just bought a sample pot of BM celtic green, hoping it’s the ’emerald’ I’m looking for. Now to find that perfect vintage piece to refinish!!

  4. says

    Pretty mood boards, Beth! Everything looks and sounds great except the brass! In the right style of room it can be lovely but I don’t think I’ll be bringing much of it in to my house. We just recycled all the brass doorknobs when we moved in 3 years ago… maybe I should’ve kept them. 😉 Happy New Year!! xoxo

    • Beth says

      You know how trends go. As soon as they think everyone has gotten rid of and/or transformed the old they bring it back as the “in” thing :). I’m brassless and happy as well ;).

  5. says

    I noticed a ton of emerald green items at Pier1 last time I was there – it’s a beautiful color and I will probably be adding a few things to my townhouse :)

  6. says

    Great post! I think 2013 is going to be an incredible year! I love the colors and textures you highlighted! I am so all about copper right now!

    Happy Happy New Year to you!


  7. says

    In addition to my blog, I started a resale business this year (an “occassional sale” in my friend’s barn) so I LOVE that rustic wood is “in” and painted furniture. Also, my friend has a nursery (and degree in horticulture) so we can definitely do those pops of green with house plants!

    Great post – will be sharing on facebook!

  8. says

    Beth, love your pics for 2013! Getting so excited to celebrate the new year. So glad painted furniture will be “in” this year. Have lots of pieces still to paint.

  9. Guerrina says

    Glad the graphics/geometrics are sticking around! Still getting rid of brass here and, though I like Emerald Green, I’d only like a couple of pieces for accent. I had to laugh about the reclaimed wood. I was in Marshall’s today and saw a small piece of driftwood, maybe 15 -20 inches long and 1.25 inches in diameter and priced at $14.99. As I pulled into my driveway, I looked at the vast amount of driftwood I collected for garden art after Hurricane Sandy and began thinking about selling it! Might pay for some projects!

  10. says

    Love to see that reclaimed and recycled pieces will continue to rise in trends. Good for business that vintage painted furniture continues to be popular too! Looking forward to seeing what is new in metallic this year. So fun to see what is trending and coming up. Have a very Happy New Year! -K

  11. Miranda Matheson says

    We are in the process of moving and redecorating, so I’m thankful to be sticking these ideas away for future use! Question, where did you find the emerald rug on your mood board? Also, come across any good paint hues that have a greenish tint?

  12. Fátima Morais says

    Hi Beth,

    Love the trends you chose for 2013. I’m looking for a green coat for myself, already! and certanly adding all three trends to my house this year.
    Best of wishes for 2013 from Lisbon, Portugal! Hope we all have a year better than our wildest expectations! And lots of your home stories to keep us company.
    Happy new year!

  13. says

    Thanks for the trend alert…will have to see what I can incorporate into my style. I know yours will be beautiful!
    Have a Happy New Year!

  14. Sandi Maxwell says

    Loving your trend alerts!!!! so inspiritional. Off to try a few. Thanks for taking the time to keep up up on these wonderful trends, and keep them coming!!


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