White Painted Kitchen Island & Pantry Screen Door {$100 Lowes Giftcard Giveaway}

My Lowes Creative Ideas Network challenge this month was to makeover a room! I really wanted to create some customized built-in bookshelves in our guest room for this challenge, but unfortunately Matt came down with a bad cold and I wasn’t able to pull it off without him. So, I decided to do a mini-makeover on my kitchen instead. Here is what I purchased for this challenge:

And here is the big reveal!

rustoleum cabinet transformation white

The Rustoleum Cabinet Transformation kit is wonderful for it’s convenience and ease of use. The paint acts as primer and paint in one, however, what you are viewing is FOUR coats of paint and honestly I think it could use one more. The paint is wonderful. It’s very forgiving and shows virtually no brush strokes. But to take dark cabinets to white, be prepared to get cozy with your paint brush!

kitchen update

I can hear the big question that you’re asking. Will I paint the rest of my cabinets? Yes! But I’m going to do it very slowly. Matt is such a trooper for putting up with a wife who is constantly tearing apart the house. He’s not crazy about the inconvenience the kitchen painting will cause all of us, so I’m going to just do one little section at a time and hopefully by the end of the summer I’ll have the white kitchen that I’ve wanted for the last three years!

white painted kitchen island black counters

For now, I’m enjoying my gorgeous white peninsula! I am loving how our black granite completely pops against the white!

white cabinets black counters

I also added a screen door to our pantry. The door was originally white, so for fun I spray painted it a pretty aqua color. The door needs to be planed on the top because our house has settled over the years, but I’m terrified of messing it up. I’ll save that project for a day when I’m feeling braver with my planing skills :).

pantry screen door

I backed the door with some fabric for the photos because my pantry is ready for another makeover (aka–it’s a mess in there right now). These two small updates have freshened up the space and given me hope that one day I’ll love my kitchen!

pantry screen door

Do you want to spruce up your own space? Lowes is letting me giveaway a $100 giftcard to one of YOU! To enter, all you have to do is follow the directions in the widget below. (If you’re reading on a feed, hop on over to enter!)

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Disclosure: As a Lowes Creative Ideas Network Blogger, I was given a giftcard to help with this project.
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  1. Amanda A says

    I can’t list just one! I’m going to be a first time home owner soon and I have so many ideas. I will probably start with the kitchen since that’s one of the most important parts of the house. Thanks for the chance!

  2. Candy says

    I love your kitchen. :)
    The screen door to the pantry has to be my favorite upgrade!! I wish I had a pantry so I could do this!

  3. Sonia says

    I loooove your mini-makeover. I want to paint the cupboard in my kitchen…this has given me inspiration.

    Great job!

  4. says

    LOVE it white Beth!!! Looks SO good! I went from oak to a creamy white in my kitchen over a year ago and I have NEVER regretted it! And that screen door is AWESOME! I love it!

    Lou Cinda

    • Beth @A to Z says

      Thanks Lou Cinda! I am loving it so far. I know I won’t regret it. I have wanted an all-white kitchen for literally YEARS now :).

  5. Lori says

    I would love to spruce up my kitchen and family room (both are one big room). I have oak cabinets and black everywhere. It’s time for some white here too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. says

    I really want to tackle the curb appeal of our home! It’s really depressing how lovely our home is inside, but how bare & colorless it is outside. Desperate need of some color for Spring!! 😉

  7. says

    I would love to update and organize my kitchen as well. Its VERY SMALL, and traditional cabinets are just a no-go….i would love the storage to be more effective like pull out shelving to make use of all the dimensions…plus these were the “default” cabinets…so to be able to paint them a nicer color would be a dream!!

  8. says

    I want my dark cabients (which look similar to yours) white so badly I can’t even stand it! It would be a huge undertaking but I know it would be soooo pretty! Can’t wait to see the rest of your kitchen throughout the summer!

    • Beth @A to Z says

      I feel your pain girl! It is definitely an undertaking but I think going slow and doing it in small sections will make it doable. I hope you get the white kitchen of your dreams soon too!!

  9. T.O. says

    Love the pantry door! Our guest bath needs the update. I have been wanting Rust-O-Leum cabnit and couter top products. I’d love to paint our bathroom cabinets black and want to pretend that our countertops are granite. :)

  10. Erica says

    Looks great! I have to tackle my small garage. With a family of 6 and a small house, we need the garage to service as storage, work space, and laundry room all in one.

  11. Susan Bush says

    HI Beth…Susan here ,just wanted to let you no your cabinets really turned out great was wondering how those kits worked ….we just bought a kit to do our refrigerator in stainless steel look….Looking forward to it…So glad you shared this with us ..I’ll let you know how it turns out….p.s love the pantry color ..

  12. Linda Sandusky says

    After seeing your island, I’ve decided that will be my next project….add beadboard to the ends, paint and add trim around the bottom.

  13. says

    Great peninsula update! I’m in the process of painting my cabinetry and I’m doing it the exact same way- one section at a time! I have a stairway that needs some updating, so I’d love to win the gift card!

  14. says

    I love your island! I painted my cabinets YEARS ago and let me tell you, its just as much of a pain as you would imagine, however, its completely worth it…(it was a tense couple of weeks around these parts when the kitchen was completely dismantled for the painting!) Your pantry screen door looks like a million bucks..I’m contemplating painting mine (its an “off” size so replacing it would be difficult) and I think you’ve convinced me to do it, it looks fantastic..

  15. Britt kuhn says

    This looks awesome!!!!! I cannot wait to have my own place to be able to do amazing stuff like this to (: good luck everyone

  16. Lynn Dirk says

    Okay this has really inspired me. I have some dark oak cabinets made in the 70’s and I really want to do this. I live 100 miles from the nearest Lowe’s (I know! huh!)but I am there about once a week. I love the service at Lowe’s. I’m headed back to your blog to check out what you did and what you used.

  17. charlotte says

    we have to and i mean HAVE TO redo our masterbath in our new house….i could really use $100 from lowes!!

  18. Sherry@Ties2ThePast says

    I’d like to put bead board wallpaper in my master bath.
    Love your screen door!!

    • says

      Hi! I just stumbled on your blog today. I love your deigsn style! You have literally inspired me to go to deigsn school! In the last year, I have found a passion in decorating. I stay up sometimes all hours of the night looking at magazines and searching blogs. Speaking of cabinets, I really want to paint my kitchen cabinets. My walls are a barn red. They were like that when we moved in and I kept them because they were kind of nice and I was pregnant. What color cabinets would go with red walls? Is white the only color? I love love green, but that would look like Christmas! What would you suggest? Thanks!

  19. says

    Goodness, I love the screen door on your pantry! I may have to do that to my laundry room when I’m finally done with it.

  20. says

    Your kitchen is going to reflect so much light. You r gonna love it! LOVING the unexpected turquoise screen door. Whimsical and fun I see your vision was started with the old turquoise ball jars on the sill over the door.

    Needed to go to Lowe’s today to pick up a litany of stuf…I’ll make a longer list and just.maybe I’ll just WIN ;))

  21. says

    I love your pantry door! I am wanting to repaint my kitchen walls and do an awesome backsplash… not sure what kind yet… but I know Lowes will be involved! Thanks for the awesome giveaway! :)

  22. LM says

    I really need to tackle our pantry closets as they are in terrible shape … need lots of new shelving and doors!

  23. Kimberly says

    I need to UPDATE everything! We moved here 10 yrs ago & like you I was in a “earthy mode”. I’m ready to move on!

  24. says

    I LOVE your island/peninsula! it looks gorgeous in white. I love that you are going to be getting to the cabinets because that is so what you want. But I think your kitchen looks beautiful. The cute pantry door is fabulous, the color brings out the color of your glasses on the shelf. I love this shade! Great job!


  25. says

    Everything related to my photos and my paper products needs organization. Time and a plan would be helpful, along with a little Lowes incentive. :)

  26. Deb Zaskoda says

    Love it Beth…..I have been wanted to paint mine for 5 yrs and can’t get motivated to do all the work!

  27. Dawn says

    I really like the idea of the corbels and the cabinet doors… at least I think that is what you did.
    Really love the white! It really brightens up your space!

  28. Dee says

    Your cabinet project looks great. I will look forward to seeing the completed kitchen.

    My organization that needs to be tackled is my craft/spare room. Yikes!!!!

  29. mj says

    We are re-doing our kitchen. Found the farm sink for free! Painted all the cabinets. Cool kitchen ceiling fan.. I love it it looks like a sifter. Purchased star tin for our backsplash and new butcher block counter from Ikea. Last but not least we are putting in a new allure planked floor. Looking good already..Would love to win you Lowes contest. We would use it to purchase appliance paint and paint our frig black :)

  30. says

    Painting the kitchen is a huge project, but with a huge pay off! I swear, I could spend $100 in paint alone for all of the projects on my to do list! Your peninsula looks great – a taste of what’s to come. 😉

  31. Christine C says

    I would LOVE to repaint my master bedroom. I’ve had swatches for months & I’m ready to commit!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  32. says

    I am just going through my first home buying experience, and I really need a new lawn mower….but I might splurge and buy some fun aqua paint and paint my back door.

  33. Debbie Dunbar says

    I would love to win a Lowe’s gift card. If I did, I would have a hard time deciding which project to do – bathroom vanity/mirror update or kitchen wallpaper or front porch redo. I would love the opportunity to decide!


  34. says

    Love the screen door, love the color. I love Lowes, we are updating our master bed and bath and closet,, i could use $100 gift card from Lowes :)

  35. Michelle H. says

    My attic has become a depository for all my craft things, out-of-season clothes, holiday decor and anything else there’s just no room for downstairs. I’d love to install some shelving and bins for organizing everything so it doesn’t look like an episode of hoarders up there anymore.

  36. Becki says

    Love what you did to the island! I want to build bookcases and a window seat in our loft – I have the perfect spot!

  37. says

    Love your white island and your new aqua pantry door. Both beautiful additions to your already beautiful kitchen. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to be entered into this fun giveaway!

  38. says

    I have been wanting to put crown moulding up in our master bedroom for years not solely because it’s beautiful but to hide my paint imperfections near the ceiling, lol. Good luck everyone =)

  39. Jamie A. says

    I love how this turned out. We’re going to paint our cabinets this summer so it’s nice to see how great this looks!

  40. Jenny BD says

    I’ve promised myself to finish my office project before going on to anything else in the house! Just bought a pendant light from Lowes and it looks great.

  41. says

    We are in the process of building our forever house. There are so many projects that need to be done! The screen door for the pantry is such a fun trend right now. I had pinned a kitchen I loved that used that idea, but I’m not sure I could pull it off. Mine is always a disaster. I love the blue on your door. What a great place for some color!

  42. Samantha says

    I just painted my kitchen white a few months ago and am LOVING it!!! It took about 4 days and then I was really careful with it for a few days after that to be sure the paint was good and set but it was totally worth the work!!

  43. Jennifer says

    Great job! I too will be painting my 80’s oak cabinets this summer, and I am leaning toward two colors–light on top, dark on bottom. I am encouraged to see that yours was successful! My pantry is top on my list for organization…it’s like a jungle.

  44. Megan Johnson says

    I love the pantry door idea, I need to get my pantry in order and that would be a great start

  45. Carolyn Bird says

    Love your kitchen!! I really like the rock backsplash, that is such a neat idea.

    I need to redo every room in my house! The last room we painted was my son’s bedroom and that was like 7 years ago! My bedroom and bathroom are the worst. The bath simply has no style and the bedroom has a scalloped flower wallpaper border around the middle with a dark tan on the top half and a dark green on the bottom. Been that way since I can’t remember when. Soo over that look! Hope to get some serious painting done soon.

  46. Michelle Wright says

    Love the screen door and the color. You have given me some good idea’s for my kitchen.

  47. Sean says

    I’d like to finish the basement. My wife and I would love to have a kiddie play area for them to relax and play. We’ve purchased some of the materials already. Just waiting for the summer to come along and get us on the right path.

  48. Alina says

    Hmmph, tough because I have several projects I’d like to tackle. The main one would be the kitchen cabinets. I love the way yours turned out!!!! I’m browsing different sites to get ideas.

  49. LisaVH says

    I am in the planning stages for my new craft room. I am so excited to have a dedicated space, but I am starting with an empty room so I definitely need the inspiration!!

  50. Jess says

    The island turned out great & the screen door for the pantry is a great idea! I’ve wondered how well the Rustoleum cabinet transformation works & now I know. :)

  51. says

    Love how it turned out Beth! I’m planning on painting our kitchen cabinets this summer, so I’m pinning this for future reference. Love that pantry door too, such a fun pop of color!

  52. amy says

    I want to do EXACTLY what you did to your island! My husband is not big on the idea of painting our cabinets either but is my dream. He built us lockers that I convinced him to paint white and I am HOOKED. Thanks for posting this!

  53. Ashleigh Hall says

    Gorgeous color on your new pantry door and I love the white on your kitchen cabinets!! Can’t wait to see it all done!:)

  54. Katlyn says

    I have about a zillion projects that are on my “wish list”. One being a new coat of paint in our master bedroom!

  55. Diane says

    I have a few….
    My patio for sure and My garage needs some help also my pantry always needs a lift I also need a screen door for my back door :))
    Love your screen door color!

  56. Geri-Lynn says

    Oh my gosh there isn’t enough room on what I need done on my house, ha. I am a newlywed and moved into my husband’s house. Um let’s just say it really needs help and that is an understatement.


  57. says

    My craft room/office is in serious need of some organization! It’s still sitting in pretty much the same disarray as when we moved in almost a year ago! It’s just been put on the back burner too long!

  58. Heidi says

    I really want to finish organizing our bedroom, which currently houses all of our memorabilia and things we just can’t bring ourselves to get rid of yet! We’re currently purging closets and ridding of clutter to make room for the things we want to keep

  59. Kim P says

    I have wayyyy too many fix up projects that need to be done around my home. $100 gift card from Lowes would be a great motivator to get them started.

  60. Chris N says

    I really need to organize all of my kitchen cupboards and my closet. Ok, really I need to organize my entire house.

    By the way, I love the white on the island!

  61. Karen H. says

    We are updating a house built in 1993, and I am running to Lowe’s every other day for something! $100 would sure help! Thank you for the opportunity!

  62. Tonya T. says

    Really need to organize my craft/catchall room. It’s looking a little cluttered at the moment! And love the pop of color the screen door adds!

  63. Tracy P Niles says

    O goodness. Just this morning I sat looking at my pantry doors …saying to myself. Self: YOu must do something with these yucky doors! :) I hope I win! wooo hooo!

  64. Andrea says

    I love your painted cabinets and want to do this also…..I like your idea of doing small sections at a time….what a great idea…..

  65. Coastal Femme says


    You did it! A fantastic start to what I’m sure will be a gorgeous white kitchen.

  66. Coastal Femme says

    I have a guest room to redo and the Loew’s card would be a great way to start. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Kylie says

    Do you really want the full list of my needed organization projects? My desk, my husband’s desk, leftover college/military paperwork (dating back to 2001 in some cases), some junk drawers, my clothes storage receptacles, the baby clothes… and I’d like to paint our cabinets this summer too. Yay! /passout

  68. Beth McHale says

    Our bedroom closet would be a great place to start, or maybe the basement crawl space, or my craft area, or my son’s closet…this might take a while!

    Absolutely love the white island and the Aqua door!

  69. Kim B. says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Wow, did it come out GREAT!!! Would planting flowers in my dirt flower pots count as a project??!! I REALLY need some flowers to spruce up my front porch & back yard :)

  70. says

    My closets are a nightmare! I think that would top my list of organization MUSTS. :-)

    Beautiful job in your kitchen, by the way. Stunning work.

  71. Tammy keener says

    I love the pantry door , can you tell me what color that is you used and what size door you used? My pantry is 28 wide .

    • Beth @A to Z says

      My pantry is 30 inches wide and the spray paint I used was by Krylon in Blue Ocean Breeze. (I primed the door first before spray painting.)

  72. Tricia says

    Wow, your kitchen looks great! It’s amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do. Thanks for sharing.

  73. Tricia says

    Wow, your kitchen looks great! It’s amazing what a little paint and elbow grease can do.
    I just finished our main bathroom and would love to get my laundry room shaped up and organized.

  74. Shirley says

    I also wanted a white kitchen forever,and once I made the decision to do it, it took me almost 9 months to get it done by myself. I did mine in sections which made it bearable and not so disruptive!!! I started with my island and I knew there was no turning back. I love it!!

  75. Robin White says

    My kitchen floor is the same cheap vinyl we picked in 1996 because it would hide the dog hair. 😉 I’d love to replace it with laminate or wood!

  76. Martha says

    I need to organize my plastic container cabinet! Right now I have to hunt forever to find lids etc..

  77. says

    Gorgeous updates, Beth! I’ve been scouring barn sales/yard sales for the perfect screen door for keeping the cat out of our unfinished basement with an open stairwell. I never considered looking at Lowe’s. That one is so pretty! And I love the new island color. Really brightens things up!

  78. says

    Love it!!
    The pantry door is on my to do list. I finally found an old door I can repurpose for this! My pantry door is only 23 1/2 inches wide! Yes tiny but it is a walk in! I’m planning to take out the inside panel and add glass. My hubby is on board as I usually need him for those things too! A Lowe’s gift card would be awesome!

    Thanks for the giveaway and your blog is truly one of my favorites!!!

  79. Jessica says

    I really want to tackle my office. It’s basically the junk room right now and not functional at all!

  80. Kim says

    We just bought a house and it needed to be updated badly . I would love to win a Lowe’s gift card . I need more paint for the dining room! I love all your ideas! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  81. Heather R says

    I would love to get new kitchen cabinets, our house is older and there isn’t much in the way of storage. New cabinets would definitely help us to get organized in the kitchen!

  82. says

    I would also love to get paint for my kitchen cabinets! I’ve been putting it off for years…I love how your island turned out! It’s beautiful!!

  83. Kesha says

    You have actually inspired me! I have been wanting to redo my kitchen island and after seeing how pretty yours turned out, that is whatbi am going to do! Thank you!

  84. Jerri Czosek says

    The cabinets look great White and I love the idea of the aqua screen door for your pantry. I love Lowes & Home Stories A to Z.

  85. Tammy keener says

    Hi, I got the same door for my pantry, Does the spray paint adhere well to the door? and can you tell me exactly how you did it ? Mine is the vinyl kind so not sure if yours was wood or not. Thanks so much! Tammy

  86. Stacey S says

    Love your white island! Makes such a difference. Which of the Rustoleum colors did you go with? Did you use the glaze or skip it? I’m wanting to paint our kitchen cabinets white but have been debating over which of Rustoleum’s white colors to use. Thanks!

  87. says

    Beth! I love your white peninsula! White kitchen cabinets are on my some-day wish list too. And your aqua pantry door is so fun! It’ll look soo beautiful against a white kitchen with that chic black counter! I can already picture it :).

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