Boozy Caramel French Hot Chocolate

Treat your special someone to a grown-up mug of hot chocolate this Valentine’s Day with this recipe for Boozy Caramel French Hot Chocolate. You can easily adapt the recipe for the kids (or “non-boozies”) in your life by simply omitting the alcohol and replacing caramel syrup for an equally delicious experience! Boozy Caramel French Hot Chocolate is basically caramel-chocolate whipped cream that you stir into warmed milk. It is the perfect decadent treat to serve for special occasions. You are going to want to pin this recipe for future reference!

boozy caramel french hot chocolate

Valentine's Day Boozy Caramel French Hot Chocolate

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boozy caramel whipped hot chocolate

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  1. says

    Yowza! Looks really, really good. I had NO idea they made a caramel flavored vodka. I pinned the recipe from the Home’s site. Thanks for a recipe that may come in handy this week!!

    • Beth says

      I know right?! They actually have pretty much every flavor of Vodka you can possibly imagine. I was amazed when I went to pick some up. They have whipped cream flavor which seemed the most popular and even marshmallow flavor!

    • Beth says

      You won’t be disappointed! I have more whipping cream in the fridge and I’ll be making more when that huge Nor’easter hits us Wed. night.

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