16 Thanksgiving Table Ideas {table setting}

Thanksgiving is right around the corner! The blogosphere has been celebrating fall since the end of August so I know you might be tired of it. We bloggers have a way of killing a holiday like the radio kills a good song. But before we break out the Christmas carols and Christmas trees, let’s give Thanksgiving it’s proper due!

I have rounded up a collection of 16 different Thanksgiving table setting ideas to help us plan ahead.

I love the colors and simplicity of the tablescape below. I love artichokes, so I’d like to eat those decorations.

thanksgiving table


This centerpiece would go perfectly with the table setting above. I have used the asparagus trick around a vase before and cinnamon sticks around candles. It is such an easy and simple way to dress up your pillars!

fall centerpiece

This was my tablescape last year just for a simple fall meal, but the idea could be embellished upon for Thanksgiving. I used an old throw as my tablecloth and made some candle cozies to spell the word gather.

thanksgiving table

A2Z Table '10

Lanterns, pine cones, and an all neutral palette looks just dreamy! Tip: Search Hobby Lobby and Ikea for cheap lanterns.

thanksgiving table

Sharps Farm

The picture below is actually from a wedding reception, but I thought it was a fantastic idea for Thanksgiving. Ribbon I tell ya. It does wonders to dress up just about anything!

thanksgiving table

Style Me Pretty via Design Dump

I like the idea of using family and friends photos in black and white to create a centerpiece. It is a great way to keep the focus of the holiday on those who we are so thankful for. Pears pinned with name tags never get old. This idea has been around for decades and I still love it every time I see it!

thanksgiving table

Countrly Living

The table setting below couldn’t be simpler! Place a row of pumpkins, pears, and candles down your runner and you’re done.

thanksgiving table

Martha Stewart

Feathers on the table look fantastic at Thanksgiving! I love the organic touch. Real feathers can get pricey so look for deals on silk feathers at any craft store. I wouldn’t recommend using real feathers. Ew. You don’t want the threat of avian flu threatening your Thanksgiving ;)!

thanksgiving table


Instead of a pine cone at each place setting, why not use a sweet gum ball? Just don’t put these at the kids’ table.  They are too tempting to throw!

thanksgiving placecard

Martha Stewart

Sarah’s centerpiece is easy to make and looks gorgeous for everyday use as well. She placed painted pumpkins at each setting which ads charm to the table.

thanksgiving table

Sarah's Table

I love this trough centerpiece below! Stuffed with gourds, pumpkins, and candles it displays the bounty of Thanksgiving beautifully.

thanksgiving table

Seasons of Canon Falls

The chalkboard table runner is from a catalog, but I think you could DIY something similar without too much effort. What a fun way to set up appetizers or a dessert buffet!

thanksgiving table

Napa Style Catalog

This is one of my favorite table settings of the bunch. I love the the coffee filters glued to ribbon on the chair backs. The butcher paper runner is another fantastic idea to steal. And what is simpler than a row of green apples surrounded by gourds?

thanksgiving table

Layla Grace

Don’t neglect your kids’ table this year! Below is a kids’ Thanksgiving table I did a few years ago just for fun. I made a mayflower from a wooden basket using craft foam, dowel rods, and drop cloth sails.

kids thanksgiving table

A2Z Kids Table '09

This idea is all over Pinterest and it is just adorable. All of the handmade touches are precious, but my favorite is the upside-down-cup-pilgrim-hat crayon holder

thanksgiving kids table


And here is another kids’ table using lots of scrapbook paper goodies.

thanksgiving kids table

Frog Prince Paperie

And since I am loving simple this year, I will end with this idea. Pears on top of mini flower pots. Crayons in flower pots. Craft paper with drawn-on place mats and large printed name tags. So cute!

kids thanksgiving table

Sweet Paul

So how about you? Do you have your Thanksgiving tablescape planned out yet? I’ll be having Thanksgiving at my mom’s house, so I’ll let her plan it for us :). I’m so spoiled!

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  1. says

    Beth! Thank-you those were all wonderful ideas. I am especially impressed with your own tablescape. I am shocked no one in our own family has avian flu yet. We have so much dead animal stuff around.

  2. says

    These are amazing ideas!! I think my fave has to be the artichoke candle holders, but they are all gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiration, Beth. :) And yes, let’s do give Thanksgiving it’s due!
    xo Heidi

  3. says

    Awesome round-up!! I always feel like the blogosphere goes directly from Halloween into Thanksgiving, and Thanksgiving is such an important holiday! Christmas is my favorite, but I don’t break out the decorations or my favorite music until Black Friday. :)

  4. says

    I love the last one the most! How fun to write on the table. I think this is great for adults too…Each year, we draw cards at random with a family member’s name on them. We write why we are thankful for that person, back in the hat, then pass them back to the namesake and take turns going around the table reading what someone wrote about us. It’s always fun guessing who wrote for whom.

  5. says

    LOL! I’m crackin’ up at the Avian Flu comment! And I can just see our boys throwing the gum balls! (We’ll save those for the adults). Beth, you’ve really put together a beautiful collection of tablescapes! My artichokes are ready and sitting in my centerpiece….but I’m about to devour them… grilled… with butter and garlic. Great post sista’!

  6. says

    Great inspiration! Thanks for compiling these great ideas. I’m always looking for something different different every year. Funny! I’ve had the pic from Seasons of Cannon Falls saved for several years now.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. kristin M says

    Beautiful to look at but I think some are just to look at and not practical, like the lanterns. Centerpieces need to be low enough for people seated across from one another to see each other & converse. These also must be for families who serve their meals buffet style. In our home we will do place cards and some type of place setting bauble but any space not covered by our individual plates is covered in serving dishes. “Please pass the stuffing!” I love the inspiration for the season but not for an actual meal, however.

  8. kathy says

    Thanks for posting this today! The closer it gets to Thanksgiving, the less creative I become…I will save this when it comes time to set the tables. Beautiful!

  9. says

    Great ideas! Just wanted to mention that I bought 6 feet of chalk board contact paper off amazon and used it as a runner for a halloween party. It was only $8 and I thought it looked great!!

  10. says

    Hi Beth, I came across your blog when I had googled “Seasons of Canon Falls” table runner. It was so strange because the first image is actually my breakfast room that I had photographed and had put on the HGTV site. I was honored that you included me in this post.

  11. says

    Your own posting, “16 Thanksgiving Table Ideas table setting – Home Stories A
    to Z” was definitely worth commenting on! Basically needed to state u really did a superb job.

    Thanks a lot -Hilario


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