Gold Tray Styling

I’m not going to lie. When Jen from the blog Jennifer Rizzo asked me if I’d like to take part in the “She Sent Me WHAT?” blog hop, I was nervous to say yes. Jen asked a bunch of us if we’d be willing to go to a thrift store, buy an item, and mail it to a fellow blogger who would then need to use the item creatively in her home. I am ALL for making over second hand finds, but what if someone sent me something like this?

dinosaur napkin holder

Actually, if you spray painted that dinosaur a fun glossy color, stuck decorative paper napkins in his head, and placed him on a styled dessert buffet he would be quite the conversation piece. Okay, maybe this challenge won’t be so bad!

Jessica from Four Generations One Roof was assigned to send me an item and she went very easy on me! In fact, she totally blessed me with a gift! Just look at this gorgeous vintage gold tray. I adore the shape and the floral pattern on the inside.

gold tray

Isn’t it lovely? I didn’t need to do a thing to alter it. It is perfect just the way it is!

gold tray floral design

I decided to use the tray as a little drop zone for my jewelry. I can never seem to get through an entire day with my jewelry on :).

gold tray

I wanted to corral the decorative items on my desk within a tray but didn’t have one large enough on hand. Nothing a trip down to the basement couldn’t solve! I found this old IKEA frame and decided to make it into a large tray. I popped off the back, traced the back onto some gold faux bois wrapping paper, cut the paper out and placed it in the frame. Voila! Instant tray.

frame to tray

Thank you Jess for sending me something I love! I look forward to using this tray in some upcoming decorating vignettes, so I’m sure it’s not the last time you’ll be seeing it.

gold tray styling

Want to see what I sent Kim from Today’s Creative? I definitely didn’t go quite as easy on her as Jess did on me. Remember that napkin-head dinosaur? :) Ha! Just kidding. But this item did come from the same thrift store and pickings were slim! I’m excited to see what kind of makeover Kim was able to pull off. Click here to find out!

You can see all of the posts from the participants in the bloghop below. There are some amazingly creative transformations in the bunch!

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  1. says

    OMG I thought for a minute you really got the dinosaur, not that there is anything wrong with it. tee hee. Love the tray for your jewelry, perfect!

  2. says

    Love it Beth! I’m looking at it thinking that would be a hard one to turn in to something completely different. The dinosaur on the other hand I can see many things… My boys would probably have army men climbing out of it’s head or something crazy like that… I like your napkin holder idea, myself!

    • Beth says

      Well, then you must have very good taste ;)! I found the vase at Marshalls years ago (it’s actually a candle holder and I took off the top part) and the paper at HomeGoods–so all in the family of TJMaxx. Love them too!

  3. says

    So glad you didn’t change it and thank-you for the brilliant tray idea! I’m going in my garage now and pulling out some frames. I happen to have some fabric I think I’ll use. Thank-you for the inspiration!!!

  4. cherie says

    lovely use of what looks like a vintage pickard dish. agree, nothing needed to be done to make it functional and eye appealing. bravo.


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