How to Hang a Curtain Rod and BLACK+DECKER Drill Giveaway

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I was browsing the home section of Target the other day and overheard two women talking. One woman was gushing over some pretty curtains and asked her friend if she should buy them along with a new curtain rod for her living room. I approved of her choice and wished I could see her living room :). But then something strange happened. She took the curtains out of her cart, placed them back on the shelf, and pouted to her friend that her husband wouldn’t hang the curtain rod for her in a timely manner so why even bother. I had to bite my tongue…literally…bite it hard… and it hurt. I wanted so badly to hop right into the middle of their conversation and give her an empowering DIY  “go girl” pep talk! I wanted to say,

Hi, I’m Beth, a DIY home blogger, and I too hate hanging things on the wall and would much prefer my husband just do it for me. In fact, I dislike most activities that require the use of power tools—including vacuums and washing machines. I love creating a pretty home though and dislike waiting around for my husband to help me. If you really want those curtains, you can totally install a curtain rod yourself in just minutes! I could show you how.”

I refrained from being the crazy  lady in Target, but it definitely got me thinking about all of you out there with sad undressed-nakey windows! So to all of you who might still be waiting on a husband, or dad, or boyfriend, or even an insane DIY home-blogger-stranger to help you hang that curtain rod, wait no more! You don’t need any help on this one. All you need are a few tools and the confidence in knowing that you CAN do this. Let’s hang that bad boy!
How to hang curtain rod

Supplies Needed:

Step 1: Measure and mark where you want your curtain rod to hang.

How to hang a curtain rod step 1

This is admittedly the most difficult part of the process. Think high and wide when hanging your curtain rod. If you have a normal ceiling height (8 ft) then you will want to hang the curtain rod all the way up to the top of your ceiling and wider than the width of your window.

how to hang curtains high and wide curtains

via Home Goods

The ceilings in my master bedroom are over 13 feet tall, so I wanted to place the curtains at a height and width proportional to the window size which would give a grander appearance but not look ridiculous. I chose to place the hardware 13 inches high above the window and 17 inches wide from the window. Your measurements will vary depending on the height of your ceilings and the width of your window. Use your level to ensure a straight line.

Measure and mark

Step 2: Hold your hardware in place and mark the holes.

Mark holes

Once you have a level mark of where to place your hardware, hold your hardware up to the mark and pencil in the holes. This is where you will drill. Erase any pencil marks that won’t be covered by your hardware.

Erase pencil marks

Step 3: Use your BLACK+DECKER Lithium Drill.

To determine what size drill bit to use, I typically hold the screw up to my bits and choose a size down. Oftentimes the instructions that came with your curtain rod will tell you the exact size bit to use, but I still prefer my “eyeball method”.

Drill holes for anchors

If you do not have a stud in the wall where you are drilling, you will need to use the plastic wall anchors. Your curtain hardware most likely included them. They are the little plastic thingies that you hammer into your drywall and then place your screws into. If you have a stud in the wall, then you will skip using the anchors.

Hammer in anchors

Step 4: Drill screws into place.

Using the drill bit on your drill, drive the screws into the wall. Here I am using the BLACK+DECKER Lithium Drill with AutoSense technology which has two modes, drill and drive. You can see the “drive” option lit up on the top. Drill is when you are creating holes and drive is when you are filling them with screws. Sometimes it’s challenging to get a screw perfectly flush and not “over drilled”. Stripping a screw head is never fun. With this drill it automatically monitors the amount of torque needed to drive the screw making it easy to achieve perfect results! I also like that it lights up allowing me to see the screw head before I begin drilling.

Drill screws into place

Step 5: Repeat steps 1-4 for remaining hardware. Place rings on curtain rod before hanging.

If you will be using curtain rod rings or hooks you will need to place these on your rod before hanging into place.

Place ring hooks on rod before installing

Step 6: Tighten the screws on the bottom of the hardware and add finials.

Do you see the little screw under the circle of the hanging hardware? This keeps the rod firmly in place and prevents it from sliding around. Once you have your curtain rod assembled where you want it, go ahead and tighten the screws. Add your finials to the end of your rod and you are done!

Secure finial on end of curtain rod

See? That wasn’t hard at all! And now that my curtain rod is installed, I am ready to sew my curtains to the right length. I just tacked up the fabric to give myself an idea of what  it will look like complete. Not too shabby!

How to hang curtain rod

Did you want to try out the BLACK+DECKER Lithium Drill for yourself? I am giving one away to one lucky Home Stories A to Z reader! To enter the giveaway all you need to do is the following:

To enter giveaway first click link

 —>BLACK+DECKER Lithium Drill <—

then leave a comment below letting me know what project you would use with the BLACK+DECKER Lithium Drill.

Good luck! Giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18+ and closes at midnight June 30, 2014.

How to hang a curtain rod

This post is sponsored by BLACK+DECKER, but my love of the AutoSense Drill is all my own.

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  1. says

    I would LOVE to win! We are in the process of building a new house which means lots of hanging and projects coming soon for us, including hanging curtains! This drill would be super handy for us in the upcoming months!

  2. Michelle Schuster says

    I LOVE this! We are in contract on our first home and we don’t have a drill!! The first project I would use this for would be to hang our personalized door knocker on our new front door!!

  3. Letitia says

    i would love to have a cordless drill! After building my son’s bed a few months ago, I’m hooked so I’m in the process of building more furniture (a bed for me, a dining table, etc.) as well as hang some curtains in my son’s room. Having a cordless drill would make it possible for me to work outside as opposed to the garage where it’s a bit cramped, and I won’t be afraid of tripping over something and I won’t be afraid of my son tripping over something too!

  4. Mo says

    I just bought 3 new mirrors to hang sometime this summer – the drill would definitely push the project up ( as I am waiting for hubby to have time ) and I could do it myself!!!

  5. Melissa says

    I bet I could also install some shelf brackets with this bad boy. I too prefer not to wait for assistance but like the feeling of doing it all on my own but I usually have to borrow his drill on the sly. Now i could have my very own!

  6. Kim C says

    I LOVE the idea of not stripping screws!!! That would be awesome! I do most of the DIY projects around here and I would love this drill! I’m getting ready to hand pictures in the plaster walls at our ‘new’ old house and I think this drill would make the job easier. (fingers crossed)

  7. Laura says

    I really want to build some raised beds for my garden and maybe a simple little bench to go along side. I would love the drill!

  8. says

    Oh gosh, so many uses for this!! Pictures to hang, coat rack, and what’s more I need a laser level too. Father’s Day gift to my sweet husband!

  9. CaraRose says

    I would love to win this for myself. Dh has all kinds of cool tools and I would love to have my *own*. I would definitely use it to hang decor and rods as well as anything else that I need done.

    Thanks Beth.

  10. Cheryl Burns says

    I am all about empowering woment to do it yourself. I have my own set of tools. I would use it to make some new planters out of redwood for our retaining wall.

  11. Amy Kaminski says

    What an awesome tool! Would love to use that to hang new blinds, curtain and a new mirror in the bathroom. What about making a pink one for us girlie girls!

  12. Christy says

    I want to put up some peg board and shelves in our garage to get that mess organized!! My husband’s current drill runs out of “juice” after about two screws, so a new one would be great!! I’m sure it would help cut down on the cursing!

  13. Randi says

    we actually have quite a few projects I would use the drill for, putting up curtain rods and pictures are just a few!

  14. Bertie DeWane says

    We’re adding 800 sq. ft. onto our existing 800 sq. ft. house and I want to hang a gallery of mirrors in the dining room. I’ve never used a power tool before and would love to give it a shot!

  15. Vanessa says

    I’d LOVE to win this drill for the MANY projects I’m doing! It would come in most handy when I’m repurposing furniture.

  16. Tiffany says

    I’d love to win this! We bought a house 1½ years ago and are just now starting to redecorate and remodel here and there. There are plenty of things I could use a new drill for! :)

  17. says

    LIving in a 3 floor brick colonial that we are re-doing just slowly, we would really love a new drill. I watched the you-tube for this and it was great! Just everyday uses for it that you don’t think of! Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Anne Marie says

    I would hang curtain rods – am afraid I may be that lady in Target – my husband would never get this job done do now I feel I have to do it myself to prove that I can do it!!!

  19. Mary S says

    Moving into a new house on Monday that needs some fixing up. We are planning on hanging curtains and replacing all the baseboards and painting. We are changing out the plugs and switches and this drill would be awesome.

  20. Erin Friesner says

    I recently the trauma of a husband who walked out on us after a long marriage, and took all of the tools! My autistic daughter and I have moved into a place on our own and I am desperately trying to regain my confidence by tackling projects myself. First on my list is a large set of bookshelves that I’ve drawn a plan up for. My dd loves to read and as I was forced to move by myself, I dropped ours down 3 stories and they didnt survive. A drill would be a godsend and a start to my you go girl attitude.

  21. Helena Dias says

    There are so many projects. The garden could use new raised beds. Don’t get me started on the basement. After a mini flood the walls gig to be ripped to allow it to dry. This lovely tool Doyle be perfect for sheet rock.

  22. Luz Dove says

    I would love to have this, just bought my first house and need all the help I can to make our house our own. I need love and some elbow grease to make it what we think it can be.

  23. Debbie w says

    We are replacing an exterior door and could really use this and for millions of other projects this summer! Pick me

  24. t says

    The bracket is upside down. That’s a screw that licks the pole in place and it’s supposed to come down from the top to hold the pole down

  25. Kari says

    Awesome giveaway! I’ve always known how to hang curtains, but I don’t like to use my husband’s tools, plus I can never find the bits and extra battery! If I won, I would have my very own drill and *finally* get the curtains hung in our bedroom! And then move on to so many other projects around the house… :)

  26. Dee Dee says

    I would love to win a new cordless drill, my last one died after about 20 years! I have 3 shelves to hang in my dining room, this would really help! Thanks for th give away!

  27. says

    Ugh – I have curtain rods to hang in our master bedroom and I am totally procrastinating – partly because I’m not sure what curtains/pattern/print I want and partly because I hate hanging curtain rods!!!! Something always seems to go wrong! BUT – I feel like this handy drill would DEFINITELy help! :)

  28. Gail says

    We have curtain brackets that keep falling out of the Sheetrock because we didn’t use anchors. And THEN our drill burned up so the curtains have been down for over 6 months. This drill would certainly be a major asset for a handy challenged couple.

  29. says

    It would be great to do some repairs and taking off the cabinet doors for painting in our kitchen! Love the fact that it has a light!

  30. says

    The Black and Decker drill would help with anything that has a screw. We are replacing doors, curtain rods and hanging a new mantel. Trying to get everything done in time for a family reunion. Oh yes!! This would come in handy. :)

  31. Laurie says

    I’m starting to remodel my guest bath and desperately need the right tools. This drill is just the ticket!

  32. Ellen says

    Thanks for the tutorial on hanging curtain rods. Not only would I love to have the cordless drill but also have my eye on the level! I am adding trim and painting my kitchen cupboards so this drill would be very helpful. Thanks for your great website.


  33. says

    I think I’m in love! The drill vs drive function is fantastic! I want to hang flush mount shelves in my powder room, along with a handful of other projects that instantly spring to mind. Thanks for the chance to win!

  34. Melissa says

    I would so love to have my own drill. I have bought curtains and rods for two different rooms months ago and they haven’t been hung yet. It would be awesome to be able to do it myself. Thanks for your very detailed instructions that I will be able to use, even if I have to borrow a drill.

  35. willie zimmer says

    INSTALLING CURTAIN RODS WOULD BE ONE THING I WOULD USE IT FOR 7 many other uses around the house. I have arthritis in my hands 7 THIS WOULD BE A WONDERFUL TOOL

  36. Larissa says

    I am GUILTY of waiting on my husband to fulfill not only the rod installation, but also for hanging of shelves and pictures. Honestly, reading that statement is embarrassing. SO I could really use my own cordless drill so that I can tackle these projects myself with confidence.

    PS. I love the way your curtains turned out – the fabric is amazing!

  37. Tammy Camp says

    OMG.. I about fell out of my chair reading that she put it back because she couldn’t hang it herself! I am a DIY FOOL! and i just had a b’day, and bought a still-in-1984 house that needs all NEW window treatments – this drill would make me VERY HAPPY!

  38. Sean C says

    I would love this drill to assist me with hanging shelves in the garage, as well as all my tools and sports equipment for the children.

  39. says

    Nice drill! I have a regular B&D drill that I love but it should would be nice to have one with a battery so I wouldn’t have to worry about the cord and finding an outlet! I am working on hanging shelves and pegboards in my basement. That would be my first (of many) projects!

  40. Ashley P says

    I would actually use this for curtain rods as well. We only have curtains up in two of our rooms in our house. There are a lot more to go…. :) I would love to have my own drill so that my husband can’t gripe.

  41. Cheryl M says

    I read this pin because I have some beautiful curtains in a box in the corner of my den along with the hanging hardware. Why are they sitting the corner? Because my husband won’t / can’t hang them and I am afraid to mess it up! Your comment about waiting on someone to do it for me was spot on with my situation! I’ve pinned your tutorial and plan to develop some intestinal fortitude and get this thing done! Boom! Thanks for the tips and a nice, cool drill to use for this project would be fantastic.
    Cheryl M

  42. Laurie says

    My dad gave me his drill in 1999. It was old, weighed a ton and had a cord. Sadly, he passed in 2001 but he taught me well and as a single parent and DIYer I put his drill to good use. I’ve just moved to a small apartment, my kids are on their own and the drill finally quit on me. I’m tired of waiting for my son to come over with his drill. I have curtain rods to hang (4) and other projects on hold. Your instructions for hanging rods are great and I’d love to have that new drill to hang mine!!

  43. Carol says

    I would love to win the Black & Decker drill. I am newly single and am moving 1100 miles away from my kids in 6 weeks. I will have a new home (well, at least new to me) and know that I would use the drill in all of my new decorating. My little cordless screwdriver just doesn’t seem to do all I need. Thanks for the great tips on hanging the curtain rods. I know will help me make my new home my own!!!

  44. maureen says

    We just downsized to a townhouse so I would use the B&D Drill to hang curtains in every bedroom!! That task seems daunting to me, but your explanation helps make it a little less scary! Thanks!!

  45. Je says

    I would also use this drill to hang curtains. Now if I could only find the perfect fabric to go with this perfect drill.

  46. Dale Fish says

    Well, I am having to put a master bath in our spare room. I could use it for a multitude of tasks!!

  47. Heather says

    Love your curtains! And I would love to score this new drill! My first project would be hanging shelves!

    • says

      Your tutorial on how to make the sheowr curtain must be another one of those started projects that has yet to be finished, maybe we can convince you that you REALLY need to do the tutorial. Your sheowr curtain is marvelous looking, I’d love to try to do one, but I too am not handy at sewing or making button holes please please please do finish up (or even start for that matter) your how-to tutorial.

      • Beth says

        Hi Nevio, I haven’t made a shower curtain, so I’m not sure which post you’re referring to. Perhaps it was a tutorial or project that I featured on my site from another blogger?

  48. Tish says

    I would love to win this beautiful drill , I have a 20 year old drill and I am in the process of starting a renovation so it would be appreciated. I looks fabulous.

    • says

      I use an exanpding rod. You put it in place and then twist one end to exanpd it and basically wedge it into place. It works fine, doesn’t fall out or anything. No holes to drill, etc. The gym where I work out also uses this type of rod. If the tension rod won’t work, there are other options. One would be to use adhesive. You could try to find an epoxy that adheres to glass and tile. The glue that hold the rear view mirror to the windshield in your car might work. Another method would be to drill the tile and glass and bolt the rod in place that way. It would take some care, but both the tile and glass can be drilled with carbide bits. Another way would be to suspend the rod on hangers from the ceiling, independent of the walls. I don’t know if this would look acceptable in you bath.

  49. Janet Olson says

    I would use it first to hang curtains, LOL. We’ve had neked front windows for years, waiting for him to do it.. I’m not supposed to climb. But I will.

  50. A Gupta says

    I just painted 3 canvases, waiting for hubby to hang them, who is out of town, would like to try this drill and hang them by myself following the awesome tutorial on your site and surprise hubby.

  51. says

    I’m the one who always does the hanging and putting things together in my home. My husband is just not that handy;) I’d love to use the drill to tackle a DIY coat hanger project that’s on my to do list!

  52. says

    My dad and I are hoping to build some porch furniture this summer for my mom, and this drill would be perfect for holding everything together!

  53. Nicole says

    I want to decorate the interior of my screened in porch. I just tried using a screw driver and that was ridiculous. This drill really would make it easier.

  54. Andrea Rust says

    We, like several other people commented, are in the process of building a small home. I’m sure we will be in need of a drill for many things soon!

  55. says

    The new autosense technology is such a great feature! I would use this Black+Decker Drill to put shelving in my kids closets and add molding in our entry, two projects I’ve been meaning to finish for awhile now. Thanks for the giveaway Beth!

  56. andrea says

    my husband and I are having a home custom built, and as soon as it’s done, there’s going to be a ton of projects! artwork, curtains, shelving…

  57. Elise says

    I’d love to win! We are moving to a new place in July and first on my to-do list is to hang curtains all over the house!

  58. Denise Konkel says

  59. Kresta Littleton says

    JUST moved into a new house and NEED this so badly! Thanks for the making-it-all-not-so-scary explanation! :)

  60. says

    Sadly, we just moved my mother into an assisted living center- and she’s having a hard time with the transition. I’m working hard to make her new home feel like home- which means lots of pictures! I’ve been afraid of doing this on my own, for fear of putting too many holes in their wall- but this drill sounds like it might be just what I need to pull it all together for her! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  61. says

    I want to win this drill because I DESPERATELY need to hang some curtains in my home!! I’ve been avoiding it in our new home for four years! It’s time.

  62. says

    I’m in the process of re-doing my daughter’s room, and we don’t own a drill–I had to borrow one from my brother-in-law! I have a stack of art that I want to hang in our house, so if I won I would tackle that with my awesome new drill. :) Thanks for the empowering tutorial, and the chance to win!

  63. Renee Richardson says

    I would love to use this to install a television wall unit. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  64. Janice says

    Having this cordless drill will certainly empower me to do repairs in the house that are long overdue and finish wood projects that I would love to complete! Love. Your encouraging words to challenge women to CREATE

  65. Jamie says

    I just bought all new curtain rods at Ikea. I would use the drill to put them up. (hopefully without my husband’s help). :)

  66. Sandra Garrett says

    I am in the process of redecorating my living room….FINALLY I’m a “empty nester” who is slowly regaining my own home! I have curtains to hang, pictures and mirrors to hang AND I’m hoping to get crown molding put up. A nice, easy-to-use, woman friendly drill would be wonderful! I just can’t use my husband’s heavy drills…I’d LOVE my own!

  67. Stephanie says

    So timely! I am replacing all my drapes and browsing the internet to see how high to hang my rods! Thanks for the great tutorial! I will not be afraid! Hhehe

  68. Kelli says

    I would LOVE to win this drill!!! We recently moved into our new house & I have lots of “projects” that need to be completed to make our house a home! From hanging curtains to putting together furniture… This drill will help me out big time since I will be the one completing the projects. My husband doesn’t own tools… Much less knows how to use them. LOL!
    The tutorial on hanging a curtain rod was so helpful too.

  69. Donna Duran says

    I am a single mom that bought her first (and last home) two years ago after renting for 15 years. I have done a lot of painting and furniture renovations to make it mine. Now the real projects are starting, and the list is endless. Every time I start something new, I am always without the proper tools. I am slowly building up a tool box. This would be a dream to add to my arsenal to begin tackling the larger jobs…..Thanks

  70. says

    Would love the drill. I am wanting to build the Farmhouse Bed that Ana White has on her website, so would be using the drill for this purpose along with other things that I could build.

  71. Maria says

    You have great timing. I have curtains, curtain rods and hardware sitting in my entry way waiting on me to get the courage (and knowledge) to hang them. Thanks for sharing both…and the drill would come in handy too. :)

  72. Nicole says

    I have always lived alone with my daughter. Unfortunately, I possess no domestic skills. I’ve finally got cooking down and would love to decorate our apartment. We’ve never had curtains or pictures put up. She wants to decorate so much and I want to show her how to make a house a home.

  73. Regina says

    I’ve got a cordless drill and know how to use it. What I would like to know is where did you get that awesome light?! Would love to have one like it!

  74. Geralyn Hodges says

    I love your curtains! Can you tell me what paint color you used in your bedroom? I love it and think it would look great in my bedroom. Thanks!

  75. says

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  76. says

    Hi! I found your site on pinterest and I love it so far. Where are your curtains from? They are beautiful and just what I’m looking for. I didn’t see you mention it in your post or the comments. Thanks so much!


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